The largest campground on the east coast may sound like a tourist trap, but not in this case.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was a bit touristy for our taste. Our campground on the other hand was a nice surprise. Before arriving at Oceanlakes we had our reservations and not just the kind you book.

We envisioned a massive parking lot with over priced amenities and too many people to have the usual campground feeling.   We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived!  Oceanlakes felt more like a small community which was nice.  The place is big, but not overwhelming and it still has charm.  It’s an organized and well run campground.  You don’t even have to go through the traditional check in.  If you make your reservations in advance, they mail you everything and you head straight to your site when you arrive!

The beaches are well kept and if you are willing to get up early (like 7am or so) you can have the whole beach to yourself (other than a couple of fishermen). Nothing goes better with coffee in the morning than a private beach!

Now, one thing that can’t be overlooked is the summer crowds.  During the off seasons the campground is far from crowded and very peaceful but not dead.  The summers on the other hand, can be crazy!  There are lots of great events for the whole family, and tons of families show up!  We quizzed the regulars and got the same answer every time, “If you don’t mind crowds and enjoy the vibrancy, energy and parties, then the summer is the time for you!  If you want peace, fewer children and a slower pace, come during the off season.”  Either way, people come back year after year.  We are not saying it’s the best and most beautiful campground ever but, we did like it and can see why the regulars love it so much. Who knows, we may become regulars ourselves!  I think our next visit is going to have to be during the summer.  We want to experience the madness for ourselves.

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Campground info:
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