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Now that we’ve wrapped up our South Island road trip, it’s time to start diving into the new boat build.  CURIOSITY 2 is well underway and we have a big update with videos from the factory to share!

If you didn’t know we are buying a new boat, probably best to watch this video first:

If you already know and have been dying for an update…what are you waiting for, click play!





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Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Albert Kunst

    Have you checked on ceramic coating? I have it on my auto and it seems to seal the surface pores. And it lasts quite long. Dirt seems to just slide off.
    Just my two cents worth.

    I wish you much luck with your new wind ride boat.
    Al Kunst

  • Herb

    Gel coat, but stay away from dark colors as I’ve found they oxidize quickly. (Nikki, that fly in your hair was driving me nuts!) 😉

  • Alan Solomon

    Awesome boat but we all knew that before when you surprised and introduced us to the HH44. I was excited then and I have not forgotten. I am not a sailor and know minimal about cats, boats or sailing but many commentors say the gel coat. Gel coat is less expensive and will do the exact same job as paint or a wrap. Go with the gel coat,
    As you guessed, I am very excited for both of you even though it is approximately a year away. Keep living it up and enjoying yourselves while you can.
    Peace and Joy,

  • Kelley

    Will you sail back down to Australia after Indonesia? I can’t imagine you missing it!

  • Dennis

    What brand of battery did you go with? What charging system?

  • Tony Bennett

    HH 44 – Go the Gel Coat, more versatile, easy to repair, far more cost effective than either paint or wrap.
    Plus it wears well – bit of T.L.C. and a good polish – looks like new.
    Good Luck with your lovely boat.

  • Roger Cox

    This is a metarule for decision making. When the options are confusing and the data does not support a single solution among the options,

    IT DOES NOT MATTER MUCH. So don’t stress.

    Unless you have a strong personal bias. In the case of a strong personal bias, go with that. Other wise, for the different finish options, is there an expected lowest cost to own for 10 years? If there is little difference in 10 year ownership cost. It doesn’t matter. Just pick one.

    There is another metarule for decision making under high uncertainty. You never make a good decision, you only make decisions good over the years. I have seen so many examples of this in my past. Don’t stress some complex decisions. You will make them good over the years. It is an ongoing process even for things like buy a 44 or a 52. You make it good for you over the years.

  • Sandra & the 2 Spaniels

    I want to hear about the kitchen! What type of appliances, how they hold up in a salty environment, if you are still going with an induction cooktop, a convection oven, etc. A regular fridge or a built in type of cooler? Could they round the corners on the table, considering it’s a moving boat! Anything special/new that Nikki has discovered for floating kitchen?

  • Alan Morton

    Interesting to see the factory production process. In your layout are you going to stay with the well proven Nature’s Head composting toilet, or maybe install the newly released electric OGO?

  • Mike S

    You covered electronics briefly but not in detail. Question: are you going with HF/SSB (like ICOM IC M-710 or 803) or similar ?? Should that be the case then you should query the builders where the ground plate is going to be located along with termination type. Given the remote locations you are going you really need to have HF capability as opposed to just having Sat based phone/internet etc, Shit happens…and when it does in remote areas (speaking from Sth Pacific experience)
    You will be so so glad that you have the capability on board. Dyna plates are available and can be fiber glassed in so now’s the time when its being built. Plan B would be using either a ground strap from a tuner to the nearest bronze thru-hull (if you have one near the tuner) or some sort of radial system. An easy one which works very well is the KISS-SSB radial ground system. I’ve seen them installed on 36-44′ cats, and they work extremely well. That said, those while cheaper than the dyna plates this option requires more copper (we installed 3 radials of 1″ copper braid. No grounding, no bronze thru-hulls) it worked fine. Contrary to common belief, there’s absolutely no need to make contact with the water. The water is there to REFLECT the electro-magnetic waves from your antenna, not to ABSORB them as it will in just a few inches underwater. So…cover your ass and at least ask your builder about this detail.

  • Stephen Kenyon

    I wanted to edit my comment (but I couldn’t find the window to choose editing) to include my electronic choice to Garmin. I’m a retired corporate pilot and flight instructor as well as a yacht broker and sailor so I have been able to experience Garmin’s quality, features and innovation in both flying and sailing. It would be my choice by far. And FREE gelcoat, as long as it’s white and won’t show chalking and degradation as much as a color. And as far as a wrap goes maybe it would pay to talk with the O’Kelly’s who wrapped “Clarity”. I would guess that one of the coolest things about wrapping a boat is the affordability to change colors and to replace a fading gelcoat finish. So, take the free gelcoat in any color and refinish the boat with a wrap when the gelcoat is looking shabby.

  • Ed Grant

    Now That really gave me a better sense of the size of your new boat! Having those photo’s enabled me to see not only how it is going together but how much more room it will have over Curiosity I it will have. As for the hull choice, gelcoat would be my choice just because it does “come with the build”! You are already spending a ton of coins for this craft, so why add to that cost? The sugar scoops that move, Wow what a great idea! Having that bit of overnight security should let you sleep more sound as well as keep your following seas outside the hull! All in all I understand your excitement. Waiting must be so very hard for you because it sure makes me want more and sooner!

  • Stephen Kenyon

    Ask Seth Hynes about the staysail. I have to say it’s a must, must have. There’s nothing like being able to roll up the genoa, not only for safety but also to add longevity to the genoa when the staysail will provide the drive needed when the wind pipes up. I can only imagine the luxury of having 3 headsails ready to go when needed. A Code “0” on a furler is a game changer. Imagine not having to douse a spinnaker in a sock, what a luxury and a HUGE safety item keeping Jason off the bow. I think I’m just as excited as you are about your new HH44. When are you expecting it to launch?

    • Curious Minion

      Projected completion date is late June/early July 2023. How will we wait that long????
      Curious Minion

  • Denise Fonseca

    Generally an upgrade is a better product. Paint has come a long way and is what is used for our highway stripes! Then go one more step and blow some Potters TTB Beads onto a wet paint line to get a whole new reflective safety stripe!

  • Diane Marcel

    Wow, this all is so exciting to watch!
    First where are Jason’s eyebrows (they have this eyebrow tattoo stuff now…peels off after 20 mins and lasts for 3 daze)?
    Second, the molds are really neat and the carbon fiber the bomb.

    As an American living through the mono color movement of the gray tones, I see it as dated now.
    It seems too cool toned, and lacking life. Maybe that’s what we wanting to see a room
    as non living and not needing care or attention like so many other of our needy things.
    But the room does have a life and to capture that in fabric color and floor finishing shows
    an eclectic spirit. Like your sweet pillows from C1.

    Diane from Santa Cruz, CA

  • Hank

    Lover hearing about the boat!

  • Michel Richard

    I say you should go with gel coat, here is a hold say for yon the water front, if it is not broken don’t fix it !! and gel coat has since many years proven to be a reliable product around the world for boat any , other product may not have that is my humble opinion , you have enough other important decision to make for that boat electronic , sail , etc.. the gel coat one is the easy one leave the easy one aside 😂😂⛵️⛵️👍😎🌈🌴🌴

  • Dan McKenzie

    Gel Coat. About 20 years in the FRP industry starting with Owens Corning Fiberglas the leader and gel coat is proven and lasts.

  • Jim Lawton

    Great video. Hard decisions but so much fun to make. Just remember that the only time your boat will be perfect is before delivery.

  • Wylie

    Gel coat. Tried and true. Like you said, most durable, easiest to maintain and repair, etc, etc, etc. BTW. Gorgeous looking boat!!! You guys have come long way!

  • John S.

    By now you have probably made your decision (to go with the ‘free’ Gel coat?) but just in case you haven’t and are still seriously considering options I have a couple of questions:
    When researching wraps were you able to compare different thicknesses; a 5 mm versus 3mm wrap for example?
    The only wraps I have experience of is a 3M product I have on the front third of our toad. It is fantastic and even taking the RV on gravel roads the Jeep still looks new. The wrap has done its job with only two very small rock chip hit marks – the coating is still 100% intact. The wrap is tough and protects the car well but I wonder how it would work when you go smashing up against docks.

    Thanks for the update and including the video’s Paul sent over.

  • Jeanette Brennan

    I love your enthusiasm – stay excited and do what’s best for you two. Good luck! Fun adventures ahead! ✨⛵️💖

  • AlainCh2

    HHm, Yes … I’m interested.

    Make more videos, give us more details.
    Don’t be too tight, give us more… say … 3 videos per week???

    ( you asked – I answer )

  • John and Susan Hughes

    Remarkable progress. Such a fine build and a great tour! We have been so, so interested… edge of the seat watching, really! We are tied to the ranch or we would be on the water.

    Fair winds, and following seas….

  • Pete

    1.5 hours on electric motor drive (more with solar augmentation) isn’t much, but a step in the right direction. I still see quite a bit of diesel use in motor sailing conditions, or you are just going to have to deal with much slower speeds under those conditions. If that 1.5 hours is both motors, you can extend a bit by using one motor (which is what you guys typically did with Curiosity).

    It’s starting to get real and exciting. Happy for you both. Can’t wait for launch day.

  • Michael Barnhorst

    Over many years as a delivery captain and avid cruiser, I sailed many different boats. Every one had pluses and minuses, many of which are subjective. One thing that really jumped out at me with your new one was the dual aft helm stations. I expect that you will be very disappointed with the inferior forward visibility compared to what you are used to with Curiosity. And dual helms are a stupid waste of money for a cruising boat. They are for enhanced sail handling visibility, especially upwind, for racing boats. Likewise the daggerboards. Yes, they allow you to point a few more degrees higher upwind, but how often is that a significant factor in an offshore passage? You will rarely use them. An unnecessary expense. And crap viz.
    On the positive side, you could not have chosen a better cruising ground in which to get to know your new boat. 7000+ beautiful slands with abundant relatively protected sailing between. And some of the nicest people in the world. It would be easy to spend a year there. You will love it.

    • Curious Minion

      Their boat will not have daggerboards Nikki and Jason chose the OC (ocean cruising) version which has winglets. You can look at the differences in the 2 versions here:
      Curious Minion

  • mary van

    It is coming along beautifully! I know you both are excited to get in it and get back out on the water!


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