our Instagram has been hacked

We Have Been Hacked!

Yesterday our Instagram account was hacked and shut down.

For digital creators, this stuff can quickly turn into our worst nightmare.  We spent all day securing our virtual assets, changing our passwords on every single website, app, and digital subscription we have.

This morning the hackers brought back our Instagram account and made a spam post to our stories.  We do not have any access to our account.  We have zero control over what the hackers publish.  They can send out messages to others and make it seem as though it’s coming from us…which is our main concern now.

We have made a video explaining the situation to both warn you (if you follow us on Instagram) and ask for your help.



GOOD NEWS! We are back in control of our Instagram account. Thank you all for the support! We had a Patreon that worked for Meta…in the automotive division of all things. She was able to help us through another employee! Unfortunately, I believe without the inside help, we wouldn’t have achieved this. Clearly, there are some severe security issues that need to be addressed within the company. The hacker had been direct messaging our followers and almost had a few fooled into clicking links sent to them. Thankfully, the word about the video spread, and everyone figured out what was happening.

This was a lesson for us and we are leaving this video & post up for others as a cautionary tale.


How to report/flag a post on Instagram

We don’t want anyone else on Instagram to get hacked or scammed.  Here is information on how to report/flag posts:

Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Kelvin Williams

    I see your content is back on instagram however I do notice that the website information is wrong and does not lead to this site. Hopefully you have control of the account and can repair the damage caused. Please keep up your good work and don’t let scumbags stop you. Good luck and I wait in anticipation for the new yacht to launch.

  • postiecat

    You must of gotten it fixed cause it looks fine to me now. :):)

  • James Terrio

    Simply said; This sucks!

  • Bill Berry

    Saw your alerting yesterday regardeing this situation. How frustrating. I have to say given all the travels you two make to far away, exotic locals and places the irony of this happening when you return to the States is not missed, and that more frustrating. Best of luck and good fortune on resolving this.

    • James Terrio

      Indeed, it’s very troubling and I’m sad to admit, it is all a part of this rapid decline of our country.

  • Roy E Hardcastle

    companies should be more vigilant and stop hackers kin their tracts. Enjoyed sheep farming fantastic video.

  • Debbie from Illinois

    I reported it yesterday when I saw it. Good luck!

  • Jim and Judy

    We have already flag your account.
    Best wishes guys

  • Rob Podell

    1. Too coincidental that you got that email the day after you submitted you trademark info. Had to be some within instagram involved, no doubt here.

    2. If you look at the url in the email ” fb-help….” and search various whois registrys you may get some contact info where you can follow up with. Worth a try.

    3. Straight up contact and report to FBI, very important to do this. Not sure how your case would be received on instagram from FBI but for websites they take good interest when ecommerce is involved.

    Chances are whomever hacked you will hit you up for ransom next. I have spent years as software engineer and have worked forensic for a couple of major companies which were hacked.

  • Debbie L

    At 7:18 EST, I snapped a pic of a bizarre post and reported your account as someone pretending to be you. It said you “opened up 5.0000 trades for the day, If you’d like to get involved please send me your name with your chosend trade….” Chosen has a “d” on it. The language almost appears robotic. The email address advertised is @opheliafxe.
    I had a choice to post my response to Facebook. I choose not to. I deactivated my account. I’ve save a snap of my post that it’s fake.

  • John Connell

    Your strength, goodness, love and character will win through the current adversity. We are with you on your journey, all the way from UK. Go Team Wynn !

  • Adam

    Good luck, remember to set up 2 factor authentication everywhere you can if you do not have it, on top of changing the passwords. This would prevent future events like that.

  • Adrian Ward

    I have reported, I hope it helped, and restricted the account. They are still posting Spam.

  • Simon

    Use TOTP MFA

  • Lisa

    Also I noticed that they changed the website url link at the top of the Instagram account to omit the “e” in “the” so it probably links to a fake website (I didn’t click to find out). So sorry 🙁

  • Ian Langridge

    This could explain why I have had trouble trying to contact you on Telegram. Iam suspect of Telegram as I am having trouble communicating with another couple there too. They name is Travel Beans, an English couple.
    I was trying to contact about meeting up as you past thru Christchurch.

    Best of luck folks. Shame it happened here in New Zealand!!!! The ba…..s @#$%!!

  • Steve

    I know all your social media is important; it is your reputation, after all. I don’t do, or know anything about instagram, but I trust anything you recommend, so this matters, a lot. I’m hoping they can’t use that as a wedge to get into your other accounts. More proof that bad things happen to good people.

  • Richard Fenters

    I reported. Good luck.

  • Gordon

    It seems to be working. There’s no fake posts on your feed now.

  • Michael

    Our Dear Friends, we are so sorry to hear about your troubles. I totally sympathize. My heart breaks when I hear of this sort of thing because it is part of my industry.

    As a thirty-plus year computer professional, I can understand how this happens to so many, and you are learning the hard way about who to trust. I always tell everyone not to use social media at any time (I don’t necessarily include YouTube). If you are serious about business, you must set up a Linux server to eliminate the chance of hacking to a level that is the lowest available today.

    Seek professional help from people you trust. Your business processes must be simple, bullet-proof and automated. You don’t have time for these risks. Take the risk out of it by eliminating the big company involvement. They have proven that they cannot keep your data safe, nor protect your privacy. Host your own sites on servers from small, but knowledgeable pros.

    Take a deep breath, as was mentioned, and trust your higher power. It will work out.

  • Ian


    Sad to hear this happened to you though I have just been to your Instagram and it looks like you may have gotten you account back. Is that the case?

  • Jim

    Sorry to hear this…good luck.

  • John Kirkland

    No worries guys we know your not going to send negative info
    These scammers should get life in prison for all the trouble and cost to their victims
    Good luck and hope you get back on line soon we follow you on UTube

  • Jmaes cooper

    No Instagram here but praying you get this resolved.

  • Jeanette Brennan

    I noticed they posted your website address on Instagram as “” — there’s a ‘t’ missing!!!! Weird??? Good luck – hope you can fix this awful mess. 🙏✨💖

  • Tim Bowman

    I just went to your IG account and all it is showing for me are your IG posts and your GWTW website address. I didn’t click on anything, I just looked.

    Tim Bowman
    Seattle, WA

  • Judy Goodson

    Ugh! I hate to hear that for you! I mostly follow you on You Tube, but I have reported others on Instagram, so I will surely be on the lookout.

  • John S.

    Flagged the spam, sent a message.

  • Lisa Cantrell

    I’m so sorry this has happened. Ugh. I will send a message to IG.
    ALSO, Jason I know it seems awful but a mantra that a friend gave me once always helps…Breathe. Only the end of the world is the end of the world.

  • Todd Callaway

    Sorry to hear about this awful situation, but if its any consolation we all love watching you guys and this event is kind of like kidney stones; it hurts a lot at the time but afterwards its just another stone in your jar of life!


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