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We’re not experts on scuba or freediving. But, this gear has worked for us and has earned its place aboard our traveling tiny home.


For the full scoop, check out this post: Gear We Use For Diving From Our Sailboat

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Our current tanks are old used tanks that were gifted to us.  When we upgrade, we’ll let you know what we go with.


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Each item is handpicked and we never recommend anything we don’t personally use and love.

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  1. Rick Locke

    Great reviews!
    Omer Fins – Overall – about as good as fins get for freediving, my favorites for SCUBA as well.

    Foot pocket fit is my only complaint – too tight on my foot, but loose on ankle – had to size up to a pocket that is a bit loose. A set of 3mm socks addressed the issue.
    The REALLY good – interchangeable blades. The user is able to purchase additional blades that are attached to the foot pocket.
    I started with a stiff black set that is great for getting deep fast, and eventually switched to the slightly softer and clear “ice” blades. They are invisible underwater
    – your dive buddies will HATE you.

    Jason, do your foot pockets smell like vanilla? I’ve had my fins for almost 20 years and they still have a faint vanilla scent…

  2. Dillon Pyron

    It’s worth noting that the cheap sh* usually is sh*. But, as an instructor with 34 years and 2000+ dives they stayed away from the cheap sh*. Some stuff I wouldn’t have bought, but I’m sticking my neck out a little further.

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