Road Trippin

Driving from Woodward, Ok to Boise, ID we were seeing a whole lotta nothing but sky and road. Then all of the sudden I realized that I really wanted to go to Little America!

Maybe it was the 30 billboards in a row that convinced me, or maybe the $.50 ice cream advertisement, I am not sure what it was but I am glad we stopped. It was awesome! Check it out….

We are in full stride and seeing so much beauty on the road. The trek from Woodward, OK to Walla Walla, WA is taking us through 6 different states!  A 25hr drive seems like nothing when you take into consideration how much you see along the way. We have watched the terrain go from plains, valleys, hills and cliffs and almost start over again. Each town we pass through has its own vibe and story.

Road tripping is an opportunity to see the country in a way that no other form of travel offers. It is an exploration rather than a destination.

See ya on the road!

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  • Debbie Wells

    since I was a young girl in the early 70’s we always stopped at both of the Little America’s in Wyoming. Lots of wonderful memories. One year we where moving and it snowed and we had to stay there. We had a cat in the car that delivered kittens IN THE CAR while we where traveling, we snuck them into the Little America for the night!! I will never forget that moment. Thanks for bringing back memories


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