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sailing catamaran

Bye Bye Bahamas – Sailing To Florida

June 18, 2017 41

Ragged Island was the end of the Bahamas for us.  With a little less than one month to make our way…

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alligator reef

Deserted Island & Hungry Tarpon in the Upper Keys

October 9, 2016 51

It feels good to be exploring again! I realize how ridiculous this must sound coming from a girl who’s been traveling continuously…

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Our Hurricane Matthew Update, We’re All Good

October 7, 2016 91

Dear worried friends and family, We are all good here. We’re in Ft. Lauderdale where we spent the last several days…

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docking a catamaran

Sailing Schooled Ep. 5 – Final Tests, Patience, and a Tight Spot

August 14, 2016 114

This is the end! Or is it just the beginning? Hmmmmm, how very meta.  Our Cruising Catamaran Sailing Classes are coming…

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live aboard sailor

Sailing Schooled Ep. 2 – Jibe Ho And Around We Go

July 24, 2016 68

It’s only day two of sailing school and my brain is ready to short circuit.  You know that blank stare you…

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sunset at anchor

Sailboat Life – Finding Our Groove and Getting Burned

June 26, 2016 109

We’re only in the first paragraph of the first chapter of our sailing life.  This is the wee beginnings of what…

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abandoned refugee boat

Broken Block, Lost Fish & Refugees – Day 2 as Sailboat Owners

May 25, 2016 49

It’s only our second day sailing as the owners of this boat and here we are with a broken block, loosing…

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catamaran getting hauled out

Buying a Sailboat – Survey, Haul Out and Sea Trial

April 27, 2016 188

We’re quickly learning the boat buying process is just that…a process! Seriously, I think it might be more complex than purchasing our…

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a glimpse of the sweet life

A Glimpse of The Sweet Life – Sailing Our Dream Boat

April 21, 2016 116

We’ve dreamed of living on a sailboat for almost a decade and now we’re right on the cusp of making it…

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best cruising catamaran

Sailboat Shopping & The Almost Perfect Catamaran

April 5, 2016 83

We’ve learned a ton since we posted our first sailboat shopping experience a couple of weeks ago. Even when we fled…