building our new HH44 boat windows

OUR NEW CATAMARAN – Paint, Windows & Winches

It’s been a while since we’ve given you an update on our new HH44 catamaran and this is a big one!  There has been a flurry of activity behind the scenes and we have a few big surprises in the coming weeks.  Because…we’re finally on our way to the HH factory!  But we’re taking the long route.

The whole factory experience was a lot more in-depth and expansive than we ever anticipated.  We have so much footage, we could have made this a one-hour episode!  Because we didn’t even get to the design team with their high-performance 3D printers, the training on winch maintenance, or how hatches are made.  But that just means we have a few more pearls to share with you later.

But most importantly, the trip was a success, and we feel like we have a from-the-ground-up understanding of the day-to-day equipment we will trust to take us around the world on our sailboat safely.  Hopefully, you do too!  And I don’t have to tell you how excited we will be to see our new boat’s beautiful, flat, toughened glass windows.  Because we still get a slight nervous tick just thinking about re-bedding our old windows.😵‍💫

As for Curiosity, it is really exciting to see her taking shape.  HH is making great progress at the factory and (knock on wood) seems to be moving along smoothly with no major setbacks or surprises.  Fingers crossed that everything continues to move forward with no issues.  And don’t worry, we’re going to keep the updates coming on the boat and we’ll dive into a lot more detail soon.

HH44 Wynns boat under construction

wynns hh44 sanding

This sanding (or fairing) process takes weeks and is an incredible amount of work.  Underneath those suits are probably some very shredded gents.  I shall give them all a Texas-size hug when we get there.

wynns hh44

I am so excited to see those folding transoms I can hardly contain myself!  That bit of extra security during big seas is going to have me sleeping like a baby. And those side boarding gates, well grocery loading and stepping onto a dock just got a whole lot easier.

Wynns HH44 Cockpit coming along

We’re soooo excited about the weeks ahead and know it will fly by in the blink of an eye.  Our next stop is in Italy, which involves making a family dream come true and some unique problem-solving for our workshop and navigation areas.  So, if you have any travel tips for Tuscany, we would love to hear them!

⚓Thank You Lewmar for Hosting Us

If you find yourselves in Havant, England stop into the Lewmar showroom and tell them we said hi.  Or, if you can’t make it there and have questions or feedback on anything Lewmar, they want to hear from you!  You can find all their product and contact information on their website.  They’ll also be reading the comments here if you want to share your thoughts below.




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  • Warren

    I wanted to add, good for lewmar wanting to talk about your extensive real world experience etc.
    You are such good communicators that your feed back should be valuable . In the few years you have been sailing you have accumulated more on the water time than 99% of their customers .

  • Warren

    N&J, Great video, love the factory tour of Lewmar and the clearly proud people that work there. I started my manufacturing life in England, (boats) but I spent the past 43 years in the USA in manufacturing, and I’m so glad to see how strong it is in the UK sadly not the case in US.
    100% agree with paint for the hull, really good decision, gelcoat is only good as an in mold process.
    Great to hear lewmar expert say paint the outside of a replacement acrylic window edges. Sadly you missed my advise to do the same although I think I suggested using ‘vinyl wrap’ type material ( I’m sure it was long after the job was done though).
    Looking fwd to much much more !
    Cheers Warren (Patreon)
    Ps I hope the lewmar buyout is working well in usa it’s so often the death nail for a company or product line.

  • Chaz Hopkins

    You said, “We have so much footage, we could have made this a one-hour episode!”
    Make it so!! 😀
    We would love to see that. Seriously!!!
    Still catching up watching through all of your videos. I’m still watching back videos from 4 years ago.

  • Julian

    How much is the final price? I want one like yours!

  • Alan Solomon

    That was a great video. Lippert and Lewmar seems to be great companies. I liked it when the engineering people were available and they were asking you questions about your comfort, about what you want technology wise, what is easy and convenient for you and what is inconvenient and other helpful questions.
    I liked them recognizing the recycling aspect. Recycling was mentioned a couple times I believe. Everyone you spoke with was not rushed, informative and professional as they took the time to explain everything.
    Window headaches from the past turn into a blessing for you as this tour was a good move on your part.
    Happiness and Joy,

  • Mary Van

    That was fun! What an amazing factory, I can’t imagine the cost of all that expensive machinery!

    Love the color of your new boat. It is one of my favorite colors! I can’t wait to see the next process. Thanks for bringing us along.

  • Deresky Martin

    They did and its in an earlier video. Short answer is its still not practical for remote destinations and long distance use. Just like vehicles and aircraft. Good planning always requires 2 ways out.

  • Colin

    Hope Nicki found time for a High tea at the Dorchester, Savoy, Ritz, Claridges or… Not to be missed.

  • terry klassen

    what an amazingly well put together and informative video and I too am a sucker for a factory tour. I was impressed with the factory employees you were paired with, they were so knowledgeable and well spoken. Your confidence must be buoyed after the tour.

  • Marysia jastrzebski

    How much does this kind of boat cost?

  • Marty Schweinhart

    Great episode. You will clearly be much more connected to your new boat by seeing how many of the critical components are actually created. Thanks for bringing us along. The excitement builds. Also, we are headed to London in just under two months and your comments on the jet lag were helpful. We’ve added a day on the front of our trip to allow for our adjustment. Of course, I could not do nothing so I booked Mama Mia for that evening. Hopefully the music will keep us awake.

  • Claire

    This was fantastic! It was a great tour, and I loved learning more about Lewmar. Pretty sure they will be our windows of choice.
    Can’t wait to see them installed on your beautiful HH. Loved seeing you guys in London. xo

  • Rick Branham

    Loved this Video! My company Surface Prep Deals with Lippert in Indiana for the RV side, they are a fantastic Company.

  • Jon Stensloff

    Wow……..I enjoyed this Factory Tour Looks like TOP NOTCH operation, Looks Like they have the right Formula for production. Love the Recycling and the Quality Control they have in place. Also love the TIP of putting the UV blocker on the Perspex on the outside will be Keeping this in mind for our next Leopard Window Job that seems to be a Continuing problem on our boat. I also love the part where you had the Idea of putting the Laminated glass up top and once they said 4x the price plus a weight issue that was a complete NO GO. ( I was thinking the same Question ) As always you guys Do the best videos for US cruisers. Enjoy ! the UK
    and stay Warm !!

    Jon & Lori
    Marathon, Florida Keys

  • Joyce Tatler

    “Hertford, Hereford and Hampshire Hurricanes hardly ever happen”. Enjoy your time in England. Hope the weather picks up a little for you.

  • Mike Priaro

    “fairing”, not “faring”, when you mean to describe smoothing by sanding.

  • Mike Priaro

    “…we feel like we have a from-the-ground-up understanding of the day-to-day equipment we will trust to take us around the world…”

    So your plans are to do a complete circumnavigation eventually?

    • Curious Minion

      Yep, that was the plan from the beginning and hopefully they’ll be able to complete it!
      Curious Minion

      • Warren

        I feel that sailing about the world is the goal. RTW is less about trip more about the passage. (:

  • 2197206551

    Love your posts. I have been following you for awhile
    Katie Snyder

  • Rhonda Rains

    Thank you Lewmar!! I loved the factory tour, it could’ve been an hour and I’d still want more! So incredibly excited for Sunday to roll around so I can get my “Wynn fix”, get all the tea. Nikki and Jason, you are two of my favorite people, I love your energy and I’m so thankful this is what you’re doing!
    Next Sunday can’t come fast enough 😉

  • Noah Hurry

    Love your dream boat. Wondered if you have ever considered going all electric instead of hybrid.


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