One of the first things people ask us when they first find our blog is: How did you get Monaco to sponsor you?

Well, Monaco did not give us a coach, and they haven’t become a sponsor of Gone With the Wynn’s yet either.  Rest assured we’ve tried to get them to sponsor us by giving us a new 2011 Monaco Vesta, but no such luck.  Good news is our opinion is not purchased, so we’re free to say what we want.

So the next question we get is: Why did you purchase the Monaco Vesta?

A little insight so you know our camping & rollercoaster RV past: 1. Car/Tent camping for years in TX, CO, NM, FL, AL MI, TN; 2. In early 2006 we purchased a 1985 VW Vanagon Camper Van that broke down nearly everytime we drove it; 3. In late 2009 we purchased our first (spankin’ new) class A RV that ended up being a lemon; 4. 02/2011 Purchase of the 2011 Monaco Vesta 32′ class A motorhome.

Having a taste of camping and RV’ing over 10 years we knew exactly what we wanted: A quality RV from a good manufacturer that will withstand our adventure travel across North America dubbed Gone With the Wynns.  We looked at dozens of RV’s online and in person and narrowed it down to our favorite 2 motorhomes manufactured in early 2011:

Tiffin Allegro Breeze 28 foot BR model & Monaco Vesta 32 foot PBS model
It was a difficult decision comparing these great coaches, but here’s the low down on our decision:

Both Motorhomes Offer:

High Quality Manufacturer that stands behind their products
Quality Construction Inside and Out
Custom Chassis built ‘in house’ – allows 1 facility to do repairs on coach and chassis
Single slide
UltraLeather sofas
Comfortable Captains Chairs
Separate Shower and Lavatory
Navistar MaxxForce Engine (No DEF) with Allison Transmission
Full Air Ride Suspension and Brakes
Small Size with high end Class A features
6000 Watt Onan Generator
Large Fresh Water, Grey & Black tanks with heating
Thick, well insulated walls and ceiling
Rear and Side view Cameras
Solid Surface Countertops, Back splash & Tile floors
Pocket Doors, Real Wood cabinets
Fuel Economy: Both are claiming 12-15 MPG but no “official” numbers yet

Monaco Vesta 32 PBS features (+/- ranking):

Price: MSRP beginning at $201,000 (almost fully equipped)
+ Ergonomic “Car-Like” Cockpit for Driver with steering wheel controls
+ Contemporary Styling
+ Wind Tunnel Tested Exterior
+ Simple, Cleanly Designed Exterior Paint Options
+ Extra Large Pantry (can be used as a closet)
+ Integrated Awning (dual & quad awnings optional)
+ Stainless Steel Appliances
+ Desk in place of sleeper sofa (Custom from factory)
+ MCD Pull down day shade and blackout shade
+ Standard Queen size bed
+ Tons of Exterior storage
– Front Engine Diesel (more noise than rear engine)
– Entry Door Lower Quality

Tiffin Allegro Breeze 28 BR features (+/- ranking):

Price: MSRP beginning at $150,000 (base options)

+ Rear Engine Diesel
+ Opposing sofas – better for entertaining
+ White paint option for cabinets – makes coach seem ‘brighter’
+ High Quality Entry Door – Quiet, Solid, Shuts nicely
+ In Wall Dirt Devil Vacuum system
+ Sealed under coach, pass through exterior bins, better for winter (b/c of rear engine)
– Traditional Styling
– Folding Faucet in tiny Sink
– Mini Stove System – like a camp stove
– TV location
– Tiny Convection Oven/Microwave
– Small amount of exterior storage

The final question about our travels across the US in 2011 is usually along these lines: After 1 year, how do you like your 2011 Monaco Vesta 32 foot coach?

Honestly we have loved every minute of our travels across the USALiving full time in a 32 foot RV is comfortable, maybe a little tight, but overall it’s pretty cozy.  Sometimes I wish we had another slide in the bedroom to fit a few more clothes, or think about how nice it would be to take a bath, but those thoughts pass.  What living in the 32 foot Monaco Vesta does allow us far outweighs the ‘wishes’.  A new world every week just outside your door, solitude when you want it, and community when you need a friend.  The people at Monaco Coach have taken care of our every need.  Sure we’ve had to go in for service a few times, but my warranty advisor John makes sure we’re in and out as quickly as possible.  When you purchase a new RV (especially a spankin’ new model like the Vesta) things will break, hinges will jiggle loose, and small problems will arise.  Thankfully our motorhome has treated us well, with minimal issues and good fuel economy (not compared to a prius, but pretty good for it’s size).  Not a day goes by that I dream of going back to our previous lives.

We recently attended the Pomona RV show in California and had the opportunity to view the 2012 models from Tiffen, Winnebago, Fleetwood, Monaco, etc and we’re happy to report after viewing all the new products it’s our honest opinion the Monaco Vesta 32′ RV still stands out as the clear leader in quality and technology.  Of course all these items are our reccomendations, so take it or leave it.

If you have a personal experience with the Monaco Vesta or Tiffin Allegro Breeze please leave a comment below (your email will stay private).  Also please know pricing, options, design is subject to change, these numbers are based on our original findings in early 2011 when we purchased our new motorhome.