Nikki and Jason

Jason and Nikki in the Redwoods

We are so excited to be hitting the road on June 23rd for the Best of the Road rally! We don’t know which towns we will be hitting up or even which states we are going to…. the anticipation is better than caffine!

The Best of the Road contest, sponsored by USA TODAY and Rand McNally, is a cross-country jaunt aimed at ferreting out the best towns along the way.

The teams will take off from New York on June 23 armed with directions to six towns each and suggestions for stops en route at standout barbecue joints, fishing holes, oddball sites and other notable attractions.

The towns were selected by popular vote in five categories: most beautiful, most patriotic, friendliest, most fun and best for food. Each team will visit towns in a themed category, but they won’t know which one until they’re about to depart.

You can follow their progress on the Best of the Road, where they’ll be blogging about the trip and posting photos and videos of their adventures.

After the teams arrive in Los Angeles on July 15, a panel of judges will name a top town in each of the five categories, along with a winning team, which gets a $10,000 prize. Winners will be announced July 22.