Part 2: Fuel Economy Test for 2011 Monaco Vesta RV MPG Complete

Onboard MPG reading

Onboard MPG Reading

Good News! After a full day of driving we’ve finally finished the fuel test for our ‘Windy’ the Monaco Vesta 32 foot RV. Our onboard computer read 17.1 MPG at the end of the route, so we’re super stoked! If we can average even 14 MPG on a regular basis it will cut our fuel costs in half compared to a standard class A motorhome. We’re sending our documentation to Monaco so they can verify all the technical data and give us a formal MPG for the Vesta. I’ve got my fingers crossed! Check back in a couple weeks for the official fuel test results.

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  • Joe Long

    May I leave a comment on a three year old blog? I guess we will see. I have a few pointers to give you regarding how to measure miles per gallon.

    One, I drive a Toyota Prius and average no less than 50 mpg. One reason for that is that if I see the on-board computer recording a lower number, I erase that, ignore it, and start measuring again. LOL.

    Two, from what I can see, you get better mileage in blue states, e.g., Washington and Oregon, as compared to red states, all the rest in the west and southwest that you mention. We should ask for a federal study be launched to investigate this.

    Three. the typical winds blow from west to east, I believe, at least for the first thousand miles starting from the Pacific Ocean eastward. At least, that’s what one of my nephews told me after riding a bike from San Francisco to New York City.

  • Dan

    What guidelines and parameters were used for the mpg test? Weight loads, fluid loads, rpm, speed? Road conditions? I wonder since you hope to achieve 14 mpg real world, what techniques were used to achieve 17 mpg.

    Our blog is at: We average 8 mpg towing a car, with a 33,000 pound Spartan Mountain Master chassis, Cummins 3.8 300 hp, Allison MD3060 6 speed transmission.

    Are you aware of any other bloggers writing about the Monaco Vesta? I would be interested in reading more.

    • 17mpg is what our dash read, we have crunched the numbers and continue to all the time. We have found that we get 9-11mpg in the mountains and 13-15mpg on normal roads. We have a smart car that we tow behind us and we travel with our tanks full most of the time and when we travel with them empty is when we get closer to the 15mpg. I have run across other vesta owners but not any other bloggers yet.
      I did peek at your blog, you take great photos! I thought we were crazy traveling with our 2 cats, but you have 4! You must have it down to a science!


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