resurrecting dinosaurs

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influencing rv design changes

Resurrecting Dinosaurs – Influencing RV Design Changes

February 23, 2016 51

We all have different styles that reflect our individual ways. To me, style is a continuous visual representation of our personalities. It’s…

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solving gas rv noise issues

Our Gas RV – Reducing Squeaks, Rattles & Engine Noise

November 8, 2015 65

If you’ve kept up with our Gas RV Experience series you know it’s been quite the roller-coaster.  From the insanely loud…

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Alaskan highway

Our Gas RV MPG – Fleetwood Bounder with Ford V10

November 5, 2015 348

If you’ve found this article while looking for a fuel efficient RV or motorhome your search may sadly end here.  I hate…

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improving gas rv ride quality

Gas RV Stabilizers – Do they Really Work

October 15, 2015 143

When it came to RV suspension and ride upgrades, lets just say we were skeptical.  We’ve been sold “snake oil” many…

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Our Gas RV Experience

Our Gas RV Experience – Noise, Ride & Performance

September 20, 2015 141

Last year we created a video and wrote an article putting a Gas RV in a head-to-head smackdown with a Diesel…

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rv lithium batteries

Resurrecting Dinosaurs – Our RV Modifications and Technology

May 17, 2015 199

Someone recently asked us, If you could have any options you want installed on your RV, and cost doesn’t matter, what…

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our custom bounder

Resurrecting Dinosaurs – Our Custom Designed RV

May 5, 2015 287

Welcome to the grand tour, and unveiling of our spankin’ new custom designed Bounder RV!  While we are super excited to…

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design boards

Resurrecting Dinosaurs – The Story Behind Our RV Design

April 26, 2015 218

The RV world sometimes feels like a big prehistoric dinosaur that hasn’t changed much since the 80’s. It’s no secret we…