M4 LED Lights


At this point, most of us all know that switching from halogen to LED is a no brainer when it comes to power consumption. LED lights will reduce your power consumption by 90% compared to halogens and LED’s don’t produce heat like the old school bulbs.

The main thing to keep in mind when replacing your bulbs is understanding color temperature.  A typical old school bulb is “warm white” or 3000K (too warm). Daylight is 5500K (too blue). My perfect bulb is in-between and considered “natural white” at 4000K (just right). If you replace one bulb you need to replace all bulbs at the same time to guarantee you’re getting matching color temperatures.

We have known about M4 LED since our RVing days.  M4 is the company name but the man behind the name is Steve.  His prices are hard to beat and his customer service would be almost impossible to beat.  The man knows his bulbs and has answered more of our questions than I can count.  If you have questions about choosing the right color, wattage or bulb for your application, he is the man.

Plus, if you use the coupon code wynns5 you get an extra 5% off of your entire order. 



  1. Gary Hinchey

    I am looking for the bayonet led lite you discussed on the Canadian variety show I have not been able to find that exact one on amazon, greatly appreciated your help. These are 12 volt for RV

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