Flexible Solar Panels


If you have a curved roof, limited space or are concerned about weight but still want solar, these flex panels are a great solution!  With the hard top on our boat we wanted to ditch the old rigid panels for something we could walk on. It may seem like a small thing, but not having flat panels vs. the raised ones are a HUGE safety advantage. No more tap dancing around the sharp edges to get to the sail and we don’t have to worry about our main sheet getting caught under a panel and ripping it off.
Since we had previous experience with the Go Power! flex panels on our RV, we knew they would work on the boat.  These panels are half the price of the popular marine brands and so far have been fantastic. We have 6 for a total of 600 watts.

We also installed flex panels on my mom’s Airstream Van.

A few specs:

  • Built to withstand Marine, RV and Long Haul Truck applications
  • Curves up to 30 degrees
  • Durable surface allows you to walk on the panel
  • Includes everything you need to install
  • 82 percent lighter than framed solar panels 

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