McRitchie Winery

McRitchie Winery: Off The Cuff

The Yadkin Valley of North Carolina is full of wineries but few have the “kick your shoes off and stay for a while” ambiance. After our first stop at McRitchie Winery and Ciderworks we knew we wanted to know more.  And you know us; we never go for just a typical tour.  We asked Sean (the owner/winemaker) to give us an off the cuff tour…thankfully he isn’t camera shy.

So, what did you think, are you ready to start your own small batch winery?  It all seems so cool doesn’t it!  As tasty as it is, I think I’ll stick to letting guys like Sean make the wine and we’ll stick to drinking it.

Have you been to the Yadkin Valley? What was your favorite wine or tasting experience?

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  • Mary. Van

    Nice video! I can’t believe that port will age for 22 years! That will be an expensive bottle I bet!


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