Rebate-Do Not Purchase a Monaco RV without this Discount

Thinking about buying a new Motorhome? Want a discount up to $3,500 off the negotiated price? You’re in luck! Put your email address in the ‘subscribe to our VLOG’ on the right and download this Monaco RV rebate form! What are you waiting for, do it now.

monaco vesta at grand teton

We’ve truly enjoyed owning our 2011 Monaco Vesta, and if you’ve been following us you’ve seen some of our adventures in our motorhome. We hope our videos will inspire you to ‘go outside and play’; so sit down, spend a few minutes on our website, then hit the road!  If a Monaco Motorhome isn’t what you are looking for, that’s OK any RV is great as long as you travel in it!  If you have any questions about RV’ing please don’t hesitate to ask.  We just want you as our neighbor whether it’s in a tent, a camper van or a Monaco Vesta.

*****06/2012 UPDATE – The Discount is being DEACTIVATED!  The hyperlink to the discount has been removed.  Due to circumstances between Monaco and Gone With the Wynn’s this offer has been removed.  If you’re considering purchasing a new Monaco RV we can honestly tell you they make a great product.  Nikki and I have personally met a majority of the Monaco team in Coburg, Oregon.  Unfortunately things have changed over the past several months as Monaco has moved HQ to Indiana.  We are not getting the same support from the new team as we did from the old team.  We will be traveling to the new HQ late this summer, so we’ll see if we can muster up any new relationships.  Till then…..

*****05/2012 UPDATE – Monaco recently moved their HQ from Oregon to Indiana.  There are new people in almost every position and they are no longer honoring our original agreement with Monaco.  The director of marketing has a major case of NMI (Not My Idea) and is refusing to return our calls or emails.  At this time we’re deactivating the link for the discount as we don’t know the status of Monaco, the marketing team, and our relationship with the company.

Naturally Monaco loves what we’ve been up to, and their offering a special deal for those who subscribe to our VLOG. Don’t know what a VLOG is? Well it’s what you’re on right now, a Video (and text) Blog.  Normally, we don’t like pushing products but on the flip side, we do like giving away free stuff!

So here’s the skinny:
1. Follow our VLOG (because it’s cool and RV friendly)
2. Find your local Monaco Dealer
3. Pick out a Monaco Coach off the lot
4. Negotiate the price to as low as they’ll go
5. AFTER you negotiate a price give them this document
6. As part of your down payment Monaco will pay the dealer the amount listed for your qualifying coach
7. Use the free money towards installing Solar Panels, LED lights, or just keep it in the bank for fuel
8. Post a comment on the blog below that says how much you love us for the free money

The money is not a rebate, it’s a discount off your down payment, so there is no waiting for the money to come in the mail. Cool huh?

The discount applies to all Monaco Class A Motorhomes listed:
$1,000 discount when you purchase any Class A Gas motorhome
$1,000 discount when you purchase a Vesta
$2,000 discount when you purchase a Diplomat, Knight, or Cayman
$3,500 discount when you purchase a Camelot or Dynasty

Remember to print this form BEFORE you sign the papers to purchase your new Monaco Motorhome, this offer is not retroactive on previous purchases. Sorry guys. Make sure you read the “fine print”, don’t want you to miss out this Monaco Discount.  Once you get on the road check back with us for cool places to visit. Safe Travels.

Famous for my "how-not-to" videos, and typically the man behind the camera, sometimes I’m forced to be here in the “spotlight”. When you see my face you’re probably reading something more technical than adventurous, but either way I do my best to tell it like it is and infuse my opinions into the commentary…after all this is a blog and not MSN.

Comments (13)

  • Charles Stronconi

    I was seriously considering purchasing a Monaco Vesta, but after reading about how Monaco has changed since the move
    from Oregon. I’ll be looking seriously at a Tiffin motorhome.

  • Collin

    I had never heard of Monaco until I ran across your adventures. I really enjoyed your tour of the factory and watching your coach being built. I did a lot of research on them and was thoroughly convinced that this was the coach for “us”. I went to show my wife the website this morning and saw this entry about your experience with them. Now I am reconsidering as there is nothing I value more than excellent customer support and service. =/

  • Nancy, thanks so much for the kind comment. No matter what happens between and Monaco I completely stand behind my recommendation. Although Monaco has not supported us in the manner we expected, we still feel the Vesta is the best 32’ RV on the market. Please feel free to email anytime.

  • Nanci Hept

    We are sorry we missed the discount, but “Gone with the Wynns” sold us anyway. We did a LOT of RV research, reviewing, evalaluating and speaking with salesmen that all seemed to have conflicting information. But when we read the information on Gone With the Wynns web pages we knew we had our answer. We found a lot of other choices in the 32 to 36 ft sizes of RV that seemed good, but the Wynns helped us make the decision for a Monaco product. Their information was straight forward and useful in our decision process..and we appreciated their willingness to talk with us and answer questions.

    This simplified our selection process and allowed us to narrow our search. We purchased our 32′ and it meets all of our selection criteria. Without the Wynns information we would have likely made a different choice.
    I hope Monaco knows the value their good customers bring.

    We are thrilled with our new motorcoach! Maybe we’ll be fortunate to meet the Wynns on the road someday… The honor will be ours.

  • mary van

    Sorry, I have own a company and what a stupid move on their end! That is a pretty small discount for Monaco considering the price of an RV. What are they thinking? And not to honor a cupon that still valid date? Sinking their own ship or something like that.

  • Discount is NO LONGER VALID. I spoke with the head of marketing today and since Monaco is no longer supporting Gone With the Wynn’s we decided to remove the discount. Sorry for any trouble this may have caused you in your new Monaco RV purchase.

  • Hello Everyone, received this message today from the head of marketing at Monaco: “Yes, we will honor the discount. I believe that the emails from last year indicated that we would honor through 2012.”
    So if you’re planning to purchase a new Monaco RV in the near future email me so I can make sure you’ll get the discount (please give me 2 weeks minimum heads up).

  • Daren

    Jason, I appreciate everything you have tried to help me with getting this discount. Folks we bought our new Monaco RV early 2012 and La Mesa RV in Davis would not honor the rebate, stating that it was “Expired”! Hardly, because it says it was good till December 2012. Needless to say Jason has been helping me try to get this rebate through Monaco and they have given both he and I the runaround and have not made good on this. Its really sad that such a reputable company would do this to its customers. I really hope that they come through but for now it looks like a lost cause.

  • Richard Clark

    This absolutely stinks on ice. I had printed out my coupon and was heading in to buy a new monaco vesta based upon your blog ….instead of a used Itasca this weekend. Jason, you can inform your contact at Monaco that you know of at least one deal their new marketing idea has cost them. I will share this with the other people in our travel club

  • salvador Lancaster

    thank’s guys this is great info, i am in the process of purschasing a new vesta 36 ft and any savings are welcome



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