Cuisinart Countertop Oven


UPDATE!!!  I am sad to say, this product is no longer being made.  Ours is getting old as we’ve now had it for 8 years.  Our plan is to take out our never used propane stove and replace it this this much more efficient oven:  Then, we will no longer need this little device.

This is the perfect big function in a small package gadget. It holds perfect portions for 2-4 people, heats up super fast and bakes like a champ. I timed it just the other day and it only took 2 minutes to get to 400 degrees!  That beats warming up an oven or even the convection oven any day for a small job!  I find it uses way less energy and creates far less heat in the kitchen than the oven or convection oven.




  1. Donna Mansbart

    I just bought one on ebay. Looks like its going to do all ft hat I need it to do. I was disappointed to see they discontinued this gem. I hope I get all the time I need out of this one. There was one more I found on ebay.

  2. Bob Jaworski

    These are really great little ovens.
    Does anyone have one in good condition that they would like to sell?

  3. Mimi

    Michelle Davis reed-Id love to buy it!!!

  4. Michelle Davis Reed

    I have one that’s new/never used. It’s still in the box and it needs an owner that will get use out of it. Let me know if anyone want it.

    • Curious Minion

      Good job Leslie! I’ll be sure to let Nikki know!

  5. Simonne Vermeulen

    We are from the Netherlands and travel around Europe, living fulltime in our motorhome.
    I have been looking for something like that for ages.
    I found this one, in Germany:

    This one is only 900 watts, so we can use it on our batteries.
    I just bought it a couple of days ago, but so far I am not disappointed.

  6. Barbara, Catamaran Pink Penguin

    I think I found an equivalent:

    Tefal GC7148

    Bbq and Baking

    We just bought it. I will report back what it is like 🙂

  7. Alyssa Degner

    I really really wish they hadn’t discontinued this…I’ve looked everywhere! If someone finds this or something like it someplace….let us(me!) know!! Hitting the road soon and it would work great for my set up.

  8. SV Glaedr

    Looks like Amazon has them under Cuisinart CBO-1000.

  9. Francine Podenski

    We really want one of these but sadly can’t find one.

    • Curious Minion

      Curious Minion here, helping out while the Wynns are crossing to French Polynesia. It looks like they’ve been discontinued but a few other subscribers were able to find them on or as refurbished units. We’re hoping they come out with a new model! You might check this one out, which the Wynns also have:

  10. Sandra Gouthro

    I’ve looked for this for the past two years with no luck. We just bought a roadtrek and this oven would be something we’d use daily and wouldn’t take up much storage space. All of our roadtrekking friends feel the same so Cuisinart, bring it back!

  11. Sara

    Hi from Texas,
    Well I looked all over and couldn’t find the countertop oven like yours anywhere. Then, I thought of Ebay! I bought one there in August and it was a brand new appliance. Cuisinart didn’t have it on their site, and neither did Amazon. I am very happy to have found it. So, you might check on Ebay and see if they have them from time to time. Thought you all would like to know….Sara

  12. Kathy Harrington Sullivan

    We RV and boat – the countertop oven is PERFECT, exactly what I’ve been looking for, but it’s nowhere to be found for less than $250, which is about 2.5x the original $99.95 pricetag! I just can’t imagine why Cuisinart would have discontinued something so incredibly portable & highly useful! A high-amperage toaster oven with glass bits that rattle around looking for a place to shatter is just not feasible for traveling! If you guys locate a new source for these, please post here & alert those of us who are still on the hunt!

    • Jason Wynn

      We’ve heard they are supposed to be re-launching it. It really is a bummer as we love this little device as well and ours is nearing the end of it’s life 🙁

  13. Rachel

    I just bought my first RV and am heading cross country. I am looking for one these now (Aug 2017) and I can only find two on ebay for $210+, I can’t even find any used or refurbished ones (craigslist, facebook marketplace, froogle, retail stores, cuisinart itself). Looks like they had them on in June for $60. Any suggestions? This has become my great white whale! Please help!

  14. Sara

    I just ordered one on Ebay. It was $134.00 plus free shipping. I couldn’t find one any other place but they have to be somewhere, right? We want it for our RV. Looks like it will be a great product.

  15. Texas Tramper

    Since y’all use solar and keep up with consumption, any idea the watts this little gem uses?

    Another Texan :o)

  16. Tracy H

    Haven’t used this yet, but just ordered it on Amazon. Yes, Amazon does have the Cuisinart Countertop Oven only they are selling refurbished ones. New stock will be in Feb. 21, 2017. Just in case anyone wants to order one. They are also $59.95. Hope this helps anyone looking for the Cuisinart.

    • Nikki Wynn

      Well, that is super exciting news!!! Thanks so much!

  17. Eric Medina

    Hi Nikki and Jason!
    The product is discontinued. Would you happen to have a suggestion as to another similar product? Interested in this type of galley gear for my on-board living.

    • Curious Minion

      Right now there isn’t a Cuisinart alternative. Hopefully they are just getting ready to release a new model!

  18. Lisa Cantrell

    Hi Nikki, this has indeed been discontinued by Cuisinart and I found only 1 for sale at eBay for $159. Too bad, we got one 2 years ago on your recommendation and LOVE it. I wanted to buy another for my mom.

  19. Debbie

    I don’t think the oven is available any more. Bummer.

  20. AZDonna

    Cuisinart has discontinued this oven.

  21. david barnette

    It isn’t available to buy it?

  22. Kerri Holferty

    Does it crisp things up? Like pizza? We have a convection/microwave oven in our motorhome and not really loving it.

  23. Angela

    Why did you go with this instead of a toaster oven?

    • Nikki Wynn

      A toaster oven pulled more power to do the same job and also created a lot more heat. We tried both.

  24. Shelley

    Awesome, thanks!

  25. Shelley

    If you just search for Countertop Cook and Bake Oven after you click on the link above, you’ll see the same product at $79.99 … looks like a cool product. I have a countertop induction stove and was looking for something to replace an oven instead of having a microwave or convection oven. I’m assuming you can do most anything in this oven? I usually just finish off salmon, but yeah, would be curious to know if it does cookies 😀

    • Nikki Wynn

      I did replace the link so it does work now. I have used this for everything from cookies to croissants and anything else you would put in an oven. Seriously the best oven replacement ever!

  26. frank bausman

    gotta go find one

  27. Janet Shingleton

    Hey Wynns,
    Just a heads up that this product link goes to a refurbished oven that is “Currently unavailable
    We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.”

    Wasn’t sure how to let you know. Looks like a great appliance. Can you bake cookies in it, too. 🙂

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