Stabilizing Leveling Pads


Getting level in an RV is important and making sure your levelers don’t sink into the ground, freeze to the ground or damage someones driveway is a part of that. That is where these guys come in handy.




  1. Bry

    Or I can spend 60 bucks and not have to do that

  2. David

    It is very easy to make similar if not better pads for your stabilizer jack pads by buying barn mats and then cutting to your size preference with a jig saw or circular saw. You can laminate a number of layers of the barn mat to suit your requirements. The barn mats are available in 1/2 inch thick 4 feet by 4 feet or 6 feet by 6 feet mats. Measure the diameter of the steel pads on your stabilizer jacks and make the pad approximately an inch bigger in diameter (or square).

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