Size Matters and Nac has the Biggest!


Nacogdoches has the biggest Azalea Garden in Texas, and Texas knows big! We wandered and wandered and drove and still couldn’t find the end!  There are 25 miles of self-guided driving routes through the city and the beautiful Ruby M. Mize Garden.  Walking through the garden is like walking in a fairy tale.  The crazy thing is that the gardens are only at about 20% so just imagine what they will look like in a couple of weeks!

I could spend endless time trying to come up with really great descriptive words to tell you how wonderful it is, but I don’t think you want to wait that long.  So, I will spare you on my attempts of romantic writing and just let the photo’s speak for themselves!

If you are in Texas and want to see azaleas, take a cue from the Texans and go for the biggest!


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  • Great post! Somehow I missed it when you first posted. Which, given my location, is somewhat unbelievable. Thanks again for all you do for Nacogdoches and all the other cool places you have experienced and then told the world about!

    PS – the labels are showing again on the comments page!

  • Pam

    I really enjoyed these pictures and didn’t know this place existed. You have given us some great ideas where to travel….thanks so much. Just curious, did you find out when your episode on House Hunters will be replayed?
    Safe travels…..

  • Oh yah! Cute bow in the pics nikki! 😉

  • Aww you guys are so gay! Cute shots!

  • Laura

    Love the pix!

  • Sarah O'Brien

    LOVE THESE PHOTOS! Hope you guys had fun in NOLA!

  • Kitty Kat

    Aww these are the cutest pictures ever it makes me a nauseous… My mom loves azaleas I will have to let her know!


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