Why sip when you can Chambong?  Jason found these high class flutes one day on the internet when he had to much time on his hands.  He was busy forwarding the link to friends and laughing out loud while reading helpful reviews like this one:

“ByRyan T. on January 28, 2016
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This new, unparalleled drinking technology has revolutionized my day and cut 30 minutes out of my morning routine. Now, I never really feel like I have started my day unless I have had a champagne breakfast; preferably a vintage ’04/08 blanc de blanc grower champagne(RM); I try to avoid the maison houses and their high dosages as much as possible….but I digress. Sometimes my wife and I just simply don’t have the time it takes to sit down and imbibe a bottle of champagne from a traditional flute before rushing out the door to drop our kids off at school and then head into the office. I must profess that with our Chambong, I can get 3-4 FULL glasses down in the time it takes to makes microwaved oatmeal for the little ones. God Bless Chambong!”

As luck would have it, all that forwarding the link to friends worked in his favor.  Our friend Belinda Grimbeek gifted us a set right before our first sailing adventure to the Bahamas with strict instructions to Chambong upon arrival.  So we did and included our sailing buddies in on the fun too: 

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Since then, we’ve been Chambongin’ it with arrivals in each new country and impressing our fellow sailors and mega yachters with our fancy drinkware.  So, if you are looking for a fun way to celebrate or simply get a bottle of Champagne down the hatch faster, these flutes might be for you.

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