Air Conditioning Off Grid – Soft Start


How We Run Our Air Conditioning off Battery Power

Because of this little device, our solar set up and our lithium batteries, we can run our Air Conditioner without having to run a generator or being plugged into shore power. It’s a beautiful thing!

We first learned about a soft start when we wanted to figure out how to run our Air Conditioner on our RV when wild camping. I contacted Micro-Air and asked them about their soft starters, and which one would work with our RV A/C units.  I was told: The EasyStart will provide a minimum of a 50% decrease in the Locked Rotor Amp (LRA), bringing the A/C amp spike to (or below) 31a. If we installed this product, it should allow us to run our A/C using the inverter without spiking past the inverter’s 40a max.  Here’s that video:

Fast forward a few years and now that we are living on a sailboat (and enduring steamy tropical temps) installing an easy start on our air conditioner was a big priority.  Not only for our personal comfort, but for dry air circulation in the boat (helps prevent mold) and the safety of our cats while out at anchor when we leave the boat.

Discount Code For You!

Not only did Matteo help us out with testing and install, he was able to score you a discount.  And, as cherry on top, we get a couple of bucks too as a referral.  It’s a win-wynn!  Thanks Matteo!

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  1. Bart

    One more order in the books due to your fine work!

  2. Adrian

    Hi guys,

    Looks like the discount code is no longer available from them. Was really informative video and will for sure keep an eye out for this type of guides/videos!

    Thanks again!

    • Curious Minion

      Oh thanks, I’ll let Nikki & Jason know.
      Curious Minion

    • Jason Wynn

      I just tested the discount code and it worked for me. Before checkout adding the discount code GWTW lowered the price from $299 to $274. Let me know if it works for you.

  3. Christopher Lentz

    Thanks for the videos. They are always helpful. I am curious about inverter installations. You said you only have one A/C wired to the inverter. So do you have some outlets & devices wired to the inverter and others to the generator/shore power. Do you do this with separate breaker panels? I only have shore power today and I assumed when I install the inverter that it will power all AC devices just like the shore power. And I guess I always assumed that the generator would be the same and that I’d have three different power inputs into one breaker panel.

  4. Earl

    Thanks for (another) great video!

    I’ve found there 12V D/C Air Conditioners as well. Are they more or less efficient, compared to an A/C Air Conditioner with an inverter? Is a soft starter still needed?

    • Curious Minion

      A separate soft start isn’t needed because that’s built into a 12V unit. [So it still needs a lot of power to start up – they’ve just built that ability in to the unit.] Not sure about efficiency – you could do some research to compare comparably sized DC vs. AC units. But a marine AC operates very differently from a regular unit, so if you’re looking for one for a boat, make sure you’re checking stats on a marine unit.

  5. Dave Muckerman

    Thank you for the review of the Microair EasyStart. Microair honored the GWTW discount code and it arrived quickly.

    They were also very helpful with my install on our 24 foot Class C motor home and it works great! It is amazing how much quieter the compressor starts are now.

    We are looking forward to your next YouTube video.

  6. Paul Smyers

    Hey just wanted to let you and your readers know it looks like the GWTW discount code is still functional. I haven’t purchased yet but in the cart it showed -$25.

    Thanks for putting together all the great information and working the deal with the vendor!

  7. JOhn Bush

    So how has the Soft Start been doing? Any failures?

  8. Kerry Koontz

    Just making a statement… dont mean they have to. They got their reasons they might not want a wind generator but it is another option to help keep them batteries up especially after dark when the wind blows to help from having to run them engines until the sun comes back up to throw that sun down

  9. Kerry Koontz

    Y’all should add a wind generator to that beautiful boat to help with that charging and it will help you out threw the night time when y’all are editing or what not a bit easier.

    • Curious Minion

      Curious Minion here, helping out while the Wynns are crossing to French Polynesia. They’ve answered this one a couple of times. 1) they don’t have a good place on their boat to mount one, 2) wind generators are only producing good power when the wind is *really* blowing, and 3) they are noisy and can cause vibrations through the hull that aren’t very pleasant. So for the small charging boost they’d get from a light breeze it just isn’t worth the price and fuss.

  10. Bill Boyd

    I’m an older sailor/cruise but curious about wind power…do you use it? Maybe compare amps generated per hour vs solar? I love your blog!

  11. Bob Barry

    Question for Mateo:
    My 1000/1500 W pure sine inverter will run my full size washer with no problems, but blows 100 amp fuses on my gas drier. Will Easy Start soften the startup spike on the drier motor enough to run it?

  12. Scott Hilbert

    Wow I love this idea but this is definitely something left to a professional. Glad to have all of this information available here. I had just been watching your videos on YouTube and now I am thoroughly enjoying everything on your website! Especially the quick links to Amazon! I’m afraid to see how much I’ve spent today lol. Sure hope you get the credit as it links directly to my app and I hit buy now!

  13. Jay

    Have you guys figured out how long you can run your AC off the batteries before they go flat?

    • Nikki Wynn

      Well, that is a tricky question because it’s always going to vary depending on conditions. That said, I can say we don’t like to run it hard for more than a couple of hours because then we don’t have enough juice to do all the other things we need power for. We honestly don’t need it often but the biggest benefit is being able to set it to a higher temp (like 85) when we leave for the day and want to know the cats won’t burn up. It keeps the air moving and cycles on and off as needed to keep it reasonably comfortable but not drain the batteries.

  14. David Duman

    I was looking for the soft start and found this picture on the company’s website:

    they should use your picture in RV instead, dont you think 🙂

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