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Back in our early RVing days, We gave away our Mountain bikes and sold the fancy bike rack (its a really long story) and made the decision we could simply walk everywhere. Two months later we decided last minute to go to Burning Man again…where bicycles are a necessity.

So, we turned to our good friend Google for info and spent some time researching.  In the end we decided folding bikes were the way to go.  They fit in the storage bay of the RV no problem, they tucked nicely into the “trunk” of our smart car and now they reside comfortably in the lazarette of our sailboat.

Nikki went for the cute Citizen cruiser and I opted for the sexy Mobic speed demon, both different brands, both folding bikes, both USA companies and both have satisfied our needs.  In hindsight, we should have both gone with the Mobic. Nikki's bike is bulkier, heavier and all around more of a pain in the arse.

Our bicycles have endured frost heaves in Alaska, dust storms at Burning Man, half century rides in Santa Cruz and now provisioning runs in the Bahamas.

Yes, it takes time to load and unload, they take up precious storage space, but we really enjoy riding them.  I guess the real determining factor will be if they can withstand the harsh saltwater environment we are now subjecting them to.  We will let you know how they do as time goes on.


  1. Why didn’t you go with a Bike Friday?
    Yours: 30 x 14 x 26 and 28 lbs ~ 7 gears
    Bike Friday: 38 x 24 x 10 and 16 lbs. ~ 11 gears

    • Bike Friday is great (Jason’s Mom has had one for years) but they are expensive. The Mobic has been great and is less than half the price of the Bike Friday.

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