• Roadside Americana

    We all love a little Americana. From route 66 to roadside attractions we see a lot on the road. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Childlike Faith

    One man’s passion, drive and childlike faith can literally move and create mountains. Leonard Knight’s Salvation Mountain may not make it …….

  • The Accidental Sea

    There once was a place where Hollywood’s best would dip their toes in the salty waters of the Salton Sea and real estate was sold from the sky.

  • Yellowstone: Another World

    There is no need to be an astronaut or board a rocket to experience the wonder and diversity of these strange and beautiful lands.

  • A Fairy Tale: The Redwood Forest

    Have you ever crossed over into the land of fairy tales? The place where gnomes, centaurs, magic and enchantment lives?

  • The Lighting of Cupcake Mountain

    Think you’ve seen flare art before….think again. The Leaping Lizard Tribe in Lake Havasu City does flare art like……

  • A Cautionary Tale

    The model train exhibit brought on a lot of childlike imagination and we decided to let our inner child take over. This what came out of it…