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Happy Holidays & Our 2015 Plans Revealed

As 2014 comes to a close we can’t help but reflect on the year that was and the year that is about to be!  Rather than pumping out our typical virtual Christmas card we wanted to share something a bit more personal.  This holiday season we wanted to give thanks and let you in on our 2015 plans.  So click on the play button and start watchin!

For those of you out in the wilderness with limited bandwidth that can’t watch the video…here is the super short version:

  • Happy Holidays!
  • We are super grateful you tune in for our adventures week after week. We wouldn’t be anything without you.
  • It’s been one heck of a year!
  • New Years in New Orleans, we’re lookin for a speakeasy.
  • Winter will be spent touring the sunny state of Florida.
  • Spring is the reveal of our new personally designed RV.
  • Summer is all about Road Trip Alaska!
  • Leave us your suggested stops.
  • We hope your 2015 is filled with travel and most importantly living the life you want!

And for those that still want our Christmas card, here’s the classic bad family photo we were planning on using:

from gone with the wynns

If you want to see our general route for Florida here you go, we’ll be crossing into FL on January 02, 2015 and we ‘d love to hear some of your favorite must see stops.

Florida travel plans

We truly appreciate each and every one of you more than we can express. Thanks so much for being a part of our adventures, leaving comments, voting on our Crowdsourced Content page and shopping our Awesome Travel Store! Hope to see you on the road in 2015!

Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Jim and Patti Docter

    Recommendations? Swing by Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in Michigan. And then after crossing the Mackinaw bridge along with all the other “trolls” (requires explaining, research our relationship with with Michiganders North of the bridge) you’ve got our favorite route West: US-2.

    • Thanks guys! We actually did this route last year and loved it. This year we’re hoping to see Mt. Rushmore on the way to AK. 🙂

  • Linda

    Really enjoying the new look, feel and easy access of your web site. I excitedly await the news of your new RV reveal. Hmm. I want to wager a guess you will be picking it up in Indiana. Maybe Elkhart? Shall I place a bet?

    Safe travels!

  • Phil

    After you finish up in Alaska, you should head back down the coast back to California again and hit some of the great state parks that we have. Our rotation each year includes Half Moon Bay State Beach, New Brighton State Beach, Sunset State Beach, and last year we added Henry Cowell State Park. These are best visited in the spring and fall but you must make reservations because they fill up fast.

  • Julio & Anna-Lisa

    Anna-Lisa and I live in Austin, TX. but have been visiting Stuart, FL.(~#9 on your map?) at least once a year for the past 5 or 6 years.

    It’s a quiet town in the middle of the Treasure Coast with quaint old neighborhoods in its small historic downtown. It is also coined as the “Sailfish Capital of the Word”.

    The beaches off Hutchinson Island are easy to access by car and very friendly (free parking!). It is not unusual to have miles of beach to oneself during the day.

    The thing we most enjoy are the long walks on the beach and admiring the beautiful seashells that adorn the seashore.

    Our favorite hangout place in Stuart is Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill. Their Smoked Salmon Benedict is delicious.

    The Elliot Museum on Hutchinson Island has the coolest and largest collection of Ford vintage cars I’ve ever seen.

    Just a few miles south, the Elliot Museum manages The House of Refuge, an old house dating back to the early 1900’s, run by the United States Lifesaving Service and designated as a haven for shipwrecked sailors and travelers along the then sparsely populated Atlantic coastline of Florida.

    If you have time to slow down a bit, visit Stuart, FL.

    Safe travels!

    Julio & Anna-Lisa

  • We’re in Key West until late March. It’s definitely your type of place! Look us up, or we’ll keep an eye out for you guys if you make it here. We’d love to meet up!

  • Lexie

    Happy 2015! LOVE your blog and Instgram page! My husband and I hope to transition to full time RVing within the next five years so thanks for being a great inspiration and sharing all the trials and tribulations of RVing.
    If you’re traveling on Tamiami Trail (west coast of FL) and heading through the Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda area (where I grew up but no longer live) and need anything, please stop at my dad’s RV lot (Skip Eppers RV Also there’s a great organic farm nearby for fresh veggies (
    Safe travels and looking forward to living vicariously through your posts 🙂

  • Luann Fogels

    Jason and Nikki,
    I have been following you for a few years and absolutely enjoy every post! I hear you will be coming to ALASKA summer 2015! I was wondering when you would make it up here. I would like to extend an invitation for you to park in our neighborhood for a few days. We live next to one of the crown jewels of Anchorage – Kincaid Park! You can go for a walk, run, or bike on the beautiful Kincaid trails right from our house! Take a look at Trip Advisor to see what others say about Kincaid Park.
    Hope that will entice you to stay with us! Luann

  • Roger and Julie

    Hi. We are in southwest Fl in our first rv. We will be leaving Fl in April and will make it to Alaska around July 15. We have no exact plans but we will be in SD in May and Yellowstone and glacier area in June. Our only deadline will be the Alaska ferry to Bellingham Washington in early Sept. When you’re in SW florida ( number 6 on your route?) stop by Goodland on a Sunday. Lots of music and fun. Enjoy !!!

  • Lorene

    We began our full time traveling on 12/29 this year. We are in the Gulf area. We were wandering around Grayton Beach today, Sunday, 1/4 around lunch time and saw your car. I have followed your blog since seeing you on TV buying you first rv. Love your blog. Looking forward to seeing your newest rv this spring. Safe travels. Lorene

  • Bruce P.

    Nikki and Jason,
    I have been watching your videos for a while know and was wondering if the flexible solar panels made a difference with anything. I was also wondering if you could show a short video of you guys driving Roy and when you guys drive the rv with the car on the back is it harder to drive. Sorry for all the questions but I just have on more and that is, does Roy seem underpowered when going through the mountains. By the way I love your videos.
    Thank you for your time and safe travels,
    Bruce P.

  • Hi Nikki and Jason,
    The dogs and I paid a quick trip to Tampa and found it too crowded and warm for us (one of the dogs being a chow cross), so we’ll be heading north on the same route you’re heading south. We’ll wave!
    One thing I want to know as I work my way back to BC Canada is more specific info on camping in national forests. Do you need a permit or do you just pull onto a forestry road and camp? If you need a permit, where do you get it from?
    I’ve been mainly staying in state campgrounds since we left in September but feeling more confident about trying some wild camping.
    Thanks for any info and happy travels.

  • I’m guessing that you just passed us if following I-10. We are at Azalea Acres, a campground off Exit 53 from I-10 as you head toward Pensacola. Safe travels!

  • Loggenrock

    Hi guys – enjoy reading about your travel adventures.

    So, planning on Alaska? Don’t fret not making reservations – when we visited the only advance reservation we made was for Denali National Park (it’s so hard to predict when you will actually arrive someplace when you are on the road for extended periods of time – so much can happen!!!). We reserved a campsite in the National Park about a week or so ahead of time once we got to Fairbanks

    The other time you may want to consider a reservation is over 4th of July – either be someplace 1st-come ahead of that weekend or get a reservation early. Alaskans are no different than the rest of us – they like to get out that weekend!!!

    Don’t rush to get to AK so much so that you hurry through Canada! We thoroughly enjoyed our time in the Yukon and BC. In Whitehorse the “Frantic Follies” are a must-see, as is Diamond-Tooth Gerties in Dawson City.

    The University of AK – Fairbanks, has a cool large animal research station where you can see and learn about musk ox, caribou, etc.

    The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in
    Girdwood is a great stop, as is the Alaska Native Heritage
    Cultural Center in Anchorage.

    A boat trip to Kenai Fjords National Park from Seward is a must-do, as is a visit to the Alaska Sealife Center there.

    Obviously these are not the typical stops for the caravans…!

    Take your time – there is so much to see and do! And yes, they have their own beer… check out the Alaskan Amber! ST

  • Deb from Illinois

    Can’t wait to see your new rig! My husband and I are spending a month camping along the gulf coast this March. I hope to get some great camping tips from you guys.

    Happy New Year!

  • Bruce P.

    Hey, Jason you guys should try Raystown Lake if you ever come back to Pennsylvania. Have fun in Florida!

  • Nadia and Chip

    Hi Guys,
    Plan on taking the leap into the rv lifestyle in 2015. Live here in Tampa and will attend the big rv show here jan 14 or 15. Got a feeling you also might be attending. Did I guess correctly? Counting on Nikki to help welcome my wife Nadia into the fold. She says she is just going along with my dream of traveling around the country but unless she becomes more enthusiastic I really don’t think it is fair to her. No pressure! lol Anywho, look forward to meeting youse guyz. Enjoy following ya’ll around this beautiful country. Thank you from the Cowans here in Tampa. Safe travels

      • Richard Hubert

        RE: The RV industry – they will change given enough of a push to do so. I agree that so many manufacturers just copy each other – what an incestuous club!

        However – there is hope with some. I really like Leisure Travel Vans as they seem to have better interior designs, higher quality and more innovative style that others. Too bad they do not do a class A, but their Class C sprinter models are killer.

        But there is also hope from people like you who are pushing the industry to change. I think it is great that you are working with Fleetwood because at least you have an “in” to provide ideas and feedback.

        I am more concerned with floorplans and layouts than color designs – as we discussed with you when we met at the Pomona RV show. We agreed that there is great need for designed in desk space since so many work on the road – or at least a need for a workspace to get on-line with their laptop.

        But keep pushing for change – the industry needs your prompting!

  • Jim Springfueld

    We live in St. Augustine and hope that you stop here for a few days. We have our own fort right in the middle of town.
    We can relate about grandma’s motorhome. We just remodel ours to a cabin style with some homemade furniture, twin beds ( which gave us a whole new space) and wood floors and we love it
    I will second St George Island. and add Myakka River State Park outside Sarasota.
    Be safe!

  • john

    Come join us for Cards Against Humanity in #61 tonight in Nola if you don’t want to brave the traffic in the quarter tonight haha

  • Bruce P.

    If you ever come back to Pennsylvania, try Raystown Lake.
    Bruce P.

  • Ruth

    I love following your adventures! We did a trip in reverse when we first retired at 55! I will watch with great interest how your trip to Alaska goes. We have been there but not in our RV. Happy 2015!

  • Hey guys! Hit us up when you get near Stuart, Fl (exit 101 off 95 on the east coast) We will be there till around april 11…then heading west again. I’m sure we can find you a place to park and you guys can come out and hear us play some tunes.

  • Sonny Hale

    Amazing! We are headed to the Keys starting Feb. 1 using the Gulf Coast route and the East Coast return. Then on to Whitefish, Montana where we meet up with two other couples with RVs on May 25, 2015 for the trek to Alaska. The return in September will be through Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest where we visit friends during the wine harvest along the Columbia River region. Here are some points of interest.
    Gulf Coast State Park outside Gulf Shores, Alabama
    The FloraBama is on the beach and straddles the state line.between Alabama and Florida. PARTY!!
    Navarre National Seashore drive between Pensacola and Navarre, FL
    Apalachacola Bay oysters
    St. George’s Island State Park.
    Cedar Key, FL
    Manatee Springs State Park

  • Doc

    Happy New Year Jason and Nikki! Are you planning to meet up with Sean and Louise (OurOdyssey/Vector)? They’re on Vector spending the Winter in Key West.

  • Jim

    Please take your time driving through south Mississippi, we have 26 miles of white sand beach between Pass Christian and Biloxi along Highway 90 south of I 10 by 5 to 8
    Miles. There are great restaurants, wonderful shopping and a few creative museums to visit for one the Walter Anderson Museum in Biloxi, known for the mad potter, Walter Anderson himself. We have some very challenging golf courses also. Have a wonderful 2015. Hope to hear you made a stop here in south Mississippi.

    • Thanks for the info Jim, unfortunately we left Dallas nearly 10 days late so our plans in MS got scrapped. Maybe next year 🙁

  • So happy we “found” the Wynns in 2014! As former backpackers, now old campers, we appreciate the tips – from travel spots to toilets.
    (Don’t ever for a minute think you’re “normal” folks doing this – you have great talent for communication – and the rest of us appreciate it!)
    While in NOLA, try the Who ‘Dat Cafe!
    See ya on youtube!

  • Mary Beth

    Florida is great. I do have a couple of suggestions: Fort De Soto Park – a 3 mile white sandy beach, name as one of America’s Top Beaches of 2009 near St. Petersburg. The other is on the east coast, Anastasia State Park, near St. Augustine (the oldest city in the U. S.)

    • Joseph

      I will second St. Augustine. I lived in St. Augustine from 64 to 68 as a child. My sister currently lives in St. Augustine Beach. The beaches at St. Augustine is reported to be the best overall beach in North America. And if you like to learn, there is a lot to dig into St. Augustine. 2015 is a special year as it is the 450th. I hear even the King of Spain will visit during the year. Let me know when you might be there as I would be happy to plan a weekend trip to visit.

  • You guys are just great. When my boyfriend told me he wanted to buy a bus and convert it to an RV I was like um, really? Shortly after, I discovered you guys, and your adventures make it something I’m looking forward to (well, as long as I can figure out a job situation).

    We live in Florida (Tampa) and would love to chat! The bus is getting a roof raise next month, and then we can finally start building out the inside. We’d love your input!

    We haven’t done a ton of camping here, but I have heard great things about Wekiva (I’m actually going to try to get in on NYE!) and then there’s good mountain biking (well, for Florida) at Alafia state park. Thononotasassa and Crooms are good places as well.

    Happy 2015!!

  • Will be interested to learn what issues/problems develop for your new coach after returning from Alaska. We didn’t want to drive our Class A to Alaska until just before we trade it in – for fear of damage that could occur up there. It’s gutsy of you to drive a new coach to Alaska.

  • Lori Green

    Happy New Year! I will be hanging on your every post as you are hitting some places that I will be cruising into in April. Have yet to brave the RV adventure, but the car will do for now. Thank you for the great videos. Can’t wait to see the new & improved versions with your new gear. Cheers!

  • Bruce

    Is your new rv going to be a class A?

    • Joseph

      Happy New year. What is this about a new RV. It seemed like only yesterday you moved into your current one. When are you going to tell us all the inputs and touches you contributed to this RV.

  • Dennis

    Here’s to 2015 – May your travels be safe, your adventures grand, and the Wynns be famous throughout the land! Here! Here! Cheers!

  • Angie

    We’re traveling to Florida in January too! Sadly, we only get to stay a week since we’re still living the stationary life. Perhaps we’ll be in Tampa or the Keys at the same time … We’d love to meet up if our paths cross. This is our first trip to Key Largo & we’re very excited!

      • Joseph

        Nikki, I too am traveling to the Tampa area for a long four day weekend 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th. There will be a Big RV show that weekend which I want to attend to see all the goodies. I’m still researching my first RV and felt this show would be a must for my research. Will the two of you be there. I hove tons of questions. Like, Class A vs 5th wheel.

  • Roberto

    Looking forward to the custom RV reveal. I hope you have another year of providing us with positive and entertaining videos of your fun travels! Happy New Year!

  • Eric

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We’ll be anxiously awaiting your new adventures in 2015. Feel free to swing by Houston on your way to ‘Nawrlins’ and drop off those solar chargers I won… I did win right? :-).

    Topic idea: Now that you are on your 3rd(?) RV what kind of value are you expecting/getting out of your trade-ins? Are you trading the old into the dealer or selling it on your own? What kind of depreciation are you seeing? Have you found a sweet spot for the best age to trade-in (i.e. is it best to sell before your coach gets 3 yrs old? 5 yrs?). Anything you’ve learned and would like to share regarding trading up would be interesting to us.

    We’ve had our Jayco for 3 months now and already thinking of what we’d like to trade up to.

    Enjoy your travels.

  • We are very happy with our LTV Unity 24TB – just got back from a week in Taos, Red River, Rio Grande Del Norte, and the Enchanted Circle in New Mexico.

    Hope your custom RV design works well for you.

  • Jennie

    We might be in Alaska the same time y’all are! Right now we’re shooting for spending at least all of August there. Maybe July too. We’ll see when we actually get to leave and how fast we can get up there from the Houston TX area!

  • Bananas Foster at Brennan’s in the French Quarter is still the hot tip for a dessert.

    And don’t knock back too many Hurricanes on New Year’s Eve – you’ll hate the way your head feels the next morning. (How do I know this? There was this New Orleans business trip back when I was helping to write the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard, and I had some extra time in a bar before my flight left…)

    When you get to Anchorage, enjoy a Chocolate Ancho-Chile Brownie at the Bear Tooth Grill. Here it is –

    Also spend a little time hiking the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail through town.

    North of Anchorage in Chugach State Park, check out the trail from the Eagle River Nature Center –

    The Mountain will most likely be socked in most of the time you’re anywhere near it, so photograph it when you can –

    You can also take a flightseeing trip from Talkeetna, but if it’s windy or overcast, you won’t be able to land on one of the glaciers around McKinley.

    In Denali, take at least a couple days of bus rides on the park road, one of them to Wonder Lake. That’s the only way you can get into the park most of the time (there’s a lottery for private cars to drive in on the last weekend of the season). If you have it, bring a 400mm or 500mm lens and tripod –,

    Drive to Seward, and after you’ve been out to Exit Glacier, take a cruise in Kenai Fjords National Park. Again, bring your big telephoto –

    You’ll pass the Kenai River on your way to Homer –

    On the ridge above Homer, you’ll see across to Kachemak Bay State Park and Grewingk Glacier –

    From Homer, you can take a water taxi to Seldovia, and across to Kachemak Bay State Park. On any of the trails there, you may see fresh bear scat (black bears, no griz), so hike as noisily as possible! –,

    There is a tall stack of what look like giant white donuts at the entrance to the Homer Spit – check it out whenever you pass, and you’ll likely see a bald eagle perched on top.

    Adventurous chefs are everywhere in Alaska – check out the restaurant scene whenever you can!

    P.S. Love your video – the cats are always a nice touch!

  • I would love to talk to someone in the RV industry about their design. We are very interested in seeing what your new MH will look like. When we had some problems with our new Winnebago Via we looked for something different, but didn’t like any of the interiors. I don’t know if our problems are typical, but they have resolved all but one. It looks like we will be going back to the factory where they will tear everything out and replace a defective floor. Needless to say, we are not happy to have this done in a brand new coach. Is it unreasonable to expect them to replace the coach? Since we are first time MH owners any advice would be helpful.
    Currently, we are enjoying Myrtle Beach State Park, then moving to Huntington Beach State Park, then to Florida. We didn’t do a reservation until just about a week ago when Little Manatee State Park suddenly had a week available. We have not traveled in Florida other than the panhandle. We liked Fort Pickens and Gulf State Park. Hope you stop in Pensecola at Joe Patti’s for fresh fish.

  • Elizabeth

    JASON (insert middle name) WYNN! You and Nikki make wonderful videos! How many times do I have to tell you? (Proper response is: blush, blush, “Yes, Mother.” sigh)
    You both do a great job and are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing. We have learned so much from you.

    Congratulations on a great year, Merry Christmas (I count the 12 days), and Happy New Year.
    NOLA is fun – one huge party. (I have heard that NOLA inspired the old song, “Whatever NOLA Wants, NOLA Gets”). You might try a Sazerac (a cocktail made with Rye whiskey) while you are there. The French Quarter is a must see but, be warned, it can get nuts. I enjoyed Sunday brunch at the Court of the Two Sisters and Pat O’Brien’s – but it has been a long time since I was there. I liked the walking tours, garden district, and the many house tours but I like old houses.
    We liked Key West a lot but were only there for one jam packed day – Hemingway’s house, Truman’s Little White House, and a museum with a lot to do about pirates. Key West used to be one of this nation’s wealthiest cities because of those pirates.
    Walking on the tundra in Alaska was great, I think it was August. Sit down on it and get up with blueberry stains.
    Please don’t loose your inspiration for your boon docking in Chicago piece.
    Thanks again for all you share. Sometime I think your emails have an “open me first” tag on them because that’s what we do. I am looking forward to hearing about your new equipment and very excited to see your new RV. Every time we are sure “this is THE one” we change out minds, but I figure we are getting closer and we are still months away from buying.

  • Hey Jason and Niki! We live in St Petersbug, FL. Lots to do here including the Dali Museum and several new brewpubs.

    We would love to meet you guys for dinner while you are in Florida…maybe dinner out at the 4th St Shrimp Store, a St Pete favorite!

  • Bruce G

    Montana! On your way to Alaska their are some awesome places to visit like Little Big Horn and the Sawtooth Mountains. While visiting Rushmore stop in and visit Crazy Horse Mountain and compare the differences. I’m Native American so these places have real meaning to me!

    We will be hitting the road full time in September with our new (to us) Dutch Star so I hope to run across you two on the journey sometime. We even bought a Smart car based upon what we have seen on “How not to tow” video from Jason!

  • Cheryl Kehl

    I’ll be visiting my sister in Naples for my annual getaway from Chicago in February-early March. We plan to do a two night stay in Mt. Dora, north of Naples. We are looking forward to antiquing and enjoying what we have heard is a quaint town with shopping and good eats. One to think about and Happy 2015, Wynns! Love your adventures and living them vicariously.


  • Hey! We’re in New Orleans celebrating our 39th anniversary. Having a great time. Slim pickings for camping due to the Sugar Bowl but have a good spot at ponchatrain landing. Check out Indian Pass Raw Bar east of St. Joe Peninsula SO if you get the chance. It’s one of a kind!
    Jim and Marie

  • Delaine Gabriel

    My husband and I stay at Wekiva Falls RV resort near Sanford,Fl. You would LOVE it! It’s on the Wekiva River, a lagoon runs thru the middle of the resort. It is OLD Florida with tons of palm trees. You can rent canoes and kayak’s, see bears, and other wildlife. It’s 10 minutes off Interstate-4 !! It would be great to meet you!!

  • Christine

    And we love to follow Niki’s hair styles! I might just have to cut mine short too!

  • Christine

    cant wait to see your new rig! You inspire us to travel. We are only 36 years old but we don’t want to wait until we are 55+ years old to start traveling and enjoy life!

  • Sebastian

    Following now for a couple of months and love your videos.
    We are traveling our Itasca with two horses in tow, so we are always in boon-docking parks. If you want to experience nature and Florida Jungle, just at your route – north of Tampa Withlacooche State Forest, Two mile prairie, only 3 campsites in the middle of the forest.

    And when you come through Fort Myers, come and stay for a night at our Ranch 3min right off 75, We are leaving in April for a 4 Months trip through the states and could need some hints 😛

    Happy 2015.

  • Can’t wait to see the interior you designed for the new rig. We agree with you that RV manufacturers have a lot of room for improvement with interior design.You were an inspiration helping us hit the road earlier this year. All the best for 2015.

  • Florida!! We are going there too. We’ll be at Sun’N’Fun in Sarasota. I highly recommend it! I’d love to see you there or at Myaaka State Park which is awesome! Have a wonderful time and let me know if we can cross paths!

    • Deb from Illinois

      We have been to Sun ‘N ‘Fun ten times. It is a great resort.

  • Hello 🙂

    You will love Florida this time of year! My husband and I have our RV parked on our friends lake front property in Winter Park. I have some great recommendations if you find yourself in the Orlando Area…

    Winter Park:
    -Cast and Larder (Great food and drinks)
    -Four Rivers (Great BBQ)
    -Park Ave (Just a stroll down the avenue and you can find great places to eat and drink)
    -Historic Boat Ride (A must)
    -Red Light Red Light ( a must stop place for great beer)

    College Park:
    -The Imperial (a furniture store turned into awesome bar at night)
    -The White Wolf Cafe (a great stop for brunch)

    Thornton Park:
    -Lake Eola (They have a great farmers market on Sundays)

    Downtown Orlando:
    -Courtesy Bar (a must stop for great cocktails!!)

    Would love to catch a drink if you find yourselves in one of these spots!

    -Troy and Tiffany Lano

  • Denis Gourdeau

    Visit Calgary, Alberta; Banff National Park, and Jasper National Park as you travel through western Canada on your way to Alaska. You will experience a great city and two extraordinary parks with the best Rocky Mountain scenery!

  • Stephanie

    I hope you are planning a little time in St. Augustine, FL. It is a great town with lots to see and do. My personal favs-walking St. George and Aviles Street and checking out the galleries and little shoppes. Try the Lightner Museum for lunch, Casa Monica hotel for a drink in the bar-great people watching especially on the weekends and for dinner, hmm lots of great options but think I would suggest The Floridian for dinner. Don’t forget to hit the beach, we have some lovely state parts between St. Augustine and Fernandina. Enjoy!

  • Marcia Jones Goynes

    Happy New Year! We love Nawlin’s! haaa Our son and his wife live there!! We just purchased out new Itasca Ellipse! Gad is it ever big and our first diesel! We hope to start out shortly after the first of the year. We are going to “do” some places in Fl, that’s where we live BTW, and then head towards AZ. Want to visit some of the places you have been while out there. You are very brave heading up into Alaska.

    Thanks for all of your chats and video’s. I never miss a one! Hugs, Marcia and Bryan.

    P.S. We tow a red jeep, you might just see us on the road!

  • Derek Wilkins

    Ok, if you get to Bradenton Beach and can’t find anything, head East to Lake Wales area to Lake Kissimmee State Park. VERY remote (from turn off of Camp Mack Road at Park Entrance, it’s 5 miles to Ranger Station).

    As well, HUGE, HUGE favor. When you get to Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, once you’re beyond Soldotna and are just south of Ninilchik, AK, start looking for Happy Valley, AK and Tim Avenue (believe the Ninilchick Airstrip is in Happy Valley)

    If you see Tim Avenue, I just purchased property a mile or so inland! Hoping to fly up next summer to actually see what I bought from State of Alaska.

    Once you’re in Florida, if you’re anywhere close, and it’s my day off, love to meet you two. Any plans on possibly attending the Florida RV Super Show in Tampa?

    Thanks, Derek

  • Paulette

    How do you finance these trips? I would love to be on the road but do not see a way to afford it. Any advice? Facebook: Pauletteelizabeth.

  • Wow, best wishes and safe travels for 2015. Love the cats 🙂

  • Jacqui Gress

    While in New Orleans, check out the Napoleon House bar and restaurant located in the French Quarter. It has a great antique local feel and has been there for decades! We will be visiting NO also next week! Maybe we can meet for lunch! We are the Florida folks that you emailed about boondocking…. Roy and Jacqui Gress!

  • Bill Risdon

    Jason/NIkki and company, we love your high energy videos. We, like you, are life long nomads currently living off of Banderas Bay in Mexico. We hope to be full time RVing by the end of 2015. Please, keep up the great work that you do. Just in passing, we have come to appreciate the high quality camera work of your videos. The new equipment seems to be a notch below. Just a thought.

    Bill/Dianne Risdon
    Yelapa, Jalisco; Mexico

  • It’s been awesome following you guys this year! We’re barely missing each other as we’re in Baytown, Texas right now (hometown). Hope you both have a wonderful New Year in NOLA! It’s a crazy place, but make sure and eat some beignets for Alyssa and I at Cafe du Monde’!

    Thanks for being an RV inspiration and maybe our paths will cross at some point in 2015!

  • Happy Holidays! Looks like will be in Grayton Beach the same time as you. Is that serendipity or what? You visited us in Placerville, CA right before we headed out fulltime, and we have been out on the road 6 months now and loving it! Perhaps we can have a little celebration in Grayton!

    ps. We had a hard time finding places in the Keys, but ended up staying at a cute little place called Knights Key on Marathon. #52, right on the ocean. Cute little tiki bar too.

  • Sally and Ben

    Excited for you both can’t wait to see the new RV I really hope they take the interior designs and make them so much better! Me and Ben have stayed at Fort Pickens National Park In Pensacola, some of their sites are small but their are two sloops. We really like the Park and the drive out their is sweet. They do have picture of sites, which is really nice when looking for a site. We stayed for 10 nights and at that time it was $20.00 a night plus a fee to enter the park area, I think it was $7.00 and good for seven days? There are other RV parks but more like $50 and up prices. We will be following your adventure and yes I hope the RV is ready in March, how exciting!

  • KathyP

    Happy New Year. If you’re near Key West the week of 6-10 May, it’s hosting the Country Music Songwriters Festival. Has been going on for a number of years. I know you’ve said you are not into country much (I think you did), but this is good old picking, jamming and fun. And some headline acts, too. It seems to get bigger each year.

  • Anne

    Happy New Year! Your plans for 2015 sound like fun waiting to happen 🙂 Thank you for allowing us to tag along virtually and experience your journey with you. More wine? Yes, please.

  • Liz Denham

    Happy holidays!!! You 2 have been such am inspiration to my husband and I. Were currently beginning our plans to renovate a mci bus to fit our family. We love the idea of having experiences instead of accumulating things. Not being stuck in one place. So as soon as we have our bus and some sort of way to earn money figured out we hope to begin our own adventure! Thanks for being so informative and showing people that there’s more than 1 way of life. Have fun in 2015!!!

  • Eileen

    We are at Topsail in the Panhandle. Then to Manatee Springs and Lake Griffin for the rest of January. Took up the half price offer Georgia State Parks had for February. Then back to Florida to catch a few spring training games.

  • Henry

    What direction will you be headed from Jacksonville?

  • Wow, what a great and aggressive route. Sad to see you aren’t staying in the Heartland, but hopefully you can detour in a bit!
    A little jewell in the south center of the state, 80 miles due south of Orlando, is Sebring, Florida – our home for the past 10 years, and is our official “residence” since becoming full timers (July 2014).
    We are most famous for the 12 hours of Sebring ( at the International Raceway, a 3 day event that brings in about 100,000 visitors to the county of less than 100,000! Pretty intense. Some famous movie stars also have been known to race here and one is coming back this year – but I forgot who it is as we don’t follow hollywood very well.
    The best year around venue is the Hammock State Park (
    And then just below Sebring, in the same county, is the sweet town of Lake Placid, named the prestigious 2012 Reader’s Digest ‘s “Most Interesting Town in America.” It is a town of awesome murals painted on huge buildings (and some AMAZING photo ops), well,better from the website:
    The town has two nicknames—”Town of Murals” and “The Caladium Capital of the World.” Lake Placid has more than 40 murals painted on buildings throughout the town,and 98 percent of the world’s caladium bulbs come from Lake Placid. The town has a clown college, all of which combine to make Lake Placid the MOST INTERESTING TOWN IN THE UNITED STATES FOR 2012 according to Readers Digest.”
    I’d love to see if we couldn’t roll out the red carpet for you two. We’ll be there from Jan 20 – Feb 19.

  • Frank Sandidge

    Hi Jason and Nikki.The new camera works great.We live in Margate Fl.,just west of Pompano and only 10 miles from Ft.Laud.if you are in the area we would love to have you over for dinner. Are you going to be at the Tampa RV show in Jan.? Frank and Sharon Sandidge

  • I know you prefer to stay “off the grid”, but here are a few places we have stayed and liked in Florida:
    Destin West RV Resort – Destin, FL
    Emerald Coast RV Resort – Panama City, FL
    Gulf Waters RV Resort – Fort Myers Beach, FL
    Everglades Isle – Everglades City, FL – 2nd time, here currently.
    CALUSA Campground and Marina – Key Largo, FL (7 weeks this Jan/Feb)
    Hope to see you this winter in Florida!

  • May your 2015 be everything you could hope for. It’s been a joy for my wife and I to discover your blog. Happy Holidays!

  • Wendi

    Great video! For your summer plans why don’t you try Ontario’s Algonquin Provincial Park – Lake of Two Rivers or Mew Lake, or Charleston Provincial Park (near Kitchener, Ontario), or even further North, Blue Lake Provincial Park. These are all awesome parks. Trees, trees and more trees. No snakes and if you are there in August tons of wild blueberries.

  • Michael Bolton

    Great video you two!! So you will LOVE Florida. Since you are going down the east coast stop in and see the Mermaids at Weeki Wachee Park just north of Tampa. You plan well cause the weather should be nice. Also stop in Everglades National Park when you get down south, watch out for the Gators. Be sure to have a slice of Key Lime Pie when you are their, some of the best in the world!! Have a GREAT 2015!!!!

  • Elizabeth Bookspan

    Excited you will be in Florida! We love Sarasota and Sun N Fun RV Resort They have a huge heated pool and Sarasota and the surrounding area offers lots to do. Cocoa Beach has Jetty Park Camping on the beach! You won’t find space in Key West, but you will in Homestead which is not far.

    Let us know where you’ll be and we’d love to meet you! Thank you for the inspiration to RV. We recently purchased a Holiday Rambler Admiral 32H class A and love it. And I don’t know why anyone would RV without a composting toilet – SOOO many reasons.

  • Mark Beresford

    Sounds a great year planned..Looking forward to a more modern looking RV…Great video..but the backing soundtrack was distracting…Have a great NewYear..

  • Barbara Heine

    Love your adventures, especially, when our rv is in winter storage here in Alabama. On your way through Al and Fl, you should stop and see/stay at Ft. Pickens just across the Pensacola, Fl bridge. Also don’t forget to see the Blue Angels and the Naval Air museum in Pensacola, if you haven’t seen it.
    Have a great year in your travels!!

  • Tom MacKay

    Happy new year to you kids. I have been following you guys for probably close to two years now and will be out on the road by Fall as a full time RVer and will use many of the things I have learned from you folks.

    Thanks for what you do and take care!

  • Charlene

    Cant wait to see your new RV…. and Cant wait to hear about your alaska adventures !!! Thats a dream of ours… Safe travels and happy New Years !! I Love your videos…

  • Blake

    It’s great to hear that you’re coming to Canada, specially western Canada. I was in Glacier National Park last year and it was beautiful. Banff is definitely a tourist town, but it has some great places. Jasper has an amazing viewing platform/deck that extends way over the rocks. I haven’t done it personally but everyone that has says it’s a great experience.

    If you have the time, come check out the Okanagan Valley in BC. I’ve lived here my entire life, and there’s tons to do no matter what time of the year it is. Okanagan and Kalamalka Lakes are beautiful and warm; even in May or June you can get out on a boat or paddle board. We have more than 100 wineries or distilleries to choose from, too. Some of the top wines in the world are grown in the Okanagan. You can stay in some provincial parks for a decent price, or find some land elsewhere for free.

    Also, check out the Sign Post Forest on your way up to Alaska and add in your own sign. The Liard Hot Springs four hours northwest of Fort Nelson are a must-see as well. Any time I’m anywhere in northern BC I make a point of going there. It’s a provincial campground, and from the campground you go on a wooden elevated pathway through the forest to the hot springs. You can choose how hot or cold you want it, just by how far up in the pool you sit. You won’t regret a stop there.

    I hope you get a chance to spend some time in British Columbia. It’s a beautiful place to explore.

  • Dave Schulz

    What manufacturer and model will your new RV be? Love your videos and glad you have another year on the road planned. Happy New Year!

  • If you are into long white sandy beaches you should stop in at St George Island State Park. It’s one of our favourite places.

    It looks like we are traveling the same route as you, only a few weeks ahead.

    We wish you luck getting a place to park in the Keys especially in February and March as it is Spring Break season. We got jambes up here last year.

    Safe and happy travels.

  • Laura

    Hi y’all, I love your blog!
    There used to be this crazy bar in the French Quarter called The Cave. I think it was near Pat O’s. You had to walk through a narrow path between two buildings to get to it and to get upstairs you had to climb up a ladder. If you can find it I thinks it would be worth a look.
    But Grayton Beach? You’ve got to go to The Red Bar!!
    Thanks for including us in on your adventures! I can hardly wait to see the next one and the new RV!!

  • Laura

    Hi Y’all love your blog!!
    There used to be this crazy bar down in the Quarter in NOLA called The Cave. You had to walk through a narrow passage between two buildings to get to it, seems like it was near Pat O’s. You also had to climb a ladder to get upstairs. If you can find it I think it would be worth a look!
    But Grayton Beach? You’ve got to go to The Red Bar!
    Can’t wait to see your next adventures and the new RV!
    Thanks for including us in on the fun!!

  • Bob Fisher

    I love your video’s. The new camera gave a sharp presentation. Looking forward to another year following you.

  • Our young family of 5 spent a month & a half about 10 minutes from Glacier National Park this summer on our 6500 mile trip & we’ve longed to get back. Maybe we’ll see you there when you show up in the spring/summer months. Definitely one of our favorite places in the U.S. My wife & I love following you guys.

  • Sue

    Sounds like a great route you have planned out.
    Try to stop in Tarpon springs on your way down the west side of Florida. Cute little greek town . Makes you feel like you are in Greece ! It was 15 years ago when I was there. Would love to see if it has changed. If you go there you may want to film it as it is so much like being in Greece. That is due to the sponge diving they do there.

  • Alaska is awesome! On your way you’ll either be taking the Alaska Hwy. from Dawson Creek, BC, or the Cassiar Hwy. North from Kitwanga, BC. Both have spectacular scenery. If you have time and will be up at the time we are there, we own a trapline on the east side of the Cassiar Hwy. just before you leave BC and enter the Yukon. If you want to stop by we can offer a place to park your RV and some grub! We plan to be there til mid June this spring.

  • Michelle

    Exit 191 in FL off I-75. Get off the interstate (it’s SO boring anyway!) and detour to Boca Grande. Beautiful beach, great artsy downtown area, historic inn (known for famous visitors) and the island is known for celebrity vacation home owners (you never know who you’ll run in to…Harrison Ford, Garth Brooks, Matt Damon, etc have been spotted there). The historic lighthouse at the end of the island is beautiful with awesome views.

  • Hey guys! I’m a (new) full-timer and in NOLA for New Years Eve! I’m traveling solo – so I opted for a concert (Better Than Ezra at Harrah’s)… I’m currently at Pelican RV Park ( but there might be nicer spots closer to French Quarter. 🙂 Happy to share info.

    Your videos have been a HUGE influence on me this year – Thank you!! Happy New Year!

  • Kathy

    You are going to love your Alaska road trip.

  • John

    Must sees? Stay at Grayton Beach State Park between Destin and Panama City, FL. It is right also around the corner from Seaside where they filmed the movie “The Truman Show”. It is also right next to my wife and I’s favorite beach restaurant “The Red Bar”.

  • Michelle

    So happy you’re visiting Florida. I’ve lived here 25 years and a word of caution. The state parks are busy, busy in the winter months. We’ve noticed a big change in the last year. We seem to be able to find spots for weekdays but not weekends. We too aren’t the type to plan. We used to just get in and go. Now, however, we make reservations. Sad but true! Can’t wait to hear about all your adventures in 2015.

  • Glenda

    Great video! I love following your adventures. Looking forward to seeing Alaska through your eyes.

  • Jeff

    You are inspirational! I’ve followed you at least the last year. In September my wife and I ordered an RV. We have never camped or RV’d before. Really looking forward to our adventure!

  • Jess

    Do you guys ever worry about someone breaking in your RV? That is one of my fears of hitting the road in a RV.

  • Valarie

    Awesome, can’t wait to see your design, we love our 2014.5 Thor Challenger, but would love to make a few changes. Happy holidays and safe travels

  • RAy

    Try the Hog’s Breath Saloon in the Fort Walton/ Destin Florida area great spot with spectacular white beaches nearby too:)

  • Greg and Laura Kuhn

    As with most folks who are still working, we watch and read with envy! Thanks for all the great ideas and inspiration. We plan to take the big Alaska trip so we will watch with anticipation

  • Great video, and sounds like a terrific plan for 2015. Can’t wait to see the new rig. It will be refreshing to see some new styling come along with perhaps some of us younger folks in mind. We will be following a somewhat similar path into Florida, perhaps our paths will cross at some point. Keep up the AWESOME work, your inspiration is a big part of what put us on the road for good back in September.

  • Gary

    You two are so inspirational , I will get my RV in the spring. Thank you for what you do living life at it’s fullness.


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