Jason and Nikki Wynn harvesting wild but toxic cashews in the philippines

Inside The Philippines Most Dangerous Wild Food

The sailing community has led us to some wild experiences before, but this one really took us by surprise. It’s one of those chance encounters that has turned out to be one of our favorite stories and experiences so far.

This week we make our way to the island of Coron (stunning destination) in the northern part of Palawan.  And we sailed here after just one curious conversation about the most profitable and wild growing (aka FREE) food in the Philippines.  Because you know us, we never turn down an invitation!

We meet up with a sailor who is looking to turn the Philippines most abundant and wild growing nut into big business.  The only caveat, it’s highly toxic.

Talk about an inspiring encounter!  Raul went from not knowing anything about cashews to now being one of the leading experts in the industry.  His passion for contributing to his community and tapping into the wild potential growing all around them is infectious.  We learned heaps and now we are more intrigued in cashews than we ever thought possible.

Getting to know people like Raul through our travels and share a peek into how this community is working together…really is our favorite part.  I hope you enjoy these types of stories as much as we do.

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  • Jim

    Great show or video about cashews, it gives a new respect on the price of them.

  • Richard

    Great video and so educational. Thank you for sharing that interesting information…

  • Pam McClure

    Absolutely fascinating! I sure learned so much. I love cashews and have new respect for the process. Hurray for Raul and those working to make such a wonderful business. Thank you Wynns for showing this process in this part of the world!

  • Pat Parker

    Very interesting learned alot

  • Steve Gibbons

    Simply Brilliant.

  • Dave

    Great video!!

    How do I order without a Facebook account so that Raul gets all the $$?

  • Gordon

    This is a very interesting video.

  • Doreen

    I love how you combine showing us beautiful places, introduce wonderful people, and teach us something new at the same time. Great job!

  • Janet Reilly

    I loved this post. First you showed us the beauty of Palawan. The the very cool cashes process. Brilliant! Thank you.

  • Colin

    I am only halfway through this but it’s your best yet. So interesting and Nikki, you interview questions are so on point. Fascinating for me at least because of the work I did with the cashew plantations my company had in Mocambique and Angola back in the day. Since laid waste by sundry Commies and other war mongers.
    Great job with the edits and transitions too.

  • Markbyron

    Loved this video!! So interesting to learn about cashews.

  • OjaiLynda

    Who KNEW? Who knew all that work went into harvesting cashews? I’ll never complain again about the pricing of these delectable nuts.

  • Keith O'Daniel

    Very neat video. Are there any issues with picking up cashews from the ground around so many dried leaves?


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