Before we had our new RV Solar installed I had never heard of a Converter Charger, and I surely wasn't worried if it was a Smart Converter Charger or not! Here we are 6 months later and oh how much we've learned. After tons of research on my basic questions: "What is a Converter Charger?", "Why Do I Need a Converter Charger?", "What's the Difference Between a Regular and Smart Charger?", and "How Many Amps are Needed to get the Best and fastest Charge for my RV Batteries?" Here's what we've come up with on why you should get to know the very important, yet rarely discussed, Converter Charger. Let's begin with a simple description: A Converter Charger is a device that Converts 110 Volt AC (household) power into 12 Volt DC (battery) power and simultaneously charges the RV batteries. Simple enough right?  Well...nothing beats a good old school flip chart comparison!  Go ahead, click play. What did you think?  Did you learn anything new or should we just use the flip chart as fire starter?

Who knew moving houses only five feet from each other would still be so much work…I take that back, the moving was simple, the organizing (the cabinets are different sizes), purging (the toys we planned on using, haven’t, and now need to let go) and growing pains of learning a new RV (auto gen start, different slides, electrical systems…) are well, way more work that we ever anticipated!  So much in fact that we are still settling in. moving into a new rv Before we moved all our junk in, we shot this quick look so you could see our new RV just as it comes…gold bedding and all.

When we were invited to the exclusive Industry Only RV Show in Louisville Kentucky we didn’t know what to expect.  Would this RV show be a whole lotta more of the same, or would it be like an auto show full of futuristic RV concepts?  To be perfectly honest it was neither…well…sort of…let me explain. The RV show is loaded with vendors (lights, water pumps...), RV mfrs (looking to sell to dealers), pipe dreamers (great idea but no where near ready), and the occasional sales rep looking for a new job! WynnsExcursion First and foremost we had the opportunity to meet our new home, the Fleetwood Excursion 33D.  It's going to be a little different from our Monaco Vesta!  Once we had that out of the way, we were able to focus on the rest of the show and there were a few surprises worth sharing.

Bend, Oregon is one of our favorite towns from 2013 and one we consider to be almost perfect.  They have everything we look for in a city.  A vibrant downtown, great farmers markets, an endless array of outdoor activities, lovely campgrounds, great eateries and loads of great beer. The city is jam packed with craft breweries; 11 of them and growing!  They claim to have more breweries per capita than any other city in Oregon and even garnered the title ofBeer Town USA because it 's you versus beer in Bend”.  Which we absolutely took as a challenge! bend ale trail

Your imaginations have been running wild with ideas of us becoming parents, sailors, downsizing or the worst…gasp…non-travelers.  Bad news is you are all wrong.  Good news is we have been having some very unexpected and interesting conversations over these past few weeks. gone with the wynns Here we were, in the midst of planning our next big adventure (this is where you may imagine open oceans), when we received a call from an RV company called Fleetwood.  Here is a non exact version of those conversations.