For all of our new sailing friends out there wondering what the flip an EPIRB is, It stands for Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon.  In short, if we are ever in an emergency situation where we need to be rescued this device will alert search and rescue services.  It transmits a coded message to the nearest rescue center.  This device has seriously changed the game when it comes to safety and getting rescued at sea.  Hopefully we never need it, but if offers huge piece of mind for us and our family at home.

A Few Specs:

  • Global fix Pro 406 epirb Cat II, manual release
  • Built-in GPS. Built-in strobe, 121.5Mhz homing beacon, 48 hours min broadcast time
  • 5 yr. Non-hazmat Lithium Battery, self test
  • Mounting bracket included. 6.3 watt transmitter


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  1. Danny

    IMO must-have for all vessels when going offshore, also very affordable. Important part of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System.
    I was a bit amazed when you guys went to the Bahamas on your first trip apparently without one.

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