Sometimes things just work out when you travel. For us that synchronization of timing worked out just perfectly in Long Beach Washington, and what makes travel more fun that meeting up with friends!?! full time RV ers Long Beach Peninsula is famous for Jake the Alligator Man, Kite Flying Competitions, and the World’s Longest Beach, but for us this small town delivered as the perfect place for a nomadic hangout.

After an evening with Monty I’m not sure which is more compelling: The man himself, or his statements...“Wine is the world’s only resurrected beverage” or “A 100% Texas grown, barreled, and bottled Pinot Noir that will knock your socks off”. west texas wine To be perfectly honest when we saw Bar Z Winery on the Harvest Hosts website I thought “Looks like a decent place to park but the wines will likely be rocket fuel!”  I’m happy to say I was wrong on both accounts!

I’m not gonna lie, this place is foggy, damp, and not the warm sunny beach destination one might consider visiting for a summer vacation. ocean shores Would I ever visit Ocean Shores, Washington again?  Oh Yea!  'The Sweet is never as Sweet without the Sour' (bonus points if you know where that quote is from)…and the sunny days around here are about as sweet as it gets.

I looked around at the scattered spray cans and colored plastic tops and thought to myself, when did littering become participatory art? I really wanted my artistic self to appreciate the chaos and disregard of it all but my inner realist just couldn't let go.

Cadillac ranch texas

Outside of Amarillo, Texas are 10 partially sunken Cadillac’s near what used to be iconic route 66. Why are there sunken Cadillac’s out in the middle of an empty field?

Halfway between Seattle Washington and Portland Oregon is the tiny town of Chehalis. The town came about in the late 1800’s thanks to the railroads and today the steam trains are still going strong. chehalis centraila railroad We're not train aficionados by any means but there was no way our inner child was going to let us pass up the opportunity to take a ride on the Chehalis-Centralia Railroad.