Buckland Farm Market

Driving along highway 29 we ran across Buckland Farm Market. It looked so cute we had to turn around and go check it out and it was so worth it! Bill Coffey, the owner of the market was a very friendly guy and he tells people “if you don’t have a sense of humor, don’t bother coming in”.

The family owned and operated business is more than just a market it is actually a place where you can take the kids for a tour of the farm and a little education on growing or even pick your own produce. So if you find yourself driving along highway 29 in Virginia on your next road trip, stop by and say hello to the family.


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  • Lisa Preston

    Very Ironic that I lived last year within 2 miles of Buckland Farms (2015). If you ever get back this way, there’s much more to visit in area. We now live at Lake Anna about 40 miles south of Buckland Farm.


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