There are not many “normal”, with benefits, jobs that lend themselves to fulltime travel, especially with a family. So, when Eric (the guy with the cute family in the pic below) agreed to give us the dish on his job as a traveling nurse for our Make Money and Travel series I was stoked!  It’s a super cool “normal” job that is perfect for sedentary lifeaphobics. Eric and Sarah, along with their two kids, Michael (7) and Max (5), the dog Satchel (9) and lizard Ned (2) live and travel in their 5th wheel from one town (and nursing gig) to the next.  This is how Eric took his job on the road and now makes money and travels… full time RVer and traveling nurse

We have been full time traveling in the RV since July 2010, with the exception of the beginning of this year when we all moved onto a boat while I worked as a nurse on a cruise ship.  My wife was a travel agent before being laid off.  We loved travel, but we thought since we bought a house, and have 2 kids (and pets) we were done traveling.  We couldn't have been more wrong.


Replacing a bathroom faucet should be one of the easiest Do-It-Yourself modifications one can do in an RV.  In fact it’s so easy I told Nikki "I won't even need any tools" and "it should only take me an hour!" Since I’m writing an entire post, and the video below is 11 minutes 25 seconds long, you can guess I hit a few road bumps along the way during my bathroom faucet swap.  So with my head held low in shame, may I present our video on How NOT to Replace your RV Bathroom Faucet!