building a cruising tender


We’ve toured a big production catamaran factory and a couple of boutique yacht builders but today we’re getting an in-depth look at our first small boat workshop.  Specifically, a fiberglass/carbon fiber cruising tender made to last a lifetime.  Why?  Because we’re curious people and love learning how things we use are made!

As you may have guessed, we’re pretty impressed with this little dinghy.  There are some other really neat rigid tenders out there, but as far as size and weight go, the OC Tender is the only one we’ve found (so far) that ticks all our boxes.  But, we haven’t tried them all!  If you have a fave dinghy you think fits our criteria, we would love to hear about it.


Our new home is all about being self-reliant: rainwater capture, renewable energy, wind, and electric propulsion powered.  We want our dinghy to be more of the same.

  • Tender Size:  On Curiosity2, HH has built-in some super-strong carbon fiber dinghy davits than can hold up to an 11-foot tender with a max weight of 440lbs.
  • Desired Cruising Speed:  10-15 knots. I say cruising speed because with electric motors we don’t want to be at top speed all the time, that would tap our batteries out quickly.  Going at 50-75% will give us a lot more range.  But, knowing we have that burst of power for running against a strong current or getting out of the way of a larger vessel, is priceless.
  • Desired Range:  20 miles.  A normal day of dingy-ing around for us is anywhere between 10-20 miles (exploring, diving, grocery run).

Dinghy Testing We’ve Done So Far



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  • R Muthart

    Why are you naming the new boat Curiosity Squared? (Asking for a friend)

  • Dorene

    Hi there. I know your Monaco Vesta excursions are old. But is there a way to view some of your old posts in the coach? We bought a Monaco Vesta because of you.

    Thanks a bunch.

    • Curious Minion

      Sure! All of their older content is available. On the blog: navigate to the RV’in page or use the search bar at the bottom of each page to search for maybe “Monaco” to see what comes up. On the GWTW YouTube Channel, There’s an RV’in playlist with all the RV adventures, as well as a few other RV playlists and a search bar. Enjoy the Vesta!
      Curious Minion

  • Jeanette Brennan

    Fantastic tour!!! Terrific product! You’ll be safe as can be with one of their dinghies – and so light. Perfect! Safe travels back to the US. Looking forward to next week! 🌟🌈💖🙏✈️

  • mary van

    I love to see a small business (or idea) turn into really great ones! I love their story – even the sitting around naked part.

    It looks like they pour their heart into EVERY boat the manufacture. You know me, all about supporting the local small business. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you all in the USA!!!

  • Alan Solomon

    It seems quite the professional operation owned by people who care about their work.
    Best of luck with that tender.
    Happy trails,

  • Bill Berry

    I would think that this type of tender would lend itself well to the new Cat you are having built. The look with the large fender all the way around the tender and the design looks great and practical, but what do I know! Best wishes to you both thanks for sharing. ( Sailing Naked now that would be an interesting channel )

  • David

    Be sure to take a look at the Portland Pudgy. It’s probably better sorted for sailing than the very fiddle OC Tenders prototype you checked out, but it definitely won’t support go-fast motors which may be a concern for you. I think they do 3HP max, but that’s not a huge additional limitation when you want an electric outboard in your dinghy anyway.

  • Graham

    Although not a sailor I love watching your videos as they are so informative.
    A great tour, and what a grand company OC Dingy is, thanks for posting, but Nikki, did I notice you blush slightly at the end?????
    Take care both of you.

  • Norman Cook

    Niki : I would like to expose both you & OC to a spectrum of alternate materials for your foam bumper fabric covers!

  • Norman Cook

    Niki: you placed so much attention on the design
    Detail ! I am surprised you have yet to respond to my beseechment that you please contact me ,after 60 yrs
    Of Cat sailing, sailmaking ,Spar & hardware design as well as ,Professorship in Marine Materials and Boat building
    You have yet to tap into my offering of knowledge for your benifit ……life is a button race and I want yo ha d off my
    EXPERIENCE to you! Please contact me when you get to the states…..I will come to you if I must
    Norman Cook
    [email protected]
    1 401 218 5042
    Note I will be at The Annapolis Boat Show if that helps us get together

    • Mike Wilkshire

      Norman, you might not want to publish your number on a public forum like this. You never know who might try to use it for nefarious purposes.

  • Steve

    Of all the things I know and love about the two of you, you have opened another avenue of admiration. I respect everyone who sponsers you, because you you don’t just take their money, you put your name on their product, if only fleetingly. But during your Surfshark spiel today, you went out of your way to explain your Instagram problem had nothing to do with them. I know if I had a product, I would want someone of your integrity selling it. May all your dreams come true, and whatever money may be required to accomplish that come your way.

  • John S.

    After a factory tour like that it would be very easy to sign up for your own OC dinghy that afternoon.

  • Michael

    What an interesting tour of that shop (manufacturing plant?)! Enjoyed it immensely. The workers must gain a great deal of satisfaction as they build to custom specs for each and every vessel. I like how each item is well thought out and continues to be improved.

    Thanks for bringing that to us.


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