Camelbak All Clear Purifier Bottle


Clean safe water on the go!  We’ve had this gadget for years and it still works like a champ.  We use it when traveling abroad, on hikes and when we are anywhere that looks sketchy.  Why risk getting sick and ruining your day, week or month right!

  • Portable purification system is built right in to your water bottle
  • Energy efficient design last 10,000 cycles, even with exposure to cold weather.
  • Impact and weather resistant cap insulates UV bulb for effective purification every time.
  • Clear LCD readouts make water treatment simple and intuitive.
  • Fill from tap,streams,spigots,and more. Reduces bacteria-99.9999%,viruses-99.99%,protozoa-99.9%


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  1. UV Products Sceptic

  2. Anonymous

    Sorry, miss-click on my previous rating. Thank you for your response.

  3. hector

    great for refillable clean water for long hikes, the water will last between lakes/streams, and very durable.

  4. Anonymous

    sorry, miss-click on rating

  5. Anonymous

    the sources of water this canteen makes drinkable is restricted to only clear water. and it wont purify muddy water which is more common then clear.

    • Jason Wynn

      Correct, clear water sources which is perfect for drinking water in cities or rivers and streams in pristine National and State parks often found in North America.

    • Jason Wynn

      You got it, clear water sources like drinking water in countries while traveling, or from rivers and streams in national and state parks found in N. America.

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