wild camping

There is nothing better than driving deep into the wild where the views are never ending and the sounds are au nat-ur-el! Sure there are no hook ups (water, electric, cable or sewer) but it doesn’t mean you have to live like a heathen. Afterall, the beauty of traveling in an RV, is traveling with all the comforts of home no matter where you park it!

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Fabulous Free Camping In Florida

April 8, 2015 105

If there is one thing that living on the road has taught me, it’s to take the road less traveled.  And…

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camping in extreme temps

Keeping Cool In Extreme Heat – Ideas From Burning Man

March 22, 2015 52

Unfortunately there’s no secret remedy for keeping cool in extreme heat while camping in an RV, in fact the best option is…

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camping at winery

Ditch the Parking Lots for Farms & Wineries

March 5, 2015 400

Let’s face it, finding a real and authentic experience these days is becoming more…and more difficult. Campgrounds and RV Resorts are…

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top rv resources

RV Resources

February 1, 2015 21

There’s a lot to learn about RV’s, the RV lifestyle, RV programs and all the helpful apps that exist.  We’ve created…

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wild camping gear

Top 10 Most Important Boondocking Gadgets

November 2, 2014 145

Wild Camping, Boondocking, Dry Camping, Dispersed Camping, Off The Cord…No matter what you want to call it we think being out in…

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mobile RV office space

Stay Connected on the Road – Phone, Internet, Free Wi-Fi

July 13, 2014 377

Staying connected on the road is one of the biggest campfire discussions (right after the always fun black tank conversations) and…

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wild camping at mono lake

Favorite RV Kitchen Gadgets

June 15, 2014 61

I love to cook, bake, grill, blend and just about anything that has to do with food and drinks! I also…

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flex solar

Powerful and Flexible RV Solar Panels

June 11, 2014 128

If your RV plans include wild camping, or boondocking, then adding solar power to your rig is a must! With the…

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how to combine black and grey rv tanks

Crazy Easy Way To Combine RV Black and Grey Tank

April 6, 2014 52

The greatest benefit of installing a composting toilet is not having to deal with a black tank; but what do you…

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composting toilet

Composting Toilet: What is it and Why you need one

March 20, 2014 161

We have owned our composting toilet since June 2013, and we think everyone with a boat, an RV or a Tiny…