Let’s all go RV Shopping Together!


This is a series that has been in the works for years, 5 to be exact, and it feels so good to get it all off our chest.  You see, we don’t want you to go through the pain that we endured back in late 2009 when we purchased our first RV.  So, we are sharing all of our hard earned experiential knowledge.

Since this is just the introduction to our RV Shopper Series we’ll keep it simple and light, but we want to let you know how this all came about.

We’ve received loads of questions from buyers over the years such as “Which RV brand is best”, “What size RV is the best”, “How much should I pay for a new RV”; you get the point.  It wasn’t until our time at the California RV Show after meeting so many people with the same questions, that we realized we had to do something about it. It’s really a set of difficult-to-tackle questions, with a never-ending variety of answers, it’s overwhelming for us and even more so the person looking to purchase a new RV!
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Planning the Great Alaska Road Trip by RV


We’re not big planners, however when it comes to driving thousands of miles for four months of epic adventures in Alaska we figured we should sit down and make a few notes.

After spending weeks thinking, reading, researching, soul searching and planning our Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon Territory and Alaska RV trip Nikki and I looked at each other and said “we should share all our planning and researching with our fellow travelers, RVers and dreamers!”

our first alaska adventure

Our first Alaska adventure back in 2008…a kayaking trip in Glacier Bay.

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Make Money and Travel – Building The Pipeline


This Make Money and Travel story is a little different.  It’s one of those cases where work and income wasn’t absolutely necessary because the guy is retired, however when an opportunity to travel while building the Keystone pipeline came up, it was too good to pass up.

When Benny reached out and told us his well paying, fairly easy job not only gave him the opportunity to travel but also reach a financial goal that would allow him to buy his dream home on wheels, well… we thought there may be a few of you out there who might want the same.

make money and travel

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Simple Tricks to Make Any Dishes RV Safe


I don’t believe in drinking wine from plastic cups and I don’t eat off paper plates.  It’s not because I am a snob (ok, maybe a little), it’s because I believe it’s the little details that make everyday life special.  Of course there’s always the environmental benefit of reusable vs. disposables too, which goes along with our eco-minded mantra.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past few years on the road its this: RV’ing isn’t exactly camping and life is too short not to treat every day like a special occasion.

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Happy Holidays & Our 2015 Plans Revealed


As 2014 comes to a close we can’t help but reflect on the year that was and the year that is about to be!  Rather than pumping out our typical virtual Christmas card we wanted to share something a bit more personal.  This holiday season we wanted to give thanks and let you in on our 2015 plans.  So click on the play button and start watchin!

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Swatting Around at Muskallonge Lake State Park


We planned on spending the entire day at Tahquamenon Falls State Park in da UP of Michigan, however our visit didn’t take as long as expected.  With our $9 daily MI state park pass in hand, we figured we may as well see another Michigan state park and get every penny’s worth out of that pass.

When we arrived to the welcome office at Muskallonge Lake State Park we asked the young man “Why do people come to visit this State Park?” His reply “I don’t know, there’s not much to do or see other than walk along Lake Superior and look for Agate.”

Well…its not a remarkable endorsement, but I guess that’s what we’ll do then!

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Our First Kamping Adventure in San Diego


Last week we shared our Date Day in San Diego and we received several questions about our first Kamping Experience!

It’s hard to believe that in almost 5 years of camping around the country we had never stayed at a KOA, not even once.

san diego KOA

We’ve driven past hundreds of KOA’s over the years and we had this idea in our heads that all KOAs were on the highway, served up cheap box pancake breakfasts and they cost a small fortune.  After spending a week at the KOA Metro San Diego campground I can honestly say we were way off base. Read more

Finally Insured! Our Simple, Affordable RV Healthcare


We haven’t had health insurance for over a decade but with the new affordable healthcare act (Obama Care) we (and all Americans) have hit the point where we either pay a tax (first years fine is 1% of annual income) or get covered.

Health insurance, much less RVer health insurance, is a fully loaded and complicated discussion. Everything from your state of residency, age and income level all play into, and determine, what kind of coverage you can get and how much it will cost. So, naturally we have been dreading the task, fearing the costs and considered just paying the fine to further avoid the issue!

It was all much ado about nothing. We let society (TV, radio, news, blogs…) scare us into thinking that getting affordable RV friendly healthcare was going to be a tedious, time consuming and costly adventure. And maybe for some it has been, for us that is far from what actually went down this week. It was all much ado about nothing.

Within just a few clicks on RVer Health Insurance and a couple of emails to verify we were indeed choosing the right coverage, it was all said and done. All that fuss and it was no muss.

I am happy to say that for the first time in over ten years, we have health insurance!

affordable rv healthcare

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