2011 Monaco Vesta RV For Sale

RV For Sale: 2011 Monaco Vesta 32 foot PBS Motorhome

06/2014 – We’re happy and sad to say our Windy sold early this month. We didn’t get what we wanted for her but at least she has a new home with a nice German man who is excited to hit the road. He’s considering keeping a blog so the story of our Windy can live on during his travels!

We have listed our much loved Windy for Sale on RV Trader, you can get the VIN # and all the other details on the listing page:

If you want to know why we are selling our beloved Windy, you can read all about it in our Dear Windy letter.

monaco vesta for sale

You all know our Windy, she is a 2011 Monaco Vesta 32 foot PBS model (if you don’t know her check out the Windy the RV Page for extra photos and videos).  She’s 32,000 miles young and just hitting her stride.  She has been a fantastic coach and most definitely unlike any other coach on the road.

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Upgrades to our Vesta from the factory that you won’t find on any other Vesta

  • Solar – We installed a 480 watt GoPower! Solar Extreme Kit with 3000 watt Pure Sine Wave inverter, High Output battery charger, and additional outlets wired for use while Boondocking with the inverter (the Vesta comes standard with only 1 outlet live in the kitchen, we have outlets live throughout the RV).  Installed 06/2013.  $7000 value ($4000 solar kit / $3000 install)
  • All LED interior lighting
  • Custom Desk with Drawer built to match from factory
  • Secondary Water Filter at Kitchen Faucet and Ice Maker line
  • Smart RV GPS security and Tracking installed and activated
  • Towing connections for electric and air brake
  • Update Engine Codes to increase Horsepower from 260 hp to 300 hp and puts out 660 lbs/ft of torque (2011 models only have 260hp, ours is the only one with the upgrade)
  • Oxygenics Evolution Low Flow, High Output Shower Head
  • Updated window valances with a nice neutral fabric vs. the black and gold swirls that came original
  • Upgraded memory foam mattress in bedroom

Factory Installed Upgrades

  • 10 Gallon Electric/Propane water heater
  • Integrated Garmin GPS Navigation with Dock
  • 19″ LCD TV in Bedroom
  • Samsung Home Theater System
  • MCD Blackout Day/Night Shades throughout
  • Dual 13.5M BTU Air Conditioners with Heat Pump

All other options are factory standard for the 2011 Monaco Vesta 32 PBS, you can find all the factory specs here: 2011 Monaco Vesta Brochure

How much is she?

Our asking price is $114,999 or better offer.  MSRP on a new 2011/2012 Monaco Vesta started at $226,500, so it’s a pretty good deal for being only 3 years young.  With the upgrades and Off the Cord enhancements our Vesta, it’s one hellva deal!
Please leave a comment if you’re interested in purchasing Windy, she needs a loving family to take care of her…who knows maybe even another blogger?!?


**Our Windy just had a professional wash and wax (11/10/2013) and she is scheduled for a Monaco factory inspection, oil change and repairs at the beginning of December 2013, so she’ll be in “Like New” condition from the factory when she sells.

If you want to see the current NADA Values here’s a screen capture for a stock 2011 Monaco Vesta 32 PBS

2011 Monaco Vesta NADA

If you want to see how great she is at Boondocking…or Wild Camping as we like to call it check out this video we call “A Day in the Life”


Famous for my "how-not-to" videos, and typically the man behind the camera, sometimes I’m forced to be here in the “spotlight”. When you see my face you’re probably reading something more technical than adventurous, but either way I do my best to tell it like it is and infuse my opinions into the commentary…after all this is a blog and not MSN.

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  • DJ Nick Michaels

    Love your video blogs both when you traveled on 4 wheels and now that your on the high seas.

  • T C

    You sold the 2011 Monaco Vista Windy RV in June, 2014.
    Which RV had the diesel engine in the front and how did it compare with the engine noise in the Fleetwood Bounder?
    How did you get into testing the Fleetwood RV’s?

  • Adam Stockland

    I’m on the hunt for a 30ish foot RV and am drawn to the Vesta. Your info and videos have been key to my initial leg work. This is a person question…why did you let your Vesta go for so cheap? Mileage was good, it was clean, and the upgrades were amazing. I plan to upgrade whatever I get following your Vesta upgrades. Seems you could have gotten premium pricing. Sorry if I’m rubbing salt in a sour spot!! I’m finding them for a bit more than you sold for. I’m just curious if maybe there is more room to negotiate than it seems. There’s a 2013 for sale in Ohio asking $129k…no upgrades. Not many used ones out there. Thank you for your blog!!!

  • A friend owns 1 billion dollars. He said if I have RV then he would give me half of it. Please submit keys immediately and send title. Also send tax monies. Then he said he woild give me money and maybe I can pay you then. Thank you.

  • Brandon

    I really want your RV. But alas….the “RV Savings account” stands at $0. 🙁

  • Hey,

    Like your motorhome. We should take and work something out? I have a motorhome that I am remodeling. Send me an email.


  • So can I just call the number on RV Trader just to talk to you guys? lol 🙂

  • ken

    Have you considered a travel trailer. I have owned two during the last thirty years. I have never had problem with my trailers. My current trailer is a 17 year old Sunnybrook that has only required tires and a recent rubber roof replacement. This trailer has been towed across many miles of rough desert roads during my off road adventures without failure. I would never take a motorhome that far into the back country. The fear of a flat tire, break down, or just getting stuck is too much to worry about. My truck is a 98′ Chevy 4X4 that has never let me down. If it did, there is always a local repair facility nearby . My cost of ownership and hassle have been very little compared to owning a motorhome. I would not trust traveling in a motorhome of that age . I have friends with motorhomes that have nightmare storys of break downs and expensive, time consuming repairs. Most of us work hard for our money. If you compare trailers to motorhomes; it is not even close in cost of ownership. Furthermore, the “worry” factor is much less with a trailer. I also feel that a truck and trailer are easier to drive. With today’s equalizer hitches; I barely know that the trailer is behind me. I have driven my friends motorhomes and I feel that they are much more stressful to drive. Good luck with your choice.

  • HR-J

    I saw reference to one word in the latest email…”Vessel”…have you traded land cruising for real cruising by chance? Looking forward to the announcement, photos, videos, details…. and of course all the best no matter what….H

  • Hmmm, so Windy is really up for sale, eh? A little sooner than we had hoped, though we are readying our house for sale with plans on getting on the road next year! Perhaps if she hasn’t been scooped up yet, the two of us and our two cats can move in!

    • Sorry to say Kerri that one way or another Windy will have new owners by January 1st! You sure you ladies don’t want to buy early?

      • Hmmm…. tempting…. Where is she going come January 1?

  • Connor

    Hey Jason, just a heads up, the NADA link is to a page from Sept. of ’12. Also, you are only supposed to select the options that do not already come standard with the coach. Best wishes

  • We’re not sure about the RV, but we notice that some of the photos were taken on a site with beautiful green hedges outside. Any chance that site is available? 😛

  • Dick

    Soo, is this unit for sale or not? Any changes from the original listing? Sold our Country Coach about 5 years ago and considering purchase of another rv. Preference would be for something smaller. What kind of milage do you get? Thanks

  • Pat Costa

    We are late to the game, just having seen your HGTV episode. We, too, have a 2011 32 foot Vesta, same color as yours, without the glamorous name 🙂 We searched high a low to find an RV that didn’t look like my great grandmother’s living room and the Vesta was about it. Good luck with the sale, hope you are successful.

  • Hi! Great post..No other article has been this useful in sharing information on Used RVs for Sale. Thank you so much 🙂

  • Don

    oops. Just noticed the top post about not selling. Sorry for the previous question.

    • ha ha, no worries don. Glad your finding what you are looking for!

  • Don


    Did you sell the Vesta? I missed the news.

    I’m considering going full time, or at least extended time RVing. I’ve really appreciated your detail cost reviews. Thanks. For my budget planning I want to include a budget for RV depreciation. That way I’d add about $70,000/24 months, or nearly $3,000 per month to your cost of RV living.

    That sure changes the cost enormously.

    If you did sell, what did you replace it with?

  • Jeremy O'Brien

    i am 27 years old no kids no debt no baggage of any sort. About a month ago i finally went to my local camping world and poked around on a weekend

    I see you are selling your Monaco Vesta.. do you plan to keep full timing in an Rv?

    If so what is your next rig?

    if you could do it all over again what unit would you buy the first time around and why?

    What made you want to sell the Vesta?

    What were peoples reaction’s when you first told them you were going to sell your house and get an rv? were they supportive or just like what is wrong with you?

  • Danette Nelson-Glass

    hi, i have recently came upon you website and then also your Facebook. i am looking for an rv. I’ve noticed that you have put your for sale and are purchasing a new one. i was just wondering why? is it because of diesel vs. gas or warranty out? and have you sold your rv yet?

      • Danette Nelson-Glass

        We aren’t going to sell everything to buy can rv but we are going to live a good percentage of time in it for a few years. I am looking for fuel efficiency but roomy. I don’t think we could go smaller than 32ft. And closet space is important. What do you think about laundry? Is it cost efficient to have the machines in the rv? And is it true would a 35ft use more gas or diesel? Also would like to know what you think about buying new or slightly used since the value drops considerably in the first year.

          • Danette Nelson-Glass

            This is all good advice, thank you. I will keep you in mind if I think of anything else. It’s nice to know that there is someone out there with knowledge that is not a salesman.

  • Great price, wow. Good luck with sale.

  • Peter

    hi there rubber-tramps,
    …….very nice, and a great price to…..
    if i had a lazy $129k you would have a sale…..
    but this wont take long to sell!
    what does the next home look like?

  • ***300 Horsepower Update***
    Our 300HP upgrade has sparked quite the controversy, so let me clear it up. This engine upgrade IS installed on our Windy. The upgrade is NOT available for any other Vesta. According to Monaco: if you want 300 horsepower you’ll need to either purchase our Windy, or a new 2013 Vesta. I wish I had better news for all the Vesta owners out there, but this is one thing that helps our Windy stand out from the crowd.

  • We are still telling folks about the fun couple hours we had hanging out with you guys while in NH. We are glad we got a chance to check out the awesome RV now that she is up for sale. Hope to see you next time you are in our area with your new ride. We will be pro’s at dominos by then.

    • Chuck and Cindy,
      We enjoyed our “Mexican Train” game equally as much! Hope to see you guys in the road full time in the near future….you just gotta get that website off the ground and it’s full speed ahead!

  • Barb

    We have had a Winnebago View since 2006. LOVE IT. We don’t travel as much as you as we still have our day jobs, but its easy to stay in a week at a time.

  • Mo & Mika Rushlow

    Sorry to see Windy go, but we will enjoy watching your video adventures in whatever vehicle you chose. You two really should have your own travel show! Have you considered pulling a tear drop behind the Smart car? I think it could do it. Now that’s downsizing. 🙂

  • Ron

    On the RV, you have for sale, does the table convert into another bed? Does the sofa fold down? how many people does the RV sleep?

  • i wish that i could buy windy. my husband and i have been talking about going on the road but we still have to wait another two years before we can go. we also own our house and it wouldn’t be good for us to sell right now, i wish we could though. look forward to seeing who gets to buy windy. also look forward to seeing you buying another r.v and what you come up with. good luck.

  • Jason and Nikki,
    So sorry to hear you are dismantling Windy, selling her in one-foot sections and becoming coal miners.
    (Just kidding – I wanted to be like some folks and invent a twist on your well-stated downsizing story.)
    I have a cousin in Milwaukee who is a bit of an RVer. I will let her know she has a chance to get a look at Windy before you hit the road again.

  • If you guys are headed to Texas, a stop in Terlingua is a MUST. If you get a chance to check it out, please pour a beer on my father’s grave in the Ghost Town cemetery.


  • Olon,
    Horsepower Bump: This is available for a select few Vestas. Monaco thought they could enhance our Windy however she’s not able to get the upgrade (it has something to do with the location of the engine & cooling system). We have removed this item from the list. If you’re interested in this option you should ask Monaco or your local International dealer.
    Engine Brake: If you don’t have the engine brake installed on your Vesta you cannot add it.
    Factory Repair: The majority of our repairs have been completed at the Oregon Factory, however our most recent repairs have been completed at the new Wakarusa, Indiana factory. Both factories have been more than helpful and accommodating to our needs.

  • Katie

    I have a few suggestions for places to visit in Tennessee. The first one is Fall Creek Falls State Park. It is a really pretty park and there are lots of things to do like hiking, hiking, golfing, and fishing. It has a nice campground, too. My family and I camped there when I was younger. Another place is Great Smokey Mountains National Park. The Cades Cove Loop is a pretty drive and you can see wildlife like deer and bears. The hiking and biking is great, also. My city, Chattanooga, has some neat stuff, also. There is Rock City, Ruby Falls, Incline Railway, Chattanooga Choo Choo, and Lookout Mountain. Downtown Chattanooga has some neat restuarants and shops. I hope this helps you both out.

  • Olon Plunk

    Really sorry to hear you are selling the Vesta, but I understand how needs
    can change. I notice on your website that you have had the hp upgraded from
    260 to 300 by updating the engine codes. Is this a software change only? Do
    you know if they can add the engine brake? I’d be very interested in both
    enhancements for ours. Do you have a sense of the cost? Is it supposed to
    impact the fuel economy? What was the efficiency enhancement you had done? I
    have not heard of that. Where is the factory that you have the Vesta in for
    refurbishment located? Sorry for all the questions. Good luck in our new
    Olon Plunk

  • tim

    Hi. Have periodically checked in on your blog. Enjoy it! We are in the exact opposite position as you. We have a 25 foot Fleetwood Quest and are thinking about upsizing to a 32 foot vesta. The thing we am worried about giving up is mobility- the thing the thing we want is more space. Classic case of wanting what you don’t have. We may go to Alaska in 2014 so it is a big decision!

  • Steve

    Two questions, first, why are you downsizing to a smaller RV? Second, what part of Texas are you going to be visiting? Enjoying the website, just saw your House Hunters episode yesterday. Thanks.

  • Tina

    My husband and I fell in love with Windy yesterday when we saw your story featured on HGTV. So much so, we spent a good hour or so discussing life on the road in an RV, as opposed to our current situation of traveling via our VW Jetta and places that leave a light on! We spent awhile on the Monaco website last night and just noticed that Windy is up for sale. Hmm… the wheels are turning, and you mentioned you are headed to TX? Might I ask what part? We live in McKinney, TX, an hour south of the OK border. Let us know how long you plan to be around these parts of the woods.

  • Katie

    I saw the HGTV episode of you two buying the RV yesterday. I think that the idea to travel around the USA for a couple of years sounds like fun. I live in Chattanooga, TN, and your blot says that you are going to visit Tennessee in October. What places in Tennessee do you plan to visit? Maybe I can give you some ideas for places to visit here in Tennessee. Happy traveling to both of you.

  • Jamie

    I just saw your blog for the first time today…. and was really excited to start following you on the road… then I saw this:( My husband and I LOVE to travel and are both photographers. We just moved to Seattle from Texas and are looking into a new custom made tear-drop camper. It’s much much smaller than yours of course but we are only doing local camping.
    Where are you right now with Windy? If you are close to Seattle I would love to come look if she’s still for sale.

    Thank you !!!

  • Katie

    So sorry to hear you guys are hanging up your RV Adventure hats. I just saw a rerun of the episode of you guys purchasing your RV. I was looking you up to suggest coming out to Michigan and staying a few nights at Mackinac City (pronounced mack-i-naw) and taking the ferry over to Mackinac Island, which is a historic state park that doesn’t allow vehicles on the island. Nothing but horses and bicycles! They are also huge on recycling and have some of the most amazing views of the straits of Mackinac. That is at the top of the mitten part of Michigan where Lake Michigan and Lake Superior meet and it is gorgeous! It just seems right up your alley!

  • Im currently watching your HGTV special, and I think you’re crazy! But in the best way. You’re really living the dream a lot of us have of exploring the country. We recently spent 8 days traveling from Ky to Seattle when we moved and we discovered so much about America we didn’t even know. And better yet we shared it with our children. I look forward to reading all about the past year and half and your adventures in the future.

  • more photos please. didn’t get a real glimpse of “storage space”, shower, kitchen. seems kinda small for the pricetag $225k. luxurious? yes. but some rvs have a bunk bed option which seems like a great option for travelling with pets.

  • Sorry to see you want to sell Windy. I wanted to do what you are doing but started too late at 65-70 years. However, you look as if you are traveling a great deal of miles if you followed the states as listed. Have you considered staying in one state longer before moving to the next adjacent state? I used to read a website called Workamper News where people stay for weeks or months for free and assist the campsite with free work. If you plan on living on the road anything smaller than Windy might be cramped. Hope this will give you some thoughts.


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