"A vast landscape of mini cities that have been etched into the canyon walls, and over the centuries have been brutally attacked by all the ferocity that mother nature could throw at it, yet this supreme creation still stands, quite possibly more beautiful than ever".

...yep, that’s how I’d describe Bryce Canyon National Park in one sentence or less. bryce canyon

Finding a way to Make Money and Travel isn't hard, but it does require some creative thinking (or outside the box as we like to say).  As with any successful business, its about figuring out what people need and filling that need.  That is exactly how Anne started her location independent bookkeeping business.  

The aha moment: When Anne realized she enjoyed monthly tasks like paying bills and reconciling bank accounts, while lots of other people (and business') loathe the idea of updating their books, paying bills and all that kinda stuff!


Anne doesn't have a website or blog to plug here. She started this business after retiring from her 9-5 job at 52 yrs old.  She is just one of the many people looking forward to the full time travel lifestyle and she knew there was a way to make money while living on the road.  If Anne can do it, so can you!!!

Meet Anne:

anne bookkeeping

We’ve been scouring the California RV Show for the past week (yea, it’s a very long show) looking for the new, the noteworthy and the “Best Of” the 2015 RV selection.  Every year it seems the RV industry takes a step towards the 21st century and this year is no different; with transitional spaces, cabinets that cleverly turn into desks, skylights that open up to the stars and even high end luxury without looking like Vegas threw up (don't worry, they have that too)! We’ve handpicked 11 of the Best 2015 RVs that have loads of cool features and amenities worth checking out, but to keep the video from becoming a half hour snorefest we’ve selected only a few of our favorite items from each rig.  If you’re looking to upgrade, or buy your first RV, this is a good place to start your search.

Not everyone enjoys cooking but I don’t personally know anyone that doesn't enjoy eating good food.

I happen to enjoy both immensely and according to Jason, I’m pretty good at it.  But then again I practice a lot, and this often surprises people considering we live in a small RV.  I can't tell you how many people I've come across that assume RV kitchens are small, ill equipped and not made for real cooking. I say hogwash! I travel with a full array of kitchen gadgets that range from a bread maker to a food processor.  However, the beauty of most RV’s is they come standard with some pretty nifty gadgets that make cooking a snap…such as a convection oven.  If you don’t know what a convection oven is or how it works, watch this: I don't think I have used the microwave in our RV more than twice...but I use the convection oven all the time (when we're plugged in and not Wild Camping).  But this wasn't always the case.