Magnum Energy ME-AGS-N Automatic Generator Start Module 3-relay with Voltage and Temp Start/Network Version, Selectable cabin temperature for genstart 65-85 °F, Selectable battery voltage for genstart 10-12 VDC or 20-22 VDC, Selectable generator run time 1-5 hours, 5 Selectable quiet time, Adjustable 24-hour clock, Manual start and stop

Magnum Automatic Generator Start


Since we have a power hog for a fridge and our solar can’t keep up if we have too many cloudy days in a row. This is where the AGS kicks in: I set a low voltage number and when our batteries fall to that voltage the generator kicks on automatically, charges the batteries and then kicks off. That’s all great, but the coolest feature is by far the auto A/C setting: While boondocking in the summer it can get hot, and if we’re not at the RV the cats could get really hot inside the rig. So when the temperature gets too high the AGS tells the generator to kick on, then the AGS turns on the roof A/C to cool down the RV. Once the desired temperature is reached the A/C kicks off, the generator kicks off, the RV is cooled, the batteries are simultaneously charged and the cats are alive and happy. Brilliant! You can get AGS for most Onan Generators, Magnum Inverters and even with some Solar Charge Controllers like the Outback.

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