Part 4: Fuel Economy Test for 2011 Monaco Vesta RV

Hello faithful viewers! Still wondering what the fuel economy is for the Monaco Vesta RV? Here is an update for you:
We recently hit 10,000 miles and we’re loving every minute. The great fuel economy for the Monaco Vesta is truly a blessing when it comes time to fill up the tank. Since June we’ve been tracking in detail the MPG using an application on our phone. We enter the mileage traveled and the exact gallons put in the tank to receive an MPG average for the last tank, and the overall average.

green rv vesta

With 3 months under our belt here are our numbers:

12-14 MPG on the highway in perfect conditions (minimal hills, driving 55 mph, mild temperatures, etc)
8-11 MPG in the mountains (We’ve been travelling CA, WA, OR and there are more mountains than expected, with several thousand feet of elevation change, it really hurts to watch the instant MPG when travelling up and over a 4000 ft. elevation change)
10.9 MPG is our current average. We’ve spent the past few months in and out of the hills and mountains of California. I’m positive the number will continue to increase as we hit more flat land.

Of course these numbers all depend on so many variables. Here is a little detail of our travel style:
Towing a Smart Car (it’s small and weighs little)
Driving between 55 – 60 mph max at all times
Cruise control on flat roads, NO cruise control in the mountains
I rarely stomp on the pedal, gradual acceleration is key
Our coach is under weight on average by 4000 lbs
We rarely run the generator during travel (unless outside temp is in the upper 90’s)
We have found that the on board CPU is typically wrong by 2-3 MPG (it’s wrong on the high side)

I hope these details can help you achieve the best possible fuel economy. If you have any experience you’d like to share please leave a comment for us, the world wants to know!

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  • Driving the Vesta has been a true joy. Our MPG has been a little lower than we hoped, but much better than the typical 8-10 MPG. We’re about to post a summary of our 2011 expenses, should be interesting to see it all laid out.

  • Mark

    You two are great! I had House Hunters on one night and stumbled across the episode where you purchase your Vesta and have followed your journey since. My wife and I have been searching for a Motorhome and want a Fred model. We like the Vesta but also have a lot of interest in the Thor-Serrano. The Serrano reminds me a lot of your Vesta but without the attitude (refering to the Grill). That front end is to cool. Have a question? I see you tow a Smart car as your Dinghy. Do you use a supplemental braking system for the car? I understand some states require this but do they on such a light weight vehicle? Anyway, won’t take up anymore of your time. You two have a blast! What a blessing to do this at your age.

  • David Rolley

    Your report on the fuel economy of your Monoco Vesta was invaluable to me. I am currently torn between buying a used Monoco LaPalma, or a newer Monoco Vesta for the fuel economy. Please email me from time to time with your fuel economy numbers. I live in Suisun City, which is in northern California, so I would be traveling many of the same roads you are, so your numbers are really important to me. My email adress is [email protected]


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