Niagara Falls and On The Lake

Sunday 06/10/2012  Niagara Falls and On The Lake

Niagara Falls is an amazing site and so is the tourism.  It’s never quite the same experience when you are sharing it with thousands of others.  Things seem more grand and inspiring when you’re the only ones there, or close to it.  We have lucked out in places like Yellowstone and the Redwoods, it was like we were the only people in the park and it was amazing!

After leaving the Falls we drove down to what is supposed to be a cute quaint town to sit at a cafe, have a late lunch and wander the town.  Unfortunately everyone else in Canada had the same idea.  It was packed with tourists!  We wandered along some of the streets off of the main drag and found the best little cheese shop and a fabulous cheese monger to boot!  (Cheese Secrets, 38 Market St.)  3 cheeses, 2 beers and some olives later we had a lovely little spread!  So, we opted out of sitting at a cafe and people watching for sitting by the water with a picnic day dreaming about our future sail boat.  Yep, we want to take it to the water one day soon.  It’s still about a year away but it’s our next adventure for sure.  As for now and Canada, I have a feeling we are going to have to get used to the crowds.

– nikki

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  • Just came across your site and videos. Wish I had known sooner that you were in Niagara Falls. Love to have met you and could have really shown you the “none touristy” areas. Have fun on your adventures … wish I had started when I was younger.

  • Did you go on the maid of the mist?

  • kitty kat



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