Light It Up! – Lights & Torches

Much like burning man it’s not good to be a darkie when you are out in the wild (anchored out on a sailboat or wild camping on land). We have a few power friendly lights we have come to love.  All the lights below are waterproof, rechargeable and super durable.

  • Luci Light:  These little inflatable lights are great mood setters.  We clip them onto our boards for nighttime paddles, bury them in the sand and we can place them almost anywhere on the boat.
  • Mantus Snap-On Lights & Headlamp:  We discovered these babies while researching our new anchor.  We figured they would be nice but we had no idea just how fantastic they would be.  The snap-on lights are super rugged, great for while underway at night (red light setting) and even better when we are anchored out in a dark area but want to make ourselves more visible. The headlamp is super bright and makes working in the dark narrow spaces on the boat much easier.  The headlamp is also a great night time paddling addition and it’s submersible for shallow dives (aka checking out the hull).
  • Navisafe Tricolor:  I am amazed how many dinghy’s don’t have proper night time lights.  We like this one because it can be attached with a magnet or suction cup.  We keep it tucked away out of the elements and snap it on when we need it.



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