Our friends at Go Power are giving away one each of their portable solar panels (40, 80 and 120 Watt)  in a STICK IT WHERE THE SUN SHINES photo contest!  …and we are the photo judges!  Who are these Go Power friends of ours you ask and why are they letting us judge their contest?  Good question!

Go Power Solar

We first met Go Power at the Abbotsford RV Show.  We were speaking on free camping and greening up your RV which naturally both subjects lead to solar power

After one of our first presentations, Sean from Go Power walks up and proceeds to point out the many flaws of our solar set up (which we were already painfully aware of).  We had shaded cells, an underpowered inverter and most importantly, not enough power for all of the wild camping we so love to do.  This is where Sean goes on a bragging spree.

He throws (quite literally to demonstrate durability) their 120 watt portable panel out.  He points out how much smaller, lighter, and more efficient it is.  He talks about the built in regulator so you never over charge your batteries, how there are lots of different connectors for different types of applications and most importantly that it comes with 15 feet of cable so you can park in the shade and still put your solar in the sun.

Then he verbally put a knife in our back when he pointed out that his portable panel was the same amount of power as our entire roof set up…at a quarter of the price.  Ouch!

Needless to say, we pestered him, and his team, into giving us one of the 120 Watt portable kits to test out…because it all sounded a little too good to be true.

portable solar panel

The verdict…it’s awesome!  We have been testing it for over a month now and are super impressed (video coming soon).  We have a new improved Go Power system on our roof but the portable panel has proven to be invaluable!  We get super early morning sun, late evening sun and it is sooo nice to park in the shade and still be pulling in power!

So, now we owe Sean a beer.  Since that first day we met, we learned that Go Power is a small company out of Victoria, Canada with sustainable business practices and high quality solar at competitive pricing.

This brings us to why they are letting us judge their photo contest.  They’re a small company and sometimes the small guys need a little help to get the word out.  We have lots of friends (that’s you) who camp, RV, ATV and boat around.  So we suggested they give some of their solar away and we would tell our friends and they would tell their friends.  Then lots of people would know about the nifty little solar company and their even more nifty portable solar kits.  It’s a Win Wynn for everybody!  Get it? (Sorry, I had to)

Now that we have you twitching with the need for power, let’s get down to how you can score some for yourself.  Because FREE is always awesome!

Here’s the down low:
It’s a photo contest so strike a pose, capture your favorite scenic spot, show your creative side or surprise us!  They want to see where you’d stick solar on your adventures.

photo string

The contest Starts July 8, 2013.  You can submit as many photos as you like and share your photos to get votes.  The top 10 photos with the most votes will make it to the finals where Gone With The Wynn’s (that’s us) your favorite blogging and full-time RV adventurers will judge and select 3 winners!

  • First, scope our your competition here, then head over to the Go Power by Carmanah Facebook page
  • Follow the instructions to upload your photo with the words: Sun Shines Here
  • Share and get your friends and family to vote on your photo.

That’s it.  Now, go grab your camera and show us whatcha got!

Disclosure:  Go Power provided us with complimentary solar for review purposes.  As always, we are free to say whatever we want and have only written our honest opinions.  If we didn’t love it, we would give it back and tell them to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine…but we do love it and they can’t have it back.