Burlington, Ontario – Getting to know new friends

We arrived at our new friend’s home yesterday afternoon, settled in, had dinner and chatted the night away.  It’s always fun getting to know our followers, it’s almost always a guarantee we will have a good time and have lots in common.  Phil (left), Steve (right) and Dakota (front) are fabulous hosts!  Dakota (8 years old) gave us the lay of the land and introduced us to the neighbors, including the 4 legged ones.  In return we gave him a tour of our home; he walked around, shook his head in approval and walked out.  That was the easiest tour we have ever given!

Tonight was make your own Pizza night!  Pizza is always great but there is always something extra awesome about controlling how much of each ingredient you want.  I went for extra cheese, red peppers, mushroom and some of our RV grown basil (I had to chip in something).

After dinner Steve, Phil and Dakota took us out for a drive about town and a stop off to their favorite Coffee & Frittery House.  It was the coolest thing since the state fair!  They batter and deep fry a variety of things such as cheesecake, mars bars, peanut butter/banana and (the one we went for) Apple.  I wouldn’t quite consider it a fritter but I liked it and wasn’t about to question them on what they called it.   Why mess up a good thing right!  Even Dakota’s appropriately named “fat sheep” got in on the action!

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  • Hi Wynns from Hamilton, Ontario.
    I see you were in our neck of the woods. Not much wild camping or wildlife in the Golden Horseshoe (that’s the urban sprawl area stretching from Niagara Falls around the western tip of Lake Ontario to Toronto).
    Glad to see you made it to Sandbanks Provincial Park and a ride on the Glenora ferry in Prince Edward County.
    But you missed the really good stuff north of Toronto.
    Have you ever heard the cry of the loon or the howl from a wolf pack? If not, add these to your travel plans and visit Algonquin Prov Park. We have free camping on Crown land (mostly north of Algonquin). The rivers and lakes are pristine and the fishing is great.
    Best time to visit is September and October after the summer tourist season and during the changing colours of the leaves and plan a train ride through the Agawa Canyon near Sault Ste. Marie, Ontrario.
    Your US dollar will give you maximum bang for the buck. Gas is around $1.00 per litre at present.

    Also highly recommended are the Finger Lakes area in Upper New York state. Check out Letchworth Falls and Watkins Glen State Park camping.

    • Thanks for all the tips! We didn’t spend near enough time in the area (story of our life) and really want to make it back. So much to see, so little time on this planet!

  • mary van

    Yum! You guys make friends easily. It’s nice to have friends all over the world.


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