5 Reasons To Fall In Love With Bardstown, Kentucky


We rarely spend more than a week in any destination, but the small town of Bardstown Kentucky had us feeling like two weeks wasn’t enough.  Sounds crazy right?  How could a town with a population around 12,000 keep us entertained for so long?

With history dating back to the late 1700’s you’d think visitors like Jesse James, Abraham Lincoln, Daniel Boone, Stephen Foster and even Pope Pius VII would have made this place famous…sure all these people left their mark in Bardstown history but it’s the more familiar names that really make this place famous:  Jim Beam, Haven Hill, Barton, Willett and Maker’s Mark.  Not bad lineup for such a small town!

To be perfectly honest we came for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and only planned to spend a week, but after just three days of exploring, here are our top 5 reasons we decided to extend our stay:

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Our Top Travel Finds – 2014 Holiday Gift Guide


Turkey Thursday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all those other crazy holiday shopping days are a little too much for us. I mean really, who needs to get into a fist fight for a TV, sleep in a parking-lot line for a coffee maker, or watch a bidding war online for 8 hours just to get a Christmas present? I’d much rather order on Amazon while sipping a cup of coffee and two days later the UPS guy knocks on my door (where ever that might be) with the holidays in hand!

travel gift giving guide

Each year we scour the internet, the RV shows, the outdoor outfitters and online magazines for cool new toys that make our lives on the road a little easier.  Let’s face it, when you live on the road full-time getting and giving gifts can be difficult, or downright impossible, so to spark your holiday gift giving we’ve packed all our favorite new gear from our 2014 travels into this Travel Friendly Holiday Gift Giving Guide.
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Tahquamenon, not Phenomenon, Falls State Park


Can’t say we fell in love with this Michigan State Park, but to be honest we only had a day to explore it so maybe we didn’t give it a proper chance. When we announced that our travels were taking us to “da U.P. eh” everyone said Tahquamenon Falls is the “Gem of Michigan”. In fact we heard this statement so many times we had visions of towering rust colored falls dropping into the river below with massive amounts of spray to cool us off after a long rewarding hike. Ya know similar to Nevada Falls in Yosemite, Marble Falls in Sequoia, Zapata Falls in CO, or Multnomah Falls in OR. I guess our expectations were just too high for this particular adventure.

tahquamenon falls michigan

tahquamenon falls michigan

The Lower Falls are accessed by a boardwalk trail where everyone and their dog can walk leisurely around to see the falls. None of the falls are breathtaking by any stretch of the imagination, however the rust color stripes in the water are pretty interesting.
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RV Smackdown – Bounder vs. Excursion Livability


In our past RV Smackdowns we’ve questioned the large price difference between an entry-level Diesel RV & a mid-level Diesel RV, we’ve given our thoughts on Diesel vs. Gas RV engines and chassis…now it’s time to put the “house” part of a Gas RV head-to-head with a Diesel RV.  Doing our best to compare RVs in an “apple-to-apple” style we’ve handpicked the 2015 Fleetwood Bounder 33c and the 2015 Fleetwood Excursion 33d to see how they compare.

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Fresh Fruit & Free Camping at The Bush n Vine


Fresh foods just taste better.  I have never gone to a grocery store and picked up any sort of produce that tasted anything like it does strait off the farm.

I grew up in a small (population 1,121) farming community in West Texas and if you didn’t have something edible growing in your yard, you were the odd man out.

Some of my fondest memories as a child are sitting out in the dirt, eating those warm sun-ripened fruits and vegetables right from the vine, tree or bush.  Can you imagine an 8 year old today snapping off raw black eyed peas and eating them like candy?! I even remember destroying ants one by one so they didn’t get to my strawberries before I did (granted this was long before the days of internet at home, cell phones and candy crush).

While I don’t enjoy raw peas as much now as I did then, my love for picking my own fruits and vegetables is still just as strong!

So, you can imagine how excited I get each time we come across a Harvest Hosts farm stay.

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Top 10 Most Important Boondocking Gadgets


Wild Camping, Boondocking, Dry Camping, Dispersed Camping, Off The Cord…No matter what you want to call it we think being out in the wild wilderness is, by far, the best way to camp. Nothing beats that feeling of turning down an unmarked dirt road, finding that picture perfect spot far away from everyone and busting out the adventure gear. However, if you don’t plan right, or have the right tools, chances are your first Wild Camping experiences might not be good ones. 

wild camping gear

Stick Around…we’re giving away $240 worth of Solar Chargers at the end!

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Hoodoo Bryce Canyon and Free Camping? We do!


A vast landscape of mini cities that have been etched into the canyon walls, and over the centuries have been brutally attacked by all the ferocity that mother nature could throw at it, yet this supreme creation still stands, quite possibly more beautiful than ever“; yep…that’s how I’d describe Bryce Canyon National Park in one sentence or less.

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Make Money and Travel – Anne’s Bookkeeping


Finding a way to Make Money and Travel isn’t hard, but it does require some creative thinking (or outside the box as we like to say).  As with any successful business, its about figuring out what people need and filling that need.  That is exactly how Anne started her location independent bookkeeping business.


The aha moment: When Anne realized she enjoyed monthly tasks like paying bills and reconciling bank accounts, while lots of other people (and business’) loathe the idea of updating their books, paying bills and all that kinda stuff!


Anne doesn’t have a website or blog to plug here. She started this business after retiring from her 9-5 job at 52 yrs old.  She is just one of the many people looking forward to the full time travel lifestyle and she knew there was a way to make money while living on the road.  If Anne can do it, so can you!!!

Meet Anne:

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Best New and Innovative RVs of 2015


We’ve been scouring the California RV Show for the past week (yea, it’s a very long show) looking for the new, the noteworthy and the “Best Of” the 2015 RV selection.  Every year it seems the RV industry takes a step towards the 21st century and this year is no different; with transitional spaces, cabinets that cleverly turn into desks, skylights that open up to the stars and even high end luxury without looking like Vegas threw up (don’t worry, they have that too)!

We’ve handpicked 11 of the Best 2015 RVs that have loads of cool features and amenities worth checking out, but to keep the video from becoming a half hour snorefest we’ve selected only a few of our favorite items from each rig.  If you’re looking to upgrade, or buy your first RV, this is a good place to start your search.

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Beautiful Free Camping in Indiana


Deep in the Hoosier National Forest, less than one mile in from highway 446 and just a short drive from downtown Bloomington, Indiana is the Charles C. Deam Wilderness area that’s full of free camping. The Blackwell Horsecamp is where we ended up parking our RV for a week of quiet wild camping (or at least that’s what we thought). It’s a beautiful wilderness area that was dedicated in 1982 and encompasses almost 13,000 acres of National Forest Land.

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