Sony DSC-RX100M III Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera
Sony RX100 III Cyber-shotSony RX100 III Cyber-shotSony RX100 III Cyber-shotSony RX100 III Cyber-shotSony RX100 III Cyber-shotSony RX100 III Cyber-shot

Sony RX100 III Cyber-shot


It’s the most expensive point and shoot camera I’ve ever owned, but read the reviews and articles and you’ll see it’s got a cult following! They say the best camera is the camera you have on you, which I believe 100%, but why not always have an awesome little camera in your pocket? One of my pet peeves is seeing people with iPads and cell phones capturing family photos, snapping the iconic Yosemite Falls or trying to get up close to snap a photo of a wild bear! I guess it’s not necessarily a pet peeve I just feel sorry for the future them, what happens when technology changes or they decide to print an image to hang on the wall? Cell phone photos look great on cell phones, but import them into photo editing software and the image falls apart! The Sony RX100 captures sharp images, crystal clear XAVC-S HD video, it has a pop-up flash, a viewfinder, a crazy-awesome processor and image sensor. For those that must have all their images on their cell phone to show friends, or upload to social media, the NFC technology allows me to tap my phone to the camera and it will process the High Resolution RAW images in the camera and send it in a smaller format to my cell phone. Be the envy of all your friends on Instagram with sharp, vivid and expertly captured images instead of lackluster cell phone photos…I’m just sayin’. As is typical with digital cameras the technology upgrades rapidly and they’ve got an even newer version of this camera: the RX 100 IV

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    Thanks for the camera review. I had no idea something like this existed!

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