sailing around the world

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the wynns pre and post sail checklist

Curiosity Pre & Post Sailing Checklists

March 23, 2017 20

If there were ever a time for using checklists, before taking off on a sailboat would be it.  We’ve never been…

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sailing bahamas

Sailing to Eleuthera – A Beautiful Day and Sleepless Night

March 19, 2017 31

A blow forces us out of JAWS beach a little earlier than expected.  We had planned to move around to the anchorage…

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sailing to nassau

Sailing To Nassau – Feeling Funny & Damn Fish

March 5, 2017 41

It couldn’t have been more than half an hour after we set sail when we heard the request for local information…

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sailing with family

Sailing With Family – Learn From Our Mistakes

February 12, 2017 59

As soon as we purchased our sailboat Curiosity we had family and friends lining up to visit.  Considering we hadn’t completed…

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drone shots of sv curiosity

Bahamas Sailing Paradise – Grand Cay & Double Breasted

December 11, 2016 23

Now that we’ve cleared customs and are free to roam about, we’re anxious to start exploring. Our friends of S/V Latitude…

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Bahamas Bound 2 – Blowing A Line and Checking In

December 4, 2016 35

After a few weeks of boat preparation and a long day of sailing across the Gulf Stream we crashed hard last…

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jason wynn sailing

Bahamas Bound! Sailing Across The Gulf Stream

November 27, 2016 58

It’s 2:30am.  The power cord is being pulled, the fenders are being stowed away and the sails are going up. We…

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sailboat projects

Sailboat Projects – Gettin’ Up, Down, Dirty & Stinky

November 1, 2016 56

Our shakedown cruise is over and it’s time to bust out the tools again.  The past several weeks have been a…

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sailing about the world

Appeasing the Gods – Renaming Our Sailboat

October 16, 2016 44

Sailors are a seriously superstitious bunch.  Good luck, bad luck, omens, traditions, ceremony’s…according to nautical folklore, we shouldn’t even think about…

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spectacular sunsets Biscayne National Park

Hurricane Delays & Greeted by Dolphins, Now We’re Sailing

September 18, 2016 69

Welcome to the Sailboat Shakedown Cruise Take Two. I say take two because this is indeed our second time to leave…