Motoring along patchworks of vineyards, orchards and oak trees we naturally gravitated away from the typical hotspots of Sonoma County and found ourselves drawn to the not so obvious and slightly quirky. Sebastopol Napa put California on the world's viticulture map but its fame and fortune have made its upscale and somewhat ‘snobby tourist’ mark (of course with the exception of a few James Dean like characters).  Sonoma seems truer and filled with open minded traditions cultivated by people who appreciate the low-key charm.

I am living the dream…my life on my terms. Making a living, no fixed office and the freedom to move and work from wherever I like.  So can you. This Make Money and Travel series exists as a source of inspiration.  By sharing examples of real people around the world making money from anywhere and living the lifestyle they want, proves where there is a will, there is a way.

Meet Technomadia!

We have been following Technomadia for at least the last two years and chances are if you have considered RV'ing you already know who they are (or you will want to).  Cherie and Chris have been on the road since 2006 and have been blogging, working and exploring ever since with no intentions of stopping anytime soon. technomads

Rolling along Highway 49 in Northern California, we passed a chain of quaint towns that all sprang up to accommodate the floods of prospectors looking to strike it rich during the Gold Rush.  (I like to think if we were around in the mid 40’s, we’d be right next to those adventurers digging around in the California dirt!)  One town that really sparked our interest and seemed to stand out along the way is Nevada City. nevada city streets Nevada City is a mining camp that survived, and prospered, because it was able to transition to modern times while maintaining its vintage architecture.  At one time Nevada City was California’s third-largest city; then all those worldly fortune seekers who managed to strike it rich likely discovered the coast and said ‘sayonara suckers, I just bought myself a beach house…or something similar.  I have nothing to back this up, just making assumptions and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong…but I digress, let’s get back to the city today.