New Orleans New Friends

Breaking Bread NOLA Style

One of the best things about travel is the people you meet along the way! We like to say, “we travel like locals everywhere we go” and that means, scoping out the farmers market, hanging out at a locals pub and taking every opportunity to break bread with the locals! So, when we get invited to one of our follower’s homes for dinner and conversation, we say YES!

New Orleans New Friends

Melissa and Jim treated us to a true NOLA style BBQ Shrimp, Seafood Gumbo and fresh baked cookies! We didn’t show up empty handed though, we brought some of our favorite Karl Lawrence wine to share with our new friends.

New Orleans dinner with locals

Good food, good people and good times! Days like these are the ones we love the most!  Big thanks to Melissa, Jim, Cody and the Little Monster!

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  • Markat

    Ccwhere did you park in Nola?

  • paul van

    Nice to have friends to share a meal with when you are on the road

  • mary

    That looks like an incredible meal! Yum!!

  • Diane

    You should come to Sioux Falls, SD.

  • steven

    Awesome!!! GO Melissa!!!!

  • Melissa



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