sailing and fear

In The Moment – Sailing, Service & Fear

We’re all about living in the moment.  Sadly, we live a lot faster than we can film, edit and publish.  Which means there is so much more we would like to share than we actually have the ability to make happen.

Right this minute it’s bananas around here!  We’re docked up at the marina for service and we have a laundry list of boat projects going on (and plenty of actual laundry too).  Tools are spread out everywhere, sweat is on everyone’s brow and dirty is our current normal.

In a shake things up effort, I decided to pick up the camera and challenge myself to shoot, edit and post an in-the-moment video before the end of the day (even if it is midnight).

Now before you ask, this was not a form of procrastination on my end of the boat projects. Or, maybe it was? Either way I accomplished something today we haven’t done before, so I’ll call this a win.

So, if you’re up late with me and feel like joining in on our crazy for a bit, hit the play button.  Jason gives a shout out to our helpful commenters and I address some of the “easy” and “fear” questions we keep getting.

Thanks for watching!!!

Ok, I know I said no negative comments but that was really for the random YouTube trolls out there.  You guys are constructive.  So, what did you think?  Should I hang up my proverbial mic and stay off the soap box?  Or, did I start a conversation you want to jump in on?  Let me know, we could incorporate a little more of this in-the-moment style between our more polished pieces.

Oh, and I want to leave you with one last thing, my all-time favorite “fear” quote from Hellen Keller.  For a woman that was deaf and blind her voice is still heard and she manged to see the world.  She blows my mind.

Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. God himself is not secure, having given man dominion over his works! Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold. Faith alone defends. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.

I filmed this video all on my own but Jason helped with the editing…because he is the man with the skills.

Equipment Used to Film This Video (I kept it simple):

See all of our camera/editing equipment and how we use it here:

Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

Comments (156)

  • Jenifer van der Sluis

    Nikki, I have to tell you that this was really one of my favorite videos.

    My husband and I had decided we were going to sell our home and move our family (us, 2 teenagers, 1 cat) aboard a catamaran. So we started searching for information and videos. We are watching your sailing videos in chronological order and are almost caught up with you. (I’m going through your blog posts chronologically now as well.)

    The wealth of information and entertainment in your sailing series has opened our eyes to realities we hadn’t considered while also cementing our decision to live aboard. But to me this video has been one of the most important. There are so many things we could let discourage us, but why? Why let negativity from other people be our guide? Why let fear win? Instead we are going to let our love for travel and our curiosity be our compass. Thank you for everything!

  • Bradley

    “What kind of man would live a life without daring? Is life so sweet that we should criticize men that seek adventure? Is there a better way to die?” — Charles Lindbergh

  • Manhattan Dave

    Nikki & Jason,
    I love watching all your escapades from RV’s to the new Cat on the water over the years.
    I have learned a lot from watching you two as real people doing what you love and it helps to satisfy my wonderlust moments.
    Keep posting when you can and be safe as you travel on the high seas.
    I look forward to your email notifications and blog so I can see what is new, but enjoy watching the older RV trips as reruns on my laptop.
    I will be watching as I prepare for the winter on the great lakes after returning from Key West, Florida today.

  • Kenneth


    Be proud of your ‘can do’ mentallity, yes you can is the message i’m getting.
    You thought of it, lived the journey, set your goals and achived them.

    Thank you for inspiring so many people, myself included.

  • Mark

    I’m late to the party on this great video, guys, – But here is what I have to say. It may be time to start doing teaser videos and leave the full videos somewhere locked away for Patreon crew. There I said it.

  • You guys are AMAZING and INSPIRE me everyday!!! Sooo appreciate all the time and energy you pour into sharing your adventures… I’ve always been a free spirit (dodging fear LOL!) and living thru all your posts gave me the push I needed to get out and live my dreams (I have LOTS of them AND I’m not getting any younger)… Purchased an RV Sept ’15 (Vintage but we LOVE it), moved into her (Dusty) full-time June ’16, finally getting rid of STUFF I though I couldn’t live without and doing final preparations so we can hit the road before the snow is upon us here in Canada!
    THANK YOU for all your tips and inspiration!!!
    Debra & Mike

    • Have fun and keep Dusty rolling away from that snow! Thank you for taking the time to say hello, it means a lot to us to hear such wonderful words.

  • Don and Virginia Jefferson

    As far as I am concerned you and Jason have the best u-tubes on the internet. We are retired, and tired, and aren’t able to get around like we use to. Through your u-tubes we are able to travel all over the place. Thank you for your wonderful service.


  • Kevin

    If you don’t step forward, how will you ever change your environment?
    Great job you guys!

  • Coasting with the Kennedys

    Wonderful, heartfelt update Nikki. We wish you and Jason all the best in your sailing adventures. Your bravery has inspired me to finally learn how to drive our 35′ RV instead of leaving it up to my hubby. 🙂

  • Nancy Barbosa

    Hello from Canada! I’ve been following your adventures for the last few years. You both have a great attitude and I really admire your willingness to learn new things and get your hands dirty. All the best to you both, and your adorable kitties!

  • John

    Hi guys, Love you guys for doing what you do.
    I have shopped as much on Amazon on your link to help buy the cold brews.
    Keep Happy.

  • PL

    “We do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard”
    -John F. Kennedy, Rice University, Sept. 12, 1962

  • PS thank you for the great quote from Helen Keller! It is absolutely perfect. 🙂

  • Sara Vinas

    Hi Nikki, loved this video. Said exactly the right thing. Easy is not he goal! And speaking of goals, my husband and I just returned from a sailing charter. We are keen to become certified sailors. Would you please send me Captain Jen’s contact info? Thank you and thank you for the great videos! Fair and following seas. We are weekenders in the Keys too. Definitely check out Marker 88 on Friday nights for some great live music with Dennis. 🙂

  • Mike

    Love this video!!! I tell people the exact same thing all of the time. Getting behind the wheel is one of the most dangerous things you can possibly do, and you do it every day without thinking! First comment from me on your videos but I have been keeping up with them. I have been in the Coast Guard for 17 years. I am now stationed down in Puerto Rico. If you guys make it down this way (which I highly recommend, PR, USVI, and the BVI are amazing sailing) please look me up! More than happy to help out with a PR port call, and give you some BVI tips as well. My wife and I are highly considering going the live aboard sailboat route after my CG career. We chartered a 43 leopard in the BVI about 4 years ago, and it was seriously the best vacation I have ever done. Also greatly appreciated that you guys are demonstrating the right way of going about boat ownership, with getting proper education! I look forward to more videos, and again if I can ever be of any help please let me know!

  • Stuart

    One of your best videos yet, from the heart. Loved it.

  • Ron Wise

    Thanks for sharing your adventure, can’t wait to see what the future holds for the two of you. Your transparency is very refreshing. The rope burn incident, you were way to hard on yourself.

  • Robert

    I want to thank the two of you. I sat in my sticks and stones home for years thinking about what it would be like to explore in an RV. It was your channel on youtube, and the channels of a so many other people like you that inspired me to live my dream. So I get your comments about fear, even if pushing my envelope just means vacations in an RV. After only a few months, I am so glad I did move on an RV. I think you, Love Your RV, Nomadic Fanatic, Chris and G, and RVGeeks all laid the foundation to get me to move on an RV, but Happily Houseless really pushed me into action. I bought a Winnebago View in April, and have put just over 6K miles on it since then, and it is fantastic. To all those thinking about it I say this, don’t wait. Do it now. Life is short. If you think it is for you, buy what you can and make the most out of it.

    Be safe. Push your limits, but not “past” your limits. 🙂

  • niels petersen

    You guys are awesome! I bumped into some of your RV videos while researching solar for our boat gypsycat, a Gemini 105Mc. A couple weeks ago after complaining about lack of AC on facebook a friend said, take a look at these guys solar/AC, it’s on a RV but they have now started sailing. I thought, The Wynns hmm I remember them. We bought our boat in 2012 and have spent ever since, getting her up to speed and doing the never ending tweaking that boats require. Thats why they become like a family member! Repairs and upgrades were slowed by family issues but we got back on track. Last year we snuck in 3 weekends before winter and this year we lived aboard for 16 days so far and sailed up and down the Chesapeake Bay, our longest sailing trip ever! The Gemini is our learner boat. She has been a teacher in sailing and fixing everything you can imagine from rebuilding the centerboards and engine to replacing all the windows and putting in new corian countertops! We as you have an itch for adventure and challenges (sailing definitely lives up to all of our challenge expectations!) This Oct we are upgrading to a larger boat and next July 1st we are officially going to embrace the world as our new playground and explore it with our 2 boys 6 & 8. When I look back at your RV days, the few very helpfull videos I watched, you were cute, professional and super on top of things. In the past week after watching all your sailing videos I feel I’ve got a peak into the real you! Your new family member has rubbed off some polish and your looking much more alive. I think you are going to have a blast because of your taking on the fears, challenges and all! Welcome to the cruising community. You will find, as we have with our short experience so far, that it’s full of awesome and helpfull people with a love for sharing their experience. Thank you for sharing yours with the rest of us!

  • Nikki B.

    Very inspiring! Thanks!

  • John & Donna MacLean

    In about 2 months (Oct 2017) my wife and I will be setting out on the first big leg of our RV adventure. We have both taken early retirement (her from teaching, me from defense). Since we first discovered “full-time rv’ing” as a lifestyle option, you two have been an inspiration, a wealth of knowledge and insight, and truly wonderful to watch and learn from. Are there times when we wonder or experience fear or doubt (me especially for some reason, even though I’ve been in some pretty nasty places in the world)? Yes, of course. But a wise grandfather once told me that his greatest regrets in life were the things he did not do. We have followed you for years, been long-time subscribers to your sites and thank you profusely for taking the time, energy and responsibility in the midst of your own daily adventurous life to share and inspire so many. I’ll sign off with one of my personal favourite quotes from William Shakespeare’s Julius Ceasar, which he could have penned specifically with the Wynns in mind…“There is a tide in the affairs of men
    Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
    Omitted, all the voyage of their life
    Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
    On such a full sea are we now afloat;
    And we must take the current when it serves,
    Or lose our ventures.”
    ― William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

    “Fair winds and following seas and long may your big jib draw!”

  • Teresa

    Darn, Mason H already posted one of my favorite quotes…and I’m sure you also have this one: Courage is not the absence of fear, but acting anyway. These quotes aren’t for the Wynns, obviously though…they don’t need them!

    Hmmm, I DID enjoy the video, as always, and love that you’re experimenting with a new form. But, honestly, FWIW, I’d rather you focus on what you’re doing and your philosophy of life than respond to fear comments and questions. No need to justify! You are your own justification. After all, you’re probably 20 years younger than I and you are two of my heroes!

    For another favorite quote along these lines, Google Theodore Roosevelt, “It is not the critic who counts, …but (the one) who is actually in the arena, …who knows great enthusiasms…”

    Sail on Wynns. And blessings on you!

  • Thanks Nikki, needed to hear this right about now. You guys are doing an incredible job, keep it up. Also, I’ve found that the root of most fear and insecurity is protection. Identify who or what you are protecting, let it truly go and you may find your mind clears. Best of luck weather and winds. ?

  • Mason Hawes

    I’m a huge fan!! I’m also a huge fan of Thoreau and deeply believe in his philosophy of “living deliberately”. I try to keep that mindset fresh every day. Good for you two, you are showing everyone what it is like to be deliberate in life and capitalizing on it.
    Mason H. Portland Oregon

    I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. I did not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear; nor did I wish to practise resignation, unless it was quite necessary. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, to live so sturdily and Spartan-like as to put to rout all that was not life, to cut a broad swath and shave close, to drive life into a corner, and reduce it to its lowest terms. Thoreau

  • Leslie Sharpe

    I love to follow along on your adventures, while I’m dreaming of my own next adventure. Thanks for taking the time to share!

  • Irene

    Well said Nikki! I don’t care whether you send updates daily, weekly or monthly – I’m always happy to hear/see them! You two are always willing to expand your horizons and you should always be applauded for your efforts. You tackle new projects with determination, knowledge prep, and a keen sense of adventure, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The work that’s progressing on the boat seems very much like building or remodeling a house; the customers who will be happy with the outcome are the ones who are flexible and can make decisions quickly. You two have those traits hands down and a whole lot more! Thanks for the continued updates whenever we get them!

  • David Thatcher

    Those of us who have been following the Two of you from the beginning (sorry the 4 of you, cats included) love your vedio’s. Blogging is a lot of work. You will always have the neigh sayers, I say don’t sweat it. We love your adventures, so keep chugging along and we look forwards to your next post. Cheers

  • I love your less polished videos as much as the polished ones. It’s all good. It was great that you talked about fear and insecurities. As you say, everyone has them…it is about how you deal with them. I think our culture has removed itself so much from reality and Nature, that so few people have the concept now that they have control over everything by staying in the bubble. Sadly, life seems to have become a video game for so many.

  • Deborah Kerr

    Hello from Ohio!! I enjoyed the walk through the marina with you Nikki – it looks beautiful there with the bright blue skies, palm trees, water, and all those sails!! I could just feel that ocean breeze…… 🙂

  • Kevin and Cheryl

    from a newbie couple (with a dog), also in FL, also figuring it out, and also with a leopard 43 owner version, we’re right there with you. it’s amazing fun, eh? hope to see you in the Bahamas.

    SV Kraken

  • Pat Griffin

    Enjoy you sharing your lives with us. We do a combination of RVing in our 5th wheel and boating in our 30 express cruiser. The fear that you talk about is very apparent for my wife when we use the boat but she feels more comfortable in the RV and has less fear. I keep trying to encourage her and hope to loosen up her fears. So keep the videos coming as I enjoy them very much. Your latest was great as it showed a little more of what is involved with owning a boat instead of all the fun stuff that non-boaters think only happen if you own a boat. They are a lot of work but worth the effort. Great job as usual.

  • Lo & Marie

    You two are truly inspiring! Love to watch and read your blog! You have helped us so much to learn about, well lets say, everything about RVing and we can’t wait to start our adventure! Keep up the amazing work!!

  • Robin Larrabee

    I read somewhere that “A bad attitude is like a flat tire. If you don’t change it, You’ll never go anywhere”!
    You two have a ‘Can do’ attitude and you meet your hurdles with a soup of enthusiasm, humor, grit, and transparency all peppered with a good amount of tenacity.
    Keep it up, ignore the chaff and continue to go confidently (even if it’s ‘ish’) in the direction of your dreams.You are living the life you imagined and that my friends is LIVING THE DREAM!
    p.s. If your dreams don’t scare you from time to time, THEY ARE’NT BIG ENOUGH!!
    Whoop whooop

  • Steve Brown

    Mary and I have been following your adventures for a couple years. We love your exciting lives. This random update was great. Thanks for taking time to do it.

  • Hey we are doing the same thing with our four kids we are in Fort Lauderdale as well and will be heading out in the next couple of days as well. Looks like you guys are over by Denison yacht sales

    Would love to talk with y’all. Let me know

  • Laurel Burkhardt

    Keep living the dream!

  • Kathy E

    Nikki & Jason – You’re all about living large (as in exciting, adventurous and active), so I’m glad you’re not letting small minds get in your way. Your time in service is hard and tedious, I’m sure, but you’re so wise to spend time working on the boat now and making it a part of your start-up boating education. It will undoubtably serve you well when things break at sea, as they always seem to. Thanks for sharing and keep having fun!

  • Andreas

    Very single time I am out sailing on our boat there’s a moment where I am seriously crapping myself. No exception. Frequently there’s a time where I am out there and asking myself why we’re doing this. And then you make it through, and you learn and you get better and you laugh about it. And then, you have great stories.

  • Don

    I spent nearly two years contemplating RV’ing while shopping for them online and in person and watching online content about the life and everything it entails. I recently retired, bought a travel trailer and tow vehicle and am planning my first trip. I’ve been a bit delayed because, just as I got started, the cat I lived with for 12 years and planned to travel with died suddenly. That was, of course, an emotional blow to deal with, but it also altered quite a bit of my planning and may eventually change how I travel. What I wanted to let you know, Nikki and Jason is that you have consistently been the two people I have looked to for inspiration and information for the time I’ve spent preparing. The inspiration was far less important to me than the information [I had my own inspiration] and what I repeatedly found was that Gone With the Wynns gave me the most useful information presented in a thorough, well-organized, well-intended, thoughtful and entertaining manner. From toilets to cat boxes to comparisons of gas and diesel Class A’s or boon-docking versus resorts, I long ago lost track of how many questions you answered and contemplative meanderings you stimulated. [Forty years ago, I looked into buying a live-aboard sailboat with a friend and rejected the idea (neither of us knew how to sail, either). Last week, I was looking into the sailing lessons available at the first place I’ll be dragging the trailer to…even though I still think I’ll NEVER live on a boat.] The way you two think through things, plan, execute and explain results makes sense to me and has been delivered at a very comfortable pace. You have helped me to develop the confidence to proceed with my own vision of a traveling life, and I appreciate it more than I can say. Now that I’m confronting the one hundred thirty two things I didn’t anticipate, I have some kindred sense of what it must feel like to be docked in Ft. Lauderdale trying to get ready to finally sail away. We’ll both be safely on our way soon enough. Thanks for all the help. I could have done it without you, but it would have been a lot harder and much less pleasant.

  • Joan Paucek

    What a great video. You guys are an inspiration to all. Your are right about the fear. It can hold you back. Keep the videos coming and the hell with FEAR, just go for it.

  • Kiliki

    Nikki! I am so excited for you guys! I’m enjoying coming along for the ride (digitally, anyway), and I so appreciate you guys sharing your journey with us and all the effort that involves. I love your enthusiasm for life and your passion.
    I am curious about your income being so closely tied to Internet access and how you have planned to have continued income while sailing.
    I like this style of video. Keep them coming!
    It’s all so exciting!

  • It is so nice to follow you. You are an example of how to really enjoy life. Those last weeks, months were buying boat, preparation, learning, etc. Very different of seing you traveling and sightseeing. Also remember the you did this process before with your rv’s. Hey, at the beginning you didn’t know how to instal things on the rv and then your guys were pros! You can do this and you are doing it. Can’t wait to see you travelling again. Then, we will envy you even more! 😉 I can imagine you both swimming in the Bahamas, wow! And by the way, about the pirating and other stuff.. this is like when you were parking in remote areas with you Rv and you had a chance to get rob. You got to go and live!! And I’m glad for both of you cause you are living it! (sorry for my english, my mother tongue is French)

  • Joe Allen

    Adventures are what they are, adventures! Nothing is without some risk and some type of fear. I congratulate you both on venturing out from your comfort zones and taking on a new challenge.
    Best of luck to you both! Looking forward to watching what is coming around the next corner!
    We are finally on our way to Alaska with our Class C. Next stop Yellowstone, NP!

  • richard chartier

    In my mid 30’s, I am 75 now and my wife and I lived on a sail boat in San Diego, ca. Yes its a lot of work, more than a motor home, which we have now, but my best memories were living on our boat and if i was not so old i would do it again. There will be times that you will be wondering what you are doing and think you should sell the boat and pursue another option. You will be scared at times while sailing and wishing you were on land, that is normal thinking. I am jealous of you two and wish it was me. Enjoy the life style, people and places. P.S Don’t worry about every thing being perfect…..

  • Love following your adventures and especially liked your “Fear” topic as we chose to throw our fears aside 3 years ago and went all in designing and bringing a product to market with NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE. Looking back now we ask ourselves why did we wait so long! When you choose FREEDOM over FEAR it opens up so many more possibilities and the people you meet and experiences you encounter are priceless.
    Book Recommendation to help you choose Freedom over Fear is – MOTIVATION MANIFESTO by Brendon Burchard

  • Randy Palmer

    We enjoy your videos and your adventures. You’re a fun couple. Best wishes.

  • Sharon Cornelius

    I think you guys are awesome. I am hoping to over come my fears in the near future and live out of the box with my husband, living on a sailboat and cruising the world. I love your videos, they give me the real story of making this live changing event. Please keep them coming. Blessing to you both and fair winds.

  • Dick Epler

    In today’s highly compartmentalized world, we have ‘experts’ for everything … and we’re constantly being advised to use them (our GDP depends on it!). Every product we buy has multiple warning labels advising us ‘don’t do this on your own; get qualified help.’ Of course, that doesn’t work with sailing where you’re limited to the number of crew (experts) you can support. And when you’re 800 miles from land, your options are reduced to what you can do on your own in the next few days/weeks.

    It wasn’t always that way. In my father’s time (born 1888), there were few experts. In another sense, however, everybody was an expert … an expert in making mistakes (for that’s the way you learn, right?). My father was able do things he had no previous experience with because he was truly an expert in making mistakes that were easy to correct and never catastrophic. In those days, most who survived to their 30’s were like that (of course, their training began at age 5).

    Jason and Nikki, you’re almost finished with the academic and boat familiarization phases. You’re almost ready for the ‘real-life experience’ phase. And experience is always the best teacher.

    So, for your sailing journeys, I wish for you fair winds and following seas, but for those occasional moments of panic, I wish for your first response to be ‘almost correct’ leading to easy recovery and another successful ‘lesson learned’ experience.

  • Margie Daniels

    You guys are so enjoyable. Keep it coming.
    PS…your in my old neighborhood! ! We docked behind Pier 66, at a private persons home. Miss those days.

  • Heather Scott

    You are so right about fear….I think so many people cannot do things because they are just paralysed by fear…go out and live your lives to the fullest…life is far too short not to do so!

  • Wayne Reeder

    Loved having a early report from you two, enjoy following my dreams through you. Please do more of the non production videos like this!
    It was apparent that someone or some people pushed your button on what y’all are doing with the minie rant that you gave about what & why you are doing what you are doing? (does that sound right?) Anyway Don’t let people discourage or take away the fun and excitement from you.
    Love you guys…

  • Rafael Estrada

    Great video Nikki, and love your positive attitude towards Life.

  • Great Job Nikki! Loved a little slice of your real life. Would love to see more snippets. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kathy

    Great Video!! There is a lot to fear these days but fear only keeps us – as you said – from doing things and enjoying life. I just went on my first solo camping trip…loved it and your right cars and highways are much more fearful and dangerous thank enjoying nature……Safe travels and Thank you!! Keep up the good work.

  • Joseph Brown

    Cool video series. I hope to be at a position where my wife and I can retire in about 12-14 years and our goal is to winter on a sailboat in Florida and summer back where our children are in a condo. I love all the day to day stuff you show.

  • Heather

    Great Video Nikki! If it hadn’t been for your adventurous Spirits, we probably would still be living in the suburbs dreaming of the open road instead of living full time in our RV. Facing our fears is an epic battle and you reminded us why it’s so important, getting outside of our comfort zones is where the magic happens. Always rooting for you guys, thanks for sharing!

  • William (Bill) Weaver

    Well said Nicki. Your comments about “Fear and Hard” are right on. I’ve been an educator for 40 years and was reminded of my students at exam time. You could see the fear in their eyes and they asked me if the exam was hard. I told them “if you know the answers, the questions are easy. If you don’t they are hard”. Do your homework, study, practice, and your confidence will grow and the problems will get “easy”. I’m glad to see that you are both getting your hands dirty and learning. Keep it up.

  • Shelly Sizemore

    Great video, Nikki. You and Jason are just awesome, I admire your ‘can do’ attitude!

  • Bernard Schaer

    Well done Nikki! I’ve lived that way for the last 30 years (my time in the US) and now I am on the island of Mallorca, Spain, tackling new challenges. Never a boring day. You are welcome here any day after successfully crossing the Atlantic from the Bahamas.

  • Richard Cross

    Somewhere I read that the earth is spinning at 1000 miles per hour! OMG! (madly grasping for trees and dirt)

    Nicki, I agree that you can’t live life free of fears. Life is meant to be lived with passion and adventure. For some that’s raising championship roses and hiking to distant remote locations to find wild flowers in situ. For others it’s using their own wits to voyage to far off lands. The former wouldn’t interest me, but to those it does, enjoy and excel!

    Life has risks. You minimize them as best you can with knowledge and experience, but you’ll never eliminate them. Some we don’t care to take. Others we seek as it’s part of our passion/adventure.

    You guys are doing exactly what you want/should be doing. Not what someone else would do, or thinks is prudent. You prepare yourselves to the extent that you feel is appropriate and then off you go. You are seeking professional input and advice. What someone else thinks you should do is “interesting… will consider it… thanks, but we’re happy doing xyz”.

    I’m following a blog of one couple who took off sailing with little experience. They even sunk the boat at one point (grounded while at anchor when the tide went out). But they continued on and are living their lives, their way, chock full of passion and adventure.

    Congrats on the sailing adventure. Enjoy the Keys, the Bahamas and beyond. oh… and make sure you read, reread and practice “storm sailing” just in case. With the knowledge you are seeking, your boat and your wits can get you through any adventure turning fears into accomplishments.

    You two really are incredible.

    Richard C.

  • Derek

    Listened to what you said and it did make sense, as I grow older I have become a “what if” person. I lived in Florida for seven years and miss the warmth the sunshine and the people. If its boating, flying, or taking on any new skill I remember being told – baby steps and that was good advice. So enjoy your adventure and putting smiles on many all the faces of those who watch even from cloudy Wales.

  • Nancy Fernandez

    Great video Nikki, raw and to the point. Keep moving forward in your own direction as it should be. Happy sails. Just be safe and wear your gloves 🙂

  • Michael Beal

    You two are amazing. I enjoy each and everyone of your posts, in the moment or edited. I have to say I was a little disappointed when you moved form RV to Sailboat, but that is only because I’m a fairly new motorhome owner and I learned so much from your post and your Alaska trip. But even if I never own a sailboat I will continue to follow you and watch your adventure. Thank you for sharing.

  • LynnF


    I think why some people have certain feelings regarding your new adventure is due to the fact that most successful sailors embark upon what you and Jason have, when they have years of experience, and even then there are no guarantees. The ocean is unforgiving in a way that breaking down on the side of a road will NEVER be. It not an issue of adventure or being challenged, it seems an unwise choice given the level of experience. Despite this, you two appear to be trying to live life on your own terms. Best of luck.

  • Sandra & the 2 Spaniels

    It’s your lives, and Jason & Nikki should do what they enjoy! Too much fear in this world now. If most people didn’t know the world was round, they would still be clinging to trees and dirt. (Apologies to Congressman Hank Johnson!) I think that your sailing videos are very exciting!

  • I found you two are year ago, researching composting toilets….yup. I have to say, I am more excited about this adventure you all are taking on, than I was about RV living. Oh my goodness, the THRILL!!!!! Just, THANK YOU, for LIVING LIFE! You are both inspirations as a couple, adventurers, and human beings. Very excited to see the next installment. As far as feedback goes, the polished sailing school videos are fantastic! Keep those coming! It’sounds also really nice to see more real time updates that allows us to keep up with you and see the true reality of your amazing adventure. Much love to you all!

  • Loved it keep the raw videos coming. U Guys are in! Have u thought about a live camera u could shoot it of the bow so we could see the view forward when its live. Think there was a r v that did that. Keep moving forward !
    Cheers Rob

  • Anna Futrell

    Love your videos. I just finished a good book by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander – Buy, Outfit and Sail….
    I’m looking at moving back onto a sailboat and you both have been keeping me inspired. I mention his book because he has solid info about what is important to spend money on vs what can wait. He is all about safely circumnavigating.
    Don’t let the drama nay Sayers get you down sailing is wonderful and magical and sometimes hard work but always with reward. And when you need a laugh watch the old movie Captain Ron, it’s priceless.

  • Marysia

    I followed your RV adventures for a while, learned a lot from your posts and videos, and was terribly dissapointed when you made decision to start sailing. While I continue enjoying your posts I do hope that one day you will return to the lifestyle more accessible to the average person (Obviously very few people will ever be able to buy a sailboat).

  • Hugh RJ

    Ah Ha….this is just great, keep em coming!
    Comments as requested:
    Boat lists….never done, if you finish, you never will leave, so get the important stuff done and set sail….its cheaper out there away from the boatyard and the marine store.
    Dirt dwellers, watch and learn and enjoy, this lifestyle and experience is what many dream of, and few ever do!
    So, make the most of it, you guys are so “lucky” to have the opportunity (but of course being lucky takes an awful lot of hard work!!).
    Easy??…well, sometimes its jolly difficult, but many times its almost beyond words how great it is…..remember that the initial slog to get everything together and underway is a bit tough, but keep the goal in mind, this life is so totally worth it…..In fact, it was worse for us dealing with “re-entry”….moving ashore and going back to “normal” whatever that is?…..e.g., a couple months after starting back at school, a little voice piped up from the back seat on the way home and asked, “how come every day is the same now”….that says it all.
    Fear of….??…well that comes with the territory, but it’s the same in real life, wherever one is, if one lets it take hold, so be it…..that’s one’s choice……but you are not choosing to partake in that party, and instead, are grabbing life by the horns and going for it…..and good on ya for letting us all live your life vicariously…so keep the videos and stories coming….makes life up here in big sky just a wee bit more complete!

  • Loved the more one on one feel of the video chat! Great job guys!

  • Jenny

    Awesome video! It’s cool to see the more spontaneous, raw videos like that so keep them coming. You know I think we all are living vicariously through you two. So if people say “what the if, what if, what if”, it is probably just our own fears coming out. Plus, of course we all worry about you two as well. We want you two to be safe.

    But you both rock and we all thank you for taking us along on your journey!


  • Debbie

    You are living my dream! I love following you in you in your preparations and have admiration and respect for your attention to detail and research! The sailing lessons and vernacular learning made me smile. Oh the memories of those first few times we just took overnight trips up the inter coastal and out to the ocean! I miss those days. They sure were fun! We are traveling to Miami and the keys at the end of next week. Road trip! I’ll be looking for you!

  • Meg

    Way to go girl! You can do anything you put your mind to ? So excited for you guys as you head out on this adventure. My hubby and I so enjoy watching your videos and reading your posts! In the words of Dr. Seuss – “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Persevere through it!!

  • al ciauri

    I look forward to your posts and the adventure you have gone on . Can’t wait for the new ones. Yes the unknown can be intimating but you guys rock . Keep each other warm at night and look forward for the next day . Blessing be with ya’ll . Al from McKinney , Texas

  • John

    This was a great video, and really inspiring. Thanks so much!

  • -brent

    Nikki, In the moment videos are fine. I have been a reader for about 1.5 years (when we got our 5iver toyhauler). You are cute of course so that helps with your videos ( temporary pause while my DW punches me in the arm), and you guys are adventurous. I think you mostly answered your own questions, but a decision to cast off the bowlines (mark Twain) does take some pondering. Enjoy the new adventure.

  • Ed

    Great video Nikki. I am coming up on retirement and have those fears of do I have enough saved. We have prepared for 65 years to get to this p[oint and I plan to just go for it.

    I have sailed nothing bigger than a 27 foor Hunter many years ago. I did do a day trip with my sister in law on there 85 footer. Just stayed in the harbor and it was tons of work tending the sails. She said when they sailed from Hawaii to Seattle that once the sails were set they went for days with just small correction. So happy sailing.


    Another great document from you guys. Thanks!

  • Norm

    Great video Nikki!!??

  • Wendy B

    Awesome video. More just about what you guys are doing and where you are in your adventure. I admire you guys on your journey and if Fear is what holds people back then they would never get anywhere. When we decided to give up a farm, 2 well paying jobs and go FT, I was scared to death, but I wanted to do it more than the fear. So we did and are never looking back.

  • Paul

    Wow, great video Nikki. I love all your videos but this one seemed the most human for me. My second favorite is the one you did when Jason had to fly out of town a few months ago. These are a refreshing change from the highly polished videos you normally film (but don’t stop making those. I love those as well.)

    The truth is, I’ve often considered moving onto a sailboat for a year or two with my family and I still think about it occasionally. I’m so very happy that you are going first and documenting the entire journey. It will make it easier for me to make a decision and if we decide to go that route, your experiences will be invaluable to us.

  • Pam

    Loved it and hope you do more “in the moments!”

  • Armando Novell

    Love the video sail on,keep posting

  • Steve Johnson

    The video was awesome. Never be afraid to live life to the fullest. Those who let fear run there lives will never have as much fun and will surely not have the impact on people the why the two of you have. Sailing is a life time desire that we have yet to enjoy. Keep learning and sharing.


  • Most people worry too much. Just do it. One step at a time. Have fun. Enjoy the moment. Laugh often.
    If you never make a mistake, you should probably raise the bar.

  • Hi Nikki & Jason!
    My sister has a sign hanging on her fridge. “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough!”
    Get out and go sailing for a few months or even a year. Then come back to Fl and finish outfitting. I’ll bet you will find that many things you thought were important are down low on the list.

  • Jobeth

    I thought the video was great! Of course, I love Jason’s professional videos, but this was well worth watching. Keep filming,editing, and throwing it out there for all to see. Job well done!

  • Richard Hubert

    Love your videos, as each is unique and proven by this one.
    As to fears Nikki – you are totally correct in that there are many different things to fear in life, whether it’s driving, or going to the doctor, or . . . just change in general, which I think is one of the biggest fears people have. Many fear change – but change is good! Over the last few months you have made tremendous changes in your lives – but that is what you wanted and you are working hard to manage it and make it into your next adventure – so more power to you!

    As another responder mentioned above – one of the biggest fears is moving out of your house and moving into a mobile lifestyle – and I know exactly what he is talking about. We just got our first RV – a 2005 that needs some work to get it to where we will full time in it. But it is scary after living in houses for 40 years to leave that level of security and going into something different. I find the best way to manage this change is to do exactly what you 2 are doing – focus on (1) repairing those things now that need to be addressed so they should not become problems later (2) performing all equipment maintenance now while you have the time and energy before hitting the road (or the open sea); and (3) doing some modifications that help make your new “vessel” yours. Just like you felt compelled to re-paint some cushions to make your boat more “yours”, we find there are a few changes we want to do now in our RV that will make us more comfortable on the road. And by doing all this – just as Jason is finding out – learning to maintain and repair your own gear helps you learn that you can cope with it. It all helps to reduce the “fear”.

    So ignore some of the worry-warts out there who seem to think that your new lifestyle will be like catching crab on “The Deadliest Catch” on the Bearing Sea. Change is good, change is invigorating, and it is necessary to achieve your goals. Keep it up!

  • Brian

    Go gettem Wynns. Thanksw for the video. Loved hearing from you as always. Which you could report daily on your adventures, but I know that’s impossible. Looking forward to more adventures from the Wynns and the waves.

  • T.K.

    Wow! Powerfully delivered message spoken from your heart. I’m sure you know our concerns are because we care about you, at least I hope you know……..(an occasional troll like Mark, notwithstanding). Like Richard Wynn, this video did a lot to calm my trepidation regarding your well-being and thank you for doing it.

    I have read about 500 responses and it seems everyone loves this basically unedited style as a “bonus” treat around mid-week. I know your free time is limited during this refit and learning curve, but at some point, if time allows, it would really help grow and retain your YouTube followers and patrons if you could make it a regular or semi-regular event.

    Best Wishes

  • I’m just going to add my voice to the choir… I loved it!

  • Thomas

    Thanks for the additional update. I too wonder how you guys are doing from time to time and was wishing for additional updates. Thanks for making the wish come true. All the best to you and your continuing adventure. 🙂

  • Well said and well lived! Don’t let the drama convince you two that you’re not on the right path, because you guys totally are. Transcending doubts and along with fears is what life is essentially about. We’re also in the midst of some major changes. (Yay!) Challenges and stressors abound at such times, but when the list gets longer those who want the rewards increase their focus and drive proportionally, separating the dreamers from the doers. Pushing boundaries is the only way to continue growing. So, my humble encouragement is simple, keep going! It won’t take long for the negative vibes to wash away once the wind starts to carry you across the seas. Distant lands await.

  • JD

    Great ‘spur of the moment’ video Nikki. I know how much work video production is and I’m always amazed at the fantastic job you guys do!!

    One of my favorite quotes by Donald Miller (A Million Miles in a Thousand Years) is “Fear is a manipulative emotion that can trick us into living a boring life.” Obviously risk mitigation is necessary and that’s exactly what you guys are doing – learning to sail, preparing your cat, etc. You are doing it right – don’t let the naysayers drag you down!!! 🙂

  • Marco

    Great video! Keep it up!

  • Ron & Jodie Ray

    Great job on the spontaneous video! Yes please make more of them . I must say as a retired Kodak cinematographer that you guys do a fine job shooting and editing your videos. First Class! This will make up for all the negative comments:
    You are Kind
    You are Smart
    You are a really Cute Couple
    Now get on that boat and show us what you are made of! We got your Back!
    Soon you two will be ” The Masters and Commanders of the Far Side of …..your Boat!
    You are Loved by World that is Following You!

  • Robert

    Nikki & Jason,

    I’m currently in the RV business. But my goal is to be out of it and into sailing. I already purchased my boat. Not as big as your boat but it needs a lot of work. Watching your videos gives me hope on living my dream. It’s just going a lot slower then I would like it to. Thanks for the motivation!

  • Anne

    Sorry, Ignore the earlier post with the wrong link. This is the link to the illustration by my former student that I have a pillow of in my airstream:

  • Lawrence

    Best video in many, tho not to say others have been bad. Besides Nikki, you’re way cuter than that guy who keeps hangin around, so I’m happy to see more of you.
    One couple I found on YouTube who talk cruising around the world remarked that the two scariest times in their entire sailing/circumnavigation adventure turned out to be exiting their home for the last time knowing they weren’t coming back for possibly years, and driving on a freeway after being at sea for months.

    I always thought I’d buy used when we got to it, but watching all the stuff that needs addressing because of a used boat has got me rethinking whether the initial cost of new is as dramatically more expensive then first seems. I’m beginning to feel I’m game to pay to spare some bother and the time involved. But and still, there is no better way to get to know your equipment.

    So yes, loved the video, loved your answers, and carry on.
    Warmest, LD

  • Anne

    I thought you might get a kick out of this illustration by one of my former students. I have it printed a pillow in my airstream.

  • Kellie Wenzel

    Great Video! I am glad you shared those questions and your answers. It is a great way to get to know you guys better! You should do that more often.

  • Terry

    Great “spontaneous” blog Nikki. I’ve spent time with the elderly and their common statement is; “I wish I had……”,
    “I should have….”, ” I regret I …..” ………. on and on.
    Your outlook is refreshing. Just DO IT !! ….. you may surprise yourself.
    Thanks for your adventures.

  • Curt

    Uncertainty does not equate to fear. Very few have been truly afraid. The quote should read, “Do something everyday of which you are uncertain.” Your video probably took care of that requisite for today.
    We’ll be in Tortola in late October.
    Keep to the reach.


  • You conveyed all this so beautifully. What things in life that are worth doing aren’t a challenge in some way? The rewards and downright FUN you’ll experience as a result of your hard work, determination and tackling of fear will continue to make your life a wonderful adventure. And what an inspiration for the rest of us.

    Just in case any trolls didn’t heed your request to keep negativity to themselves, we’re sending you DOUBLE LOVE today! This was a great update, Nik. Wonderful format. We love, love, love it. Okay, that was TRIPLE love, wasn’t it! Oh, what the hell. You deserve it, and we do miss you. 🙂

      • The video of you sailing Curiosity into Vancouver Harbour? 😛 Don’t worry… we’ll come find you at some point. Really.

  • ‘Way to go, Nikki. Live the life. Life is for living. And do it while you’re young. My wife and I are in our mid-seventies. We retired at age 60 and moved aboard our Willard 8-ton cutter. Travelled 15,500 miles aboard her before selling her and moving to land cruising with the first of three motor homes.
    Every step in the journey was a learning experience. Sometimes it was scary, sometimes we made embarrassing mistakes…but all the time we have been learning. We’ve lived aboard now for nine years and we roam this land, exploring, questioning, volunteering. We try to live cheaply and minimally. But we take care of ourselves and personalize our home to make it our’s.
    Roll on. Enjoy the journey. Remember, though, you need to be much more self sufficient aboard a boat in terms of maintaining and repairing it. Very few mechanics out there in the big blue world.

  • But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

  • NurseJudy63

    Nikki – I like the int the money videos. They make us feel like we are really there with you. You should have just enough “fear” to keep you from doing nothing really stupid and then throw caution to the wind & “live your dreams”. You have certainly inspired us to live ours!

  • Luc and Marie-José

    We hopped aboard a few weeks ago (still watching the backlog of videos) and just want to tell you that please, you should produce more of these quick impromptu videos. Hopefully they don’t take too much time away from all of your daily chores. It gives us a warm fuzzy feeling to see how you are fairing. (You guys are just awesome!) And we think that the emotions we are seeing are not “edited” or “polished” so you guys don’t come out as Barbie and Ken as sometimes we feel you are, watching the carefully edited versions.

    We have gone through some of what you guys are experiencing as we purchased a small 26 footer monohull sailboat 6 years ago so that we can sail it around our home near Montreal and even if what you are doing is many times harder that what we had to do, the anguish and uncertainties are there never the less.

    Following you guys is like reading a good book where you know that even if the characters are going through some good and bad adventures, that in the end everything will be okay.

    Godspeed Nikki and Jason.

  • Great message Nikki!!
    Totally agree with You. All the greatest achievements from mankind have been achieved by taking the chance. Success or Failure, either way you won’t know until You do!!
    The Boat looks Awesome! We are up in Maine and as of Spring will be enjoying the Maine Coast off shore and then cruise down to Florida in the Fall!!
    Looking forward to more and more!!
    Thank You!
    Jeff and Emily Miller

  • David Herrmann

    Great video. You are so right about pushing out of your comfort zone….that’s why I bought our RV. I am fighting the “Mr Planner” in me and letting go for a change. It has been a lot of fun watching you guys push those boundaries. Happy sailing!

  • Marcos

    You guys are the best, always keeping things in perspective.
    Keep up the great work. I am learning so much from you guys. If everything works as planned, in 3 and ½ years I will be starting my sailing journey!
    Lots of love and fair winds.

  • Daniel Martone

    Nikki, you truly ROCK! What you and Jason are doing is an inspiration to everyone. Living life to its fullest is not just a mantra, it is the responsibility of every free person. Laura and I gave up our French Quarter apartment last April and are now living full time on the road. We’re plan on going 70% boondocking… It is a challenge that excites us. We’re sure the two of you will meet every challenge with grace and humor and look forward to witnessing you successes (and even your failures… everything is a lesson).

  • John Lennie

    Just remember… Boats are designed to float. Be a fair weather sailor and avoid the scary stuff.
    Buy an over-sized anchor. You want to wake up where you went to sleep. Our first anchor actually bent in the middle of the night and then let loose. We woke up about a mile from where we anchored. Thank God there was nothing to hit and the wind was blowing off-shore. Our only other problem was also an anchoring problem in a storm. We now carry 3 anchors. Anchoring… the most important lesson.
    Many people live in fear and are anchored to their home. In our 40 years of sailing and RVing we’ve never had a problem with thieves or pirates… just avoid cities.
    Once you leave the States the culture is a little different. Sometimes people will borrow stuff if they need it desperately and you’re not on your boat. But, in all our years every borrowed was returned. And, you don’t mind helping people out of a jam because some day you might need to borrow something in an emergency. Remember, there are no stores where you’ll be going. Sailors support sailors.

  • Nathan

    I think this type of video is perfect. its real. its honest. its personal. Loved it! hope you do more like this.

  • Andrea T.

    I absolutely love your videos and following you and Jason on all of your adventures! You and Jason are delightful and always bring a smile to my face. I think this video may be one of my very favorites, although the one on the composting toilet was a ton of fun, very well presented, and answered every question I had about composting toilets. As far as how carefully planned your videos are or even the random spontaneous ones, the two of you are so delightful they are all a joy to watch!

  • Hey Nikki, I know you probably feel a need to explain yourself to a viewing audience. I get that. But you know, really and truly, there is no need to explain. I knew that the videos where a little bit hard to post these days because every time you guys post something, it’s related to learning and fixing etc… Very hard right now since you changed lives. And although I would not want to do what you are doing (for my husband and I the challenge would not be worth it because living on a boat is not in our plans), anyone who understands that when you are happy and passionate about a new adventure, you are willing to get out of your comfort zone. As for fear, I agree that no one should ever let their fear stop them from truly living their lives and I find in most cases if you educate yourself on things, it’s half the battle. We love watching your videos and can’t wait to see the beautiful spots and glorious sunset pics etc you guys will surely be seeing. Here’s to you and Jason having an excellent new adventure!

  • Awesome video but more than that; you guys are awesome. Many of your videos are instructive; others more entertaining. This was inspiring. WE all have fears but some let those fears control their lives. Well said. I enjoy your posts and will continue to share them.

  • Kia Gardner

    Nikki, loved the video. You guys are doing great and doing the right things in the right way. Just keep doing what you’re doing, keep it moving forward and keep your minds positively focused. You have the right energy and attitude to succeed at whatever it is you put your brilliant minds to…and you know this. Sending you positive, loving energy, always, from NYC!

  • Tammy Themel

    Hi Nikki,

    I really needed to see/hear your message today–so thank you very much for taking time to do a spontaneous video. There are many reasons I follow your vlog–entertainment, vicarious adventure, information; and the single most important reason for me to watch is that you guys help me challenge my complacency and fear. I have spent a lifetime basing my decisions on “safe” and “secure”; yet, sadly many of the outcomes have been neither. Fear ruled my life. I’m not ready to buy a sailboat–YET! I am ready to ask myself what my next challenge will be: a true challenge not the next safe step. Thank you for helping lots of us out in videoland question what is a well lived life, what is safe, and most importantly what do we want in life instead of what are we going to safely settle for. Keep on being you. Best wishes Tammy

  • Richard Wynn

    That was great. So many of the trepidations I thought about you answered. Keep up the good work and I cannot wait to see where your adventures take us!!

  • Nikki- great inspirational message. We need to challenge ourselves, especially as we get older and sometimes our fears stop us from us from having even a mini adventure. We are in our early sixties and sail/RV. Your videos keep us motivated to keep on exploring although we are doing it opposite to you as more RVing now. But watching you and Jason makes us want to have another cruise in Bahamas.

  • Elmo Harris

    I like it. Actually, I like it a lot and, at this stage of your adventure, prefer it over the perfectly edited stuff because it is real and in the moment. I think people want to live the moment with you no matter if it’s not perfect. Keep going!

  • Awesome video!!! Don’t ever think you have to justify living life to the fullest, you’ve both got this. I am an age group triathlete, doing my first Half Ironman Triathlon distance in September at the age of 62- am I scared?….. of course I am but the feeling of accomplishing and experiencing something entirely new and unknown is what makes us grow. As Bear Grylls says, “fortune always favours the brave”
    Now get busy, and continue enjoying your adventures.

  • Loved the video!

  • Dawn

    Nikki, thank you for directing me here; now understand the reasoning behind getting a catamaran. In all the time I’ve been watching your videos (a couple of years) I’ve never been to the blog. Also, I really liked this newest video as it touched on many of my thoughts I sort of rambled on about last night. I’ve only been sailing once in my life; on a sailboat, in the Chesapeake Bay with my aunt and one of her friends, when I was about 21 (I’m 50 now). It was one of the best, memorable, days of my life; so far. Since that day I’d always thought it would be amazing to have a boat and sail around the world, but my path in life has taken me away from the water and other amazing things have happened since then (got married, had kids, etc.) My husband and I plan on getting an RV within then next several years and becoming adventurers instead of homesteaders. Homesteading is very hard work and my back has decided it’s had enough, so the idea of camping full time is very appealing, but your videos have reawakened the memory of sailing and how amazing and peaceful that time was…Perhaps we’ll become sailors instead! Looking forward to the next video, thank you!

  • Jennifer Massett

    I loved this! It’s so true – if it was easy, why do it! I am excited for you guys and jealous. I do not have the cajones to go out and do this. I am one of those people who think if you haven’t sailed your whole life – you can’t do it. And obviously you guys are proving that is not true. Loved the in-moment update!

  • Ben

    I liked the unscripted, spur of the moment video. It highlighted the fact that it’s not all sailing and cocktails, but the same type of prep/maintenance/repair that we all go thru with our homes, our RVs, and our daily lives. I think this is a good method to address some questions or top of mind topics versus a full video or compilation video every so often. Your take on fear was spot on. We all need to embrace fear and do something that causes us fear because it builds confidence, esteem, and resilience. Thanks for sharing – I look forward to the next one!

  • The world is full of people who are afraid to do anything new, and they’d feel better better if no one else did anything new either. You guys got this and you are doing all the right things..Don’t worry about negative people. They are armchair experts and fearmongers.

  • Matt

    Amen to all that! Thanks for living a life that is entertaining and interesting from the outside (and for sharing a bit of it!)
    All the best as you two continue in your adventures

  • Nikki,
    Getting your own boat and sailing is, very simply, impossible.
    But that’s OK, because I have a theory about the Impossible.
    I believe everything mankind has ever done, or will ever do, was at one time or another considered impossible. And once we achieve the impossible, it very quickly becomes the norm.
    So, impossible is good. It means that either it hasn’t been done before, or ‘I haven’t done it before’. Doing the impossible expands us, it brings growth and life to an otherwise mundane existence.
    I would much rather fail attempting the impossible than succeed at doing the mundane.

    Love your videos, and even off-the-cuff ones like this totally rock!

    My impossible project, btw, is to design and build my own catamaran and sail from England to New Zealand. Who knows, maybe our paths will cross along the way.

  • Kim

    Love the new video!! It touches on the subjects I think about all the time just starting on the RV lifestyle. I have heard: you are giving up your home for an RV…Do you need money?…to Aren’t you afraid to go to new places with all this chaos going on in the world? I can relate to the “fear” factor in your video. My biggest fear right now is starting a blog and having ppl leave nasty/negative comments. You 2 have handled that with grace so that gives me inspiration. Thank you both and the best of luck!! Look forward to seeing your next installment!!

  • Sam in the Ozarks

    I really look forward to your adventure. I had never sailed until eighteen months ago. As a 70 year old widower, I bought a 25′ sailboat and fixed it up and sailed it. This year. I sold it and bought a better sailboat and have been sailing it. I’m not the best sailor but I’m learning and staying busy. It beats setting in a recliner and watching TV. Just go for it.

  • lynda miller

    Thanks for that video. I needed it. You and Jason rock!

  • Mike

    Very good video. Spur of the moment is always good. Think back to when you started out in the R.V., a lot of the same questions and insecurities you had then you have now. The two of you are PROVEN winners. I say this because look how far you have come. Fear I don’t think either one of you have in your vocabulary!! Common sense, know your surroundings and time, that’s all you need. Six months from now you will look back and say, what us worry, nah. Just relax, take a deep breath and enjoy. What’s the rush?? Remember sailing is just working on boats in, “exotic” places. Sunny days and fair winds ahead…………Mike

  • Rod Reichardt

    People die in bed every day. Better to die doing something interesting. RVing is dangerous to some degree. Boating may be safer up to a point. You guys have good equipment and are in the process of getting quality training. You have a stable and safe boat. I don’t know if people arm themselves against pirates these days but it might be helpful to research all that. If you ever do need someone to ride shotgun with you feel free to email me. You guys are smart people making informed decisions with lots of information. I don’t see a safer way to do what you are doing. Maybe if you hired an instructor for 2-3 months but that seems excessive. You’re both capable people. I believe that you will b prepared for anything you’re likely to run into.

  • Greg Ellis

    I loved the update and commentary, thank you. I like both type of videos, the beautifully script and edited videos and the impromptu video with you discussing thoughts and feeling about comments. It would be great to get a mixture of both types of videos, if that is possible. I am truly looking forward to seeing where this new adventure take you guys.

  • Mike Duncan

    I love to watch your videos & this impromptu one is great. You are so natural in front of the camera & I’m sure that you achieved this with lots of practice. And that’s how you will be with your sailing adventures. I know you two will never be afflicted with boredom. Keep pressing on, but make sure you take some “relax” time.

  • Hi you all justwant to say I thank face you don’t face your fears you’re not learn anything is a bold move to go from RV to sailing which I highly recommend you guys it’s good to see that you’re not afraid of challenges Lord knows you’re going to face a lot more and just learned how to sail but out on the open ocean that’s where you’ll be tested the most that being all set I wish I was able to do the same as you guys are doing now I worked all my life for 47 years to have to take an early retirement due to injuries at the job site what sucks but enough about that you guys in an expired me to want to get to buy an RV and start traveling the country this is soon as I get the rest of my surgeries out of the way I’m doing just that I’ve been a lot of places in my life done a lot of things the most thing I like is being in the outdoors and I love camping and I got one really good question for you if you were buying your first RV what would you be looking at because I cherish your opinions and your experiences and RV a lot like you I do not like RV parks are crowded location I’m kind of an old person if you just want to say that but I’ve been watching your guyses YouTube channel for two or three years now and just tell you the truth I like it alot you all have a good positive outlook and not afraid to take chances and that’s a quality or where people have these days just like you said they all want to stay secure in her own little bubble that’s not me so save this to you if you can get back to me I know you guys are busy and help but if you get a chance to read it I definitely appreciate it you guys have a good time out of his seat and made the wind blowing here sales as you explore your new style and life

    • Patrice and Kirk Wilde

      Hey Jeffery, it would be easier for Nikki and Jason to give you an idea if they know what your budget is. You can’t lose with any of the top three manufacturers: Tiffin, Entegra or Newmar. Nikki and Jason had a Thor and may be inclined to prefer that manufacturer. Gas is cheaper than diesel. I’d be happy to help you with the benefit of all the research we did when we were looking for a coach two years ago. We ended up with a Tiffin and we are very happy with it.

  • Rex J

    I’m guessing many other Patreons would agree that this is why we love and support you guys. It’s not a “we went there and did this” video, it’s much, much more. Well done.

  • Rosalind Biggs

    More please! Anything from you two and your crew is deeply appreciated and enjoyed. To be able to follow you following your dream is a wonderful thing and I can’t get enough! Lind

  • Pam

    I love this. Good idea. I love how passionate you are about you controlling fear. I am not very adventurous now in my life but you are giving me a little more backbone and maybe I can do a little better in facing my fears. Thanks guru Nikki!

  • Spinner


  • I liked your impromptu, in the moment update. I thought it was a fresh approach, and a nice compliment to your usual more scripted style. For me, I don’t think of sailing as “hard” or “easy.” It’s more about total mind/body coordination. What is the difference between swimming and drowning? Mind/body coordination. And when you hit it just right, there is nothing hard about it…it just all fits together. It’s fun to watch you guys getting there.


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