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cost of sailing bahamas

What Does It Cost To Sail The Bahamas

June 25, 2017 66

We’ve been traveling full time now for almost eight years.  Over the six years we spent trekking around North America by…

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sailing catamaran

Bye Bye Bahamas – Sailing To Florida

June 18, 2017 42

Ragged Island was the end of the Bahamas for us.  With a little less than one month to make our way…

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spectacular sunsets Biscayne National Park

Hurricane Delays & Greeted by Dolphins, Now We’re Sailing

September 18, 2016 69

Welcome to the Sailboat Shakedown Cruise Take Two. I say take two because this is indeed our second time to leave…

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sailing lifestyle q&a

4 Months as Live Aboard Sailors – Q&A

September 4, 2016 104

Green is a word used to represent many things.  A color, being eco-friendly, a political group, Kermit the frog and in…

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moving from RV to Sailboat

From RV to Sailboat – Moving Day and our Last Road Trip

May 5, 2016 197

Moving is fun, exciting, stressful and exhausting all at the same time.  We’ve moved homes five times in the past six…