Camera Lenses

Sony 24 f1.4 GM

A beautiful prime lens great for that added buttery bokeh, wide enough for landscapes and great low light lens (hello starry nights).

Sony 16-35 f2.8 GM

This lens allows us to get those wide-angle shots in small space (like our boat). It’s sharp all the way to the edges which sets it a notch above most wide-angle zooms.

Sony 24-70mm f2.8 GM

This is the best overall lens. It’s what we have on the camera 70% of the time.


ND16+PL Filter 82mm

A must if you’re shooting outdoors in full-sun and near water. PolarPro is expensive but the glass is sharp, don’t go budget when you buy filters it can reduce the quality of an expensive lens like the ones recommended above.

Circular Polarizer

If it’s not full-sun I use a non-ND polarizer to cut the glare off water, glass, and punch up the sky. I love the look a good polarizer gives to an image.

Step-Up Ring 67-82

I like to buy the biggest filter possible and use step-up rings.  A bigger filter is better and multiple step-up rings are way more affordable than lots of filters.


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