Part 3: Fuel Economy Test for 2011 Monaco Vesta RV

Hello all! For those of you wondering how the fuel test went for the Monaco Vesta here are the details:
17.1 MPG? Even though our on board computer read 17.1 MPG Monaco has confirmed the MPG reading on the CPU is on average 3 MPG off. Based on the fuel levels, miles driven, weight, etc we’ve come to the conclusion that the Vesta gets around 14 MPG on the highway. Monaco did tell us prior to the trip they were unsure of the accuracy of the on board CPU.

The Breakdown.
We drove at 55 MPH the entire trip.
Our travelled road north on I-5 has minor increases and decreases in elevation, but nothing major.
For this test we drove the Smart Car separately, however we did have the bikes on the back hitch.
We did not run the generator during this trip.
We did not run the A/C during the trip.
We weighed the coach at nearly 26,500 lbs before the test with a full tank of fuel, approx. 20 gal of fresh water, approx. 20 gal of black/grey water.
The outside temperature was in the 90’s.
We stopped only 3 times during the 400+ mile trip.

I hope this helps you understand the test, and gives you a little more guidance on our claimed MPG. Happy travels.

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  • kitty kat

    I really enjoyed this post! Mainly because of my curiosity of what really goes on behind the scenes. Do you have to stop @ weight in stations? Are you always topped out at 55mph? I had no idea that u went that slow? Was that an adjustment at first? Love ya! Keep up the great work!


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