Nikki’s RV Friendly Holiday Gift Giving Guide

If you have a Nomadic RV’er or frequent traveler in your life and are struggling to find that perfect gift… struggle no more!  I have listed a few of my travel favorites that have made our 2011 RV trip across the US a little more enjoyable.

For the Reader:

nook tablet

Product: Nook Tablet
Cost: around $249
Why I like it: I have had the nook e-ink reader and have loved it however, I have missed my magazines!  With the Nook Tablet I can store all of my books, magazines, movies and more all in one device!  It satisfies all of my multimedia desires and then some.  CNET and other resources all agree that it is one of the best tablets on the market.  Light weight and no more magazines taking up my very valuable space!  Yeah for more space and less paper!  It’s a no brainer.


For the Practical:

The Laundry Pod

Product: The Laundry Pod
Cost: around $90
Why I like it: I under estimated how important clean underwear is, until I ran out of them once!  The Laundry Pod
is as simple as it gets when it comes to washing machines.  It is great for t-shirts, underwear and other smaller items.  It requires no electricity and works just like a salad spinner for clothes.  It saves us money and I don’t have to sit around at a laundry mat…oh, and I never have to worry about running out of clean underwear.  (FYI – enter “WYNN” in the promo code for an extra $10 off!)


For the Coffee and Tea Lover:

bodum french press

Product: French Press
Cost: around $20
Why I like it: A French Press can be used for coffee or loose leaf tea; I love anything that is dual purpose!  Most experts agree that a French Press is one of, if not the best way to taste the subtle differences in coffees from around the world. It’s easy to use and you get the richest flavor.  You can prepare hot or cold coffee / tea, its simple cleanup and eco-friendly.


For the Skin Conscious:

Mineralogie SPF 30 Face and Body brush

Product: SPF 30 Face and Body Block
Cost: around $50
Why I like it:  While trekking all over the country, we encounter all kinds of weather!  The SPF 30 Brush is made with all natural minerals that not only protect my delicate skin from the harsh sun rays but from wind as well.  I use this as foundation for day to day use and as my body block while on the beach. It lasts through water, snow and sweat!  I have yet to sunburn and get nothing but compliments on the soft glow it gives my skin.  Plus, I hate greasy liquid chemical sunscreens!  (FYI, I wear the Agate color)


If all else fails:

Who doesn’t love extravagant Organic Fair Trade chocolate!  Really anything that’s edible or consumable is always a good gift.  Good luck!

Oh yea, if you’re looking for a manly gift guide, check out Jason’s 2011 RV Friendly Holiday Gift Giving Guide.

On a side note, we ordinarily stay away from pushing specific product brands, however for this post we wanted to share with you our favorites. Please know these recommendations were not paid for, and are truly our personal selections for the 2011 holiday season. Finally pricing may not be exact, so make sure you do your research online before purchasing. Happy Holidays from Gone with the Wynn’s.

Famous for my "how-not-to" videos, and typically the man behind the camera, sometimes I’m forced to be here in the “spotlight”. When you see my face you’re probably reading something more technical than adventurous, but either way I do my best to tell it like it is and infuse my opinions into the commentary…after all this is a blog and not MSN.

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  • Christine

    Nikki, could please tell me if you still use the Mineralogie Sunblock Foundation? I think you are absolutely stunning and your makeup is always on point!
    We are new to RVing and I want to condense as much of our personal care items as possible! A sunblock, foundation and concealer all in one??!! Sounds too good to be true!
    Would love to hear your feedback!

  • Denise

    Sorry Troy, they actually stole MY idea! Something I’ve always wanted to do and just never made it happen. Thank you Jason and Nikki. At least for now, I can live vicariously through you and maybe one day soon I’ll join you on the open road!

  • Troy

    Jason/Nikki, I just recently saw your episode on Tv and said to myself, they stole my idea. I have the same aspirations as you had, however my life is a little more complicated with a decent sized family. I do plan sometime soon to get rid of everything and travel by RV as far as I can. As for your choice of RV are there any regrets; did you get it right the first time? Cheers, safe travels.

  • Paulo Silva

    Just watching you guys now shopping the RV on the HGTV channel.
    Cool lifestyle anyways!

  • Mary

    The french press has saved me many mornings! Love it!

  • Mary

    I had about 3 hours on the mountain at Breckenridge a few weeks ago and it was so windy,the snow was blowing everywhere with a clear blue sky! I had on my SPF 30 Face & Body Bloc and my face did not get wind or sun burned.


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